MathMan (6 Jan 2012)
"January 28, 2012 - Only 22 More Days until Sudden Destruction - "2015 for Dummies""


 Dear Doves,

Are we now only 22 days away from the Rapture / Sudden Destruction on January 28, 2012?  While I am not 100% sure that this will be THE day, it certainly appears that there is an extremely high probability for just such an event, much higher then I have mathematically seen for any other date.  As usual, the wildcard is God’s grace and mercy and whether He chooses to delay this event for a time.  However, God’s Word certainly makes it appear that this SHOULD be THE day that God’s patience with “Sodom & Gomorrah” finally ends.

The title of this message is “2015 for Dummies”.  This is not meant to be sarcastic or hurtful, but rather alludes to the excellent series of books with titles ending “for Dummies” that explain complex concepts to “dummies LIKE ME”!!  This obviously does not mean we are REALLY dummies, but is quite simply a clever marketing title to draw your attention to their vast series of books.

On this note, for those who do not understand all of the wonderful reasons for our excitement about the nearness of our redemption, I present herein  a guide to “2015 for Dummies”!!  In order to fully understand 2015 as the year of His return, and its VAST implications for today, I suggest you proceed in the following order:

1)    Read the following on “Can we know the time of Christ’s return?”:

2)    Read the following on “Is Jesus coming as a thief in the night?”:

3)    Read the following on “20 signs pointing DIRECTLY towards January 28, 2012” (HOWEVER, I would recommend reading all twelve links listed at the very end of this article first to REALLY understand why these 20 signposts are so amazing):


For those who are avid watchers, which most are who visit, the next part of this paragraph does not apply to you.  But for those who are slumbering and have been given a copy of this article “by chance”, I believe that you will be blessed if you TRULY wake up and read the above articles as linked and TRULY take it to heart.  The Bible promises a crown to those who avidly look and hope for the return of Jesus.  This crown is not hard to earn (indeed, it is actually a LOT of fun) and you have all eternity to enjoy it.  Why not take the challenge?

And now for some notes that I feel are really important to reiterate:

MY THOUGHTS ON THE PRE-TRIB RAPTURE:  Please note that I am a firm and unwavering believer in the Pre-Trib Rapture.  However, I no longer believe that the Post-Rapture Tribulation Period will be seven years.  Indeed, it APPEARS mathematically certain that the Post-Rapture Tribulation Period will be EXACTLY 1335 days as per Daniel 12:12 (including the 42 month / 1260 day Great Tribulation).  However, I must clarify without a doubt that I do not believe the Church will see God’s wrath nor be persecuted by the Anti-Christ.  In contrast, both Pre-Wrath & Mid-Trib (which I have been accused of on occasion) believe the Church will have to endure these things to a certain extent.  I absolutely do not believe we will have to endure these things AT ALL.  Indeed, I firmly believe in the Great Hope, promised by Jesus, that we, who truly believe and are counted worthy, will escape ALL THESE THINGS.  The Lord said it, I believe Him and so should you!!

A WORD OF CAUTION:  PLEASE always remember that the Lord COMMANDS each of us too continue to occupy and behave responsibly until the very day that the door of the ark is slammed shut.  As such, please don’t quit your job, please continue to provide for your family, please continue to plan that family trip and do all the other things the Lord wants us to do until He orders the Trumpet blown to take us Home.  Always remember, we serve as an example that points towards the light of the Lord, not by what we say, but by what we do and who we are.  In a nutshell, please don’t do anything crazy even though you know the time is short.  In contrast, NOW is the time to witness to that person you have been meaning to.  NOW is the time to draw as close to the Lord as you can.  NOW is the time to live your life for Him.  NOW is the time to pray that you are counted worthy to escape all of these things.  If you aren’t already doing this, these things may not be easy to get back on track with, but you will be VERY glad you did.  The Lord guarantees it!!

AN URGENT NOTE TO THE UNSAVED:  If someone handed you a gun and told you to play a game of Russian roulette, would you?  Of course not.  You wouldn't want to take even a 1 out of 6 chance of ending your life, which, compared to eternity, is like vapor.  And yet you are currently willing to take a much greater risk with your soul, your spirit that lasts forever without end.   Where are you planning to be when you die?  There are only two alternatives.  Eternal torture in hell, separated from Jesus as you wished.  OR with Jesus in heaven, a paradise beyond imagination.  It's so simple - acknowledge you are a sinner, that you can't possibly reconcile your sinful nature with God on your own and that Jesus, and only Jesus, died for your sins.  Acknowledge that He was and is the Perfect Sacrifice needed to reconcile you with the Father and that He has risen once again.  Now please, don't expect fireworks.  Being saved is not a feeling, it’s a process.  Don't expect thunder or lightning or even to feel different at all right away.  Please don't think that you will have to "give up" anything to follow Jesus, just focus on Him and nothing that happens later on or changes that you will eventually want to make will seem like a sacrifice at all.  Indeed, no life is whole unless you are living for Jesus - just give it time.  As a matter of fact, you can even keep your prayer asking for this as a secret from the person who sent you this analysis.  After all, you certainly don't want to give them the satisfaction that they've been right about Jesus after all of these years.  Just whatever you do, don't say, "sounds good, but perhaps later".  Do it NOW!! Jesus promises you that you will never regret your decision to follow Him, but you definitely will eternally regret it if you don't.


As always, to God be ALL the glory!!!  He is at the door!!  Maranatha!!


YbiC, MathMan