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"RE: Sept 23, 2017 Sign ... What if ... already in March...?"

RE: Sept 23, 2017 Sign ... What if ... things will happen even earlier…perhaps already in MARCH, APRIL 2017 ….  GET READY! Pls. look at this interview…


Feb 01, 2017 Paul Begley Planet 7X with Gill Broussard Interview



Sign of the Virgin comes in March NOT September!!!

Comment (excerpts) By Gerlinda

. The Rev. 12 Sign of the Virgin will be seen March 15/16 , 2017 NOT Sept. 23/24. The Zodiac people who make their determination of the Signs in the Heavens that came up with Sept. 23/24 did so because they use a daytime program and the Hebrews look at their Mazzaroth which makes this event on the opposite side of the 12 houses of the Zodiac, meaning the night time, which is March.

Take a round design, put Virgo (September) on one side and on the opposite would be Aquarius (March)

With this taking place in March, at Passover time, It fulfills the requirement that it needs to take place at the end of a Jubilee Year and after a Sabbath Year. So, this is pertaining to the
Spiritual New Year not the New Year of Earth's Creation in Sept. This takes place this year and not again for 50 years.

….It is the Sign of the Virgin that only happened once before, at the birth of Christ/Yashuah. Forty days after Feb. 5th happens to be this Sign in Virgo clothed in the Sun with the Moon under her feet and a Crown above her head in March 15/16. Gill says that if it does not take place, then we know it is not so. However, never before have all the events lined up like it does now in this year 2017.

The baby in the stomach of Virgo, the Virgin is
Jupiter (The King Planet) and the Dragon (which is already cast out of the Third heaven and from the earth) would have his power of the air looking to devour the man/child.

This sign took place only once before and that was when
Jupiter, the King Star was seen in the Heavens at the time of Christ's birth. Actually, it led the men of the East to the child 1 1/2 years after his birth, not the same night as we had been taught.

This could be when the Remnant (Church of Philadelphia) is taken. Gill says that the Remnant are in Israel so you need to be there.
( I disagree with this most heartily. He does not seem to understand that the Lost Sheep of Israel are everywhere; that they were scattered and make up the ecclesia) Yahuah can gather them from wherever they are: after all The Almighty can do anything. But the word Remnant suggests a small number, doesn't it?...

I just don't know. So much is speculation.

Again, there is no general rapture taking place, only the Remnant which make up the Church of Philadelphia. The rest will be taken when the Dead in Christ arise first and then the Living caught up to meet the Lord in the Air. I Thess. 4:16-17

Because the video speaks of two witness needed to determine the exact time of Passover, those two witness could also allude to those two witnesses that Revelation speaks about, since Elijah comes at Passover.

When asked when is Passover this year, it was said, it could be a month earlier but that it took certain requirements. There must first be the sighting of the new moon and then 3 1/2 days later, the Sign in the Heavens of Virgo clothed in the Sun is seen. It also depends if the Barely is ripe. That is all determined by two witnesses.

The baby seen inside Virgo is the Planet
Jupiter, the King Planet, which is the same one seen when Christ came the first time and caused such a stir in the heavens as it moved one way and then back another (retrograde) so that it actually made a crown seen in the heavens.

And her child is also called
The Man Child which could signify the taking of the Remnant whom the Dragon wants to devour. He fails but will go after the rest of those that are called by His Name and keep His Commandments. Rev. 12:7 However, we know the one that will rule with a rod of Iron is Christ.  …..

We are not date setters but merely speculating like everyone else.

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