Suzi (9 June 2011)
"to Edwina, I agree 100%!!!"


Thank you for posting this info, I agree 100%.

God does not need to make pictures on a temporary field to get His message out. And these images are so full of occult symbols it is mind-boggling.

On the most base level, I always (as a farmer's daughter) thought it was rude of people (who faked these things) to destroy someone's crops to do this! Why would God ruin someone's field to draw pictures that are open to interpretation? He's already given us His Word. We have our 'connection' to Him via Jesus, and we have the Holy Spirit here as comforter. These things are either elaborate hoax's or they are demonic in nature. They are not beyond human hands, as a person can lay that all out with a computer program.

I've been very bothered that those who claim for Christ would think these things are anything but 'fake', no matter by what means they are created. *shudder*