Ron Reese (4 Jan 2012)

Below is a tract that I wrote in the 1990's, and is even MUCH more appropriate now, than it was then.  After reading this tract, and the Bible verses that support it,  I believe you will come to the same conclusion that I have.  Maybe we can actually KNOW the time.  Please examine closely what the Scriptures that say, "No man knows the day or hour" really mean.  I certainly do not know the hour, but I do believe the day of the Rapture/Sudden Destruction will be either Jan. 27th or Jan. 28th of this year.  I believe the evidence that I have presented in my last four posts, over the past week, is overwhelming, compelling, and conclusive.  THE TIME IS HERE NOW!!!
We are DEFINITELY AT THE DOORS OF CHRIST'S RETURN!  That's a pretty bold statement, some of you are thinking.  Others of you would claim to even make such a bold statement is contrary to the Word of God.  The purpose of this tract is to examine the question, "Can we DEFINITELY KNOW when the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ is VERY NEAR?"  Even though my answer to this question is a definite and resounding "Yes", the majority of Christians reading this tract would probably answer "No".  So, what does the Bible say?Does the Bible give us latitude to make such bold statements concerning the closeness of the Second Coming?  The majority of Christians and even ministers believe something like the following:
     "Well, I believe Jesus is coming back SOME day.  Even though we MIGHT be seeing some signs that He COULD possibly return in our lifetime, I think it is all speculation.  Christians have been predicting His Return for centuries and none of them have got it right yet, so I don't think there is anything to get excited about.  I believe we should just live as best we can and everything will work out.  Besides, I don't like to hear all that gloom-and-doom stuff, anyway."
"And besides, if Jesus is coming back real soon, my pastor would be preaching about it, because he is a real man of God.  And doesn't the Bible say that no man knows the day or hour when Jesus is going to return?  And doesn't the Bible say that He is coming as a thief in the night and nobody knows when a thief is going to come?  And doesn't the Bible say that it is NOT for us to know "the times and the seasons"?  So whoever wrote this silly tract can't really know what he is talking about, anyway.  Why don't you go write a tract about the love of God, or something not so scary and controversial?"
If your thoughts are included anywhere in the preceding two paragraphs, please do yourself a big favor and read the rest of this tract, as we examine what the Bible REALLY says.  In Acts 1:6--7, "...they asked of Him, saying, Lord, wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel?  And he said unto them, It is not for YOU to know the times or the seasons..."
The fulfillment of this prophecy was almost 2000 years into the future so Jesus' response was a natural one.  It wasn't for His disciples to know the timing of an event so far into the distant future.  To expand this response by Jesus to one particular question, to mean that all Christians throughout the ages would have no idea of the times and seasons in which we are living, goes TOTALLY CONTRARY TO THE WORD OF GOD.
The response by Jesus TODAY concerning His Second Coming would probably be the same as it was  concerning His First Coming, when He chastised the people for NOT recognizing the times and seasons. Jesus said, "O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky, BUT CAN YE NOT DISCERN THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES?" (Matt. 16:3)  There were prophecies in the Old Testament and signs in the heavens that made it possible to know the approximate time of the First Coming of Jesus.  Those who studied and knew the time were called "WISE" MEN.  What do most Christians call people like that today???
People today who spend countless hours and hours studying the numerous Old Testament and New Testament scriptures that give tremendous insight into the end-times events and the Second Coming of Christ, are called anything but "wise", by the majority of Christians and ministers.  Even though our hearts are right and our motives are right, the message and the messenger are seldom received.  The "WARNING" messages of Noah were not received either.  But it did NOT stop the flood from coming, did it?  The floodgates will open VERY SOON--ARE YOU READY?!!
1st Thessalonians 5:2 says, "For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night."  NO ONE knows when a thief is coming so NO ONE will have any idea when Jesus is coming back again.  If we have heard that preached once, we have heard it preached a thousand times.  Christians, and even some ministers, are notorious for taking Scripture out of context to fit their own particular theology.  This is a perfect example.
Just TWO VERSES LATER, in the very SAME Chapter, we learn He is ONLY coming as a thief to the UNBELIEVERS AND TO THOSE WHO ARE SPIRITUALLY ASLEEP and NOT watching the signs of the times.  "But ye, brethren, are NOT IN DARKNESS, THAT THAT DAY SHOULD OVERTAKE YOU as a THIEF.  Ye are all children of LIGHT...Therefore, LET US NOT SLEEP AS DO OTHERS; BUT LET US WATCH..."  My challenge to you this day is this, "ARE YOU A WATCHER, OR A NON-WATCHER???
Are YOUR WATCHING the multitude of Biblical end-times signs unfolding around us or are YOU SPIRITUALLY ASLEEP, unable, or unwilling, to discern the signs of the EXTREMELY LATE end-times in which we are now living?  Unfortunately, many Christians and pastors in these VERY, VERY LAST DAYS are like the proverbial ostrich, who buries his head in the sand, too occupied with the CARES OF THIS LIFE, to be concerned with all of the danger signs all around him.  WARNING!!!  WARNING!!!  WARNING!!!  YOUR TIME IS ALMOST OVER!!!  IT IS TIME TO GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND!!!
In Revelation 3:3, Jesus says, "If therefore thou shalt NOT WATCH, I will come on thee as a THIEF, and thou SHALT NOT KNOW WHAT HOUR I will come upon thee."  Does this verse not imply that IF WE ARE WATCHING WE WILL KNOW THE TIME OUR LORD'S RETURN???
The main Scriptures given for Christians NOT TO KNOW the approximate time of His Return are those found in Matt. 25:36 and Mark 12:32, where it says that "no man knows the day or hour".  In both cases the preceding verses are indentical, "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away."  Therefore, to apply either of these two verses to the timing of the Rapture is NOT SCRIPTURAL.  These verses only tell us that no man knows the day and hour when heaven and earth shall pass away.
However, Matt. 25:13 does say, "WATCH therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man (Jesus) cometh."  And Matt. 24:42 and verse 44 have very similar wordings.  For the sake of argument, let's assume that the Lord means that no man would EVER KNOW the day and hour of His Return, even though it does NOT say that.  In fact, the word, "KNOW" in Matt. 25:13, means that no man has INTUITIVE KNOWLEDGE of, implying that with enough study, this KNOWLEDGE COULD BE ATTAINED.  In fact, the derivative Greek word "optomai" signifies an earnest but more continued inspection may be necessary (How much increased study and earnest inspection of the end-times prophecies have YOU done???).
Even if it is the Lord's intention that no Christian will ever be able to ascertain the exact day and hour of the Rapture, WHY do the majority of Christians and ministers feel they can stretch this verse to mean no man would EVER KNOW the day, the hour, the SEASON, the YEAR, the DECADE, or the CENTURY of our Lord's Return.  THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO SCRIPTURAL BASIS FOR SUCH A FALSE TEACHING, nor are there even any parallel verses that would support this extremely popular FALSE teaching in the church world today. 
On the contrary, there are numerous Scriptures that strongly support the EXACT OPPOSITE teaching, that we CAN KNOW the approximate time of our Lord's Return.  We have already discussed 1st Thess. 5:4--6, Rev. 3:3, and Matt. 16:3.  Hebrews 10:25 says, " you see THAT DAY APPROACHING,"  Luke 21:28 says, "When these things begin to come to pass, then LOOK UP, and lift up you heads FOR YOUR REDEMPTION DRAWETH NIGH (near, or at hand)."
In Matt. 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21 we learn about the parable of the fig tree, which represents Israel.  Most Bible prophecy scholars believe that this parable is telling us that the generation that sees Israel become a nation (1948) and recapture Jerusalem (1967) would not pass away unti the end of the Final Seven Years, or until Jesus sets up His Millennial Kingdom.
Numerous Scriptures, such as Hosea 6:1--2, strongly suggest there will be 2000 years between the 2 Comings of Christ.  Also, numerous Scriptures, such as 2nd Peter 3:8, strongly imply there will be 6000 years between Adam and the Second Coming of Christ.  These Scriputures all lead us to the time in which we are now living.
OVER AND OVER AGAIN in the New Testemant, we are admonished to "WATCH" the numerous signs given in the Word for our Lord's Return.  If we could NOT at least KNOW THE APPROXIMATE TIME, THERE WOULD BE NO NEED TO WATCH.  For those of us who have been diligently WATCHING and studying these signs for many years, the Lord has some very encourging words for us in Luke 12:37--38,  BLESSED are those servants, whom the Lord when he cometh shall find WATCHING...And if He shall come in the second watch, or come in the third watch, and find them so, BLESSED are those servants."
Was 1988 the FIRST WATCH???  Was 1998-2001 the SECOND WATCH???  Is 2008--2012 the THIRD WATCH??? Please notice that there is NO 4TH WATCH.  2nd Timothy tells us there is a special crown of righteousness given to all those who LOVE HIS APPEARING.  Sorry, this is a WATCHERS ONLY CROWN.  Maybe it is not too late for you to receive this special crown, if you will start WATCHING AND WARNING with the rest of us watchers.
Mark 12:29 and Matt. 24:33 say, "When you shall see these things come to pass, KNOW that it is NEAR, EVEN AT THE DOOR."  JESUS SAID WE COULD KNOW!!!  K--N--O--W!!!  NOT SPECULATE, but KNOW.  Those who are willing to study Bible Prophecy, in depth, are coming to the same conclusion.  WE ARE DEFINITELY AT THE DOORS OF HIS RETURN!!!
In 1st Thess. 5, the day of the Lord is compared to travail upon a woman with child.  The mother KNOWS the approximate time her baby will be born because of the BIRTH PANGS.  The contractions get closer and closer together and they get more and more intense. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING TODAY AND IS WHY WE CAN KNOW (K--N--O--W) AT LEAST THE APPOXIMATE TIME of the Sudden Destruction/Rapture.
Many of the end-time Bible Prophecies and events in Daniel and Revelation have not been able to be understood until the last few years when there has been an EXPLOSION OF BIBLE PROPHECY KNOWLEDGE AND REVELATIONS.  This was prophesied in Daniel 12, verses 4 and 9 where it says that "the words are closed up and SEALED TILL THE TIME OF THE END."  Then, "knowledge shall be increased and the WISE SHALL UNDERSTAND."
The Bible says to "STUDY to show thyself approved unto God."  The majority of ministers and Christians have done very little, if any, REAL STUDY OF END-TIMES BIBLE PROPHECY, even though Prophecy makes up from one-fourth to one-third of the Bible.  That is a huge chunk of the Bible to be ignoring, fellow Christians and ministers.
How very, very sad!  The heart of Jesus must be breaking as His Wedding Day is almost here.  There is no preparation, or EXPECTATION, in the hearts of most Christians.  The shout that SHOULD be going forth from EVERY pulpit, "BEHOLD, THE BRIDEGROOM COMETH QUICKLY" is heard in only a very few churches.
Where are the WATCHMEN who are to blow the trumpet and warn the people (Ezekiel 33)?  Where are the Christians who are obeying their Lord and "WATCHING" THE MULTITUDE of end-times Bible Prophecies explode before their very eyes?  Where is the URGENCY in the hearts of Christians to PREPARE THEIR HEARTS FOR THE SOON COMING OF THE LORD and to get their loved ones and friends and neighbors into the "Ark of Safety", BEFORE IT IS ETERNALLY TOO LATE?  (Pastors, are you preaching it?)
The truth of the matter is that this world is FULL of worldly, backslidden, unwatchful, compromising, and lukewarm Christians who don't really want the Lord to Return yet.  These types of Christians have lost their burden for lost souls, are spiritually asleep concerning our precious Lord's 2nd Coming, have no power to witness, no power over sin in their lives, and their priorities are on the CARES OF THIS LIFE.
Jesus is DEFINITELY COMING VERY, VERY SOON for millions of born-again Christians.  If you find yourself anywhere in the above paragraph, ARE YOU SURE YOU ARE READY FOR THE RAPTURE???  (Be sure to read our post, "Are All Christians Going in the Rapture?")
An ominous warning is given to YOU in Luke 21:34--36, where Jesus says, TAKE HEED TO YOURSELVES, lest at any time YOUR HEARTS be over-charged with surfeiting (partying), and drunkenness, AND CARES OF THIS LIFE, and so THAT DAY COME UPON YOU UNAWARES.  For as a snare (trap) shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.  WATCH YE THEREFORE, AND PRAY ALWAYS, THAT YE MAY BE ACCOUNTED WORTHY TO ESCAPE ALL these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man (Jesus)."
Ron Reese