Edwina (8 June 2011)

Dear John and Doves,
I have been disturbed lately by some comments of a lady, sorry forgot your name....and they thought that they are "beautiful"...from "good angels"...
After lots of study on the subject ;
www.2012-ProjectEnoch.com by Mel Sanger, decoding all the mystery and history.
www.ApollyonRising.com  by Thomas Horn, the corn circles come up in this.....
Nephilim Star Gates and the return of the Watchers by Thomas Horn.
Temple at the Centre of Time by David Flynn.
Return of the Nephilim by Dr. Chuck Misler from www.khouse.org
The Startling Truth about Angels and Demons by Drs Jack and Rexella Van Impe. www.jvim.com
After all of this study and more besides, I am very very certain that mysterious these are, but there are no "good" angels doing this.
When lucifer decided he wanted to be god a whole THIRD chose to go with him and became demons. The other TWO THIRDS chose to be with God and to Love Him so they are Holy Angels.
Wendy Alec from www.GODTV Has written three excellent books all about this subject which I highly recommend, she writes "faction" as opposed to "fiction"....she is very talented at teaching on heavenly matters.
Please don't think that these are "good".....they are speaking to all the occult people and they are our enemies.
Please remember that s-tan has a silver tongue and can twist anything and everything and if he can scoop up a few ignorant innocent souls he will, he just wants to lie and lie and he believes his own silly lies.
Please remember that all the "transhumanism" is a gateway that is primarily demonic and with 50% half human and 50% half animal they are playing at being a god only it is the d-vil himself ready to fry up any souls who don't get raptured.
Please be earnest in your quest for the Truth but remeber that Jesus Christ is the Truth and the Life.
Hope I have helped in some way I am not a pure taught theologan or anything so loft and clever as that, just a simple Believer! but I love Jesus, and I pray that you will see this and it may be of some encouragement and help.
Sincerely in Jesus, edwina.