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"Only 15 More Days Left - The ASTRONOMICAL odds of Tebow's Stats!! (Also, Ron Reese's Incredible Dentist Confirmation)"


 Dear Doves, 

Are we now only 15 days away from Jesus snatching us from the earth just BEFORE the Sudden Destruction on January 28, 2012?  I am as close to 100% as I can get on being sure that this will be THE day as it certainly appears that there is an EXTREMELY high probability for just such an event THAT DAY, much higher then I have mathematically seen for any other date, past or present.  As usual, the wildcard is God’s grace and mercy and whether He chooses to delay this event for a time.  However, God’s Word certainly makes it appear that this SHOULD be THE day that God’s patience with “Sodom & Gomorrah” finally ends.


Purpose of this Article


In my last post on Five Doves, I discussed, at length, supernatural confirmations that we are now within the final 3 week warning leading to Sudden Destruction:


In my post on the day before that, I discussed, at length, the last NWO sign (as expected and exactly on-time), as well as, what appears to be, God’s last public altar call (as COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED and yet also exactly on-time):


Since then, some have requested that I calculate the odds that Tim Tebow’s Bronco stats were directed by God Himself versus simply being a random event.  I will ATTEMPT to do this, but I will warn you in advance that I will fail to be able to do this with any REAL clarity.  I promise you that I will NEVER pretend that my calculations are “conclusive” if they are not.  Sadly, do to the impossibility to quantify so many events that are unprecedented, this is just one of those times.


Instead, I contend that the numbers revealed in this victory are SOOOO amazing, that it is immeasurably conclusive, in an incalculable way, that only God Himself could have directed the AMAZINGLY STUNNING statistics in this game (so much so that it is ALL over the Main Stream Media!!).


DISCLAIMER:  Just to clarify, I do not believe that such intimate direction by God in a sporting event is normal.  Indeed, the extent to which this happened in this particular game appears to be completely unprecedented.  This, combined with it landing on the “pre-advertised” January 8th warning watch date, makes me feel STRONGLY that it was a sign from God for us to “step on the gas pedal”.  Indeed, IMO, it was a direct sign that we are ALMOST at the end (January 28th) and, AS ALWAYS, it is our precious Lord that is in COMPLETE control and NOT the NWO.


The AMAZING Odds of Tebow




Let us actually start at the OVERTIME portion of the Bronco’s game, as opposed to the beginning of the game.  We will get to the rest of the game later.  The most important stuff happened at the very end of the game.  In a similar way, we are now at the very end of the age of the Church!!  The following points out the many events that took place in just 11 seconds of overtime and illustrates without a doubt that God was tapping out a message to His watchers in His special Morse Code:


-               Double Witness that Sudden Destruction is ALMOST HERE:  In the NFL playoffs, overtime is Sudden Death.  There is NO SECOND CHANCES for the losers to be “taken out” of the Sudden Destruction and the subsequent end of their season.  Not only did this game end in “Sudden Destruction”, but it happened SO QUICKLY that some fans weren’t even in their seats yet when it occurred.  Indeed, it happened suddenly, and without warning, AND completely unexpectedly.  Sudden Death in Sudden Death!!


-               The game did not end as expected:  The team that was HEAVILY favored was vanquished and set packing.  Sudden Destruction in the period of Sudden Destruction – the PERFECT double witness to what will be upon the unbelieving world on January 28th!!  If this was shocking and it was only a sporting event, imagine what the “real thing” is going to be like.  The Bible says it best: 1 Thessalonians 5:3: “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.”


-               The game ended in EXACTLY 11 seconds:  11 is the Biblical number of judgment and disorder.  Once we are Raptured, and the Sudden Destruction suddenly comes without warning just moments after, what better description could be used to describe what will happen on this earth until Jesus takes over on the Day of Atonement 2015.  For those left behind, there will be NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, other than judgment and disorder in this world.  We ALL need to pray, including me, that we are worthy to ESCAPE all these things, for it will be horrific!!


-               Final Play?  Number 88 converted a pass for an 80 Yard Touch Down:  There are FOUR numbers here – three 8s and a 0.  That will be the TRUE final score – 888 to 0.  In Bible numerology, 888 is the number for Jesus.  In the end, it will be Jesus 888 versus the Anti-Christ 0.  That is how lop-sided the final score will be!!


-               Demaryius Thomas was the receiver:  Thomas was born on Christmas Day and participated in giving us watchers an incredible gift to start off the New Year.  Thomas was the other half on this final play of the game.  However, to those who are skeptics or non-believers or lukewarm Christians, there are the scoffers and the doubters.  The “Doubting Thomas”, so to speak, the same name as the receiver.  Those who insist on seeing to believe, disregarding and disputing even the most obvious subtle message from the Lord, remain a Doubting Thomas to the very end.  The fact that “Thomas” was involved in this play is just too poetic and brilliant to be anything but God directed!!  He was even born on Christmas Day – is this not a symbol of God’s gift to us of a warning on January 8th!!


-               The final scoring play was worth 6 points, with the 7th point “still to come”:  Since overtime in NFL playoffs is “Sudden Destruction”, there was no need to kick the conversion after the touch down for the extra 7th point.  However, look at the awesome analogy!!  A day is a thousand years as a thousand years is a day to our Lord.  It has been roughly 6000 years since Adam and Eve invited death in the world by sinning.  We are now only 1335 days plus change to the start of the millennium, the final 1000 years.  6 points + the final 1 point to come are PERFECTLY analogous to 6000 years + the final 1000 years to come!!  PRAISE GOD FOREVER!!


-               The final pass was thrown by #15:  Tebow wears #15.  The Day of Atonement 2015 is when Jesus will return!!  The Great Tribulation ends in 2015 just like this game ended with a throw from #15!!


-               Final Pass meant Tebow completed 10 Passes, along with 10 Rushes for 50 yards:  In Biblical numerology, the number 10 signifies the perfection of divine order.  This will not happen until AFTER the Great Tribulation.  This begins when Jesus takes over on the Day of Atonement 2015, the beginning of the Jubilee 50th year.  Day of Atonement 2015 is equal to 49 years of 360 days from June 7, 1967, the day the Jews reclaimed Jerusalem, the last change of possession of the Apple of God’s eye!  The symbolism of the 10 / 10 / 50 is once again beautifully appropriate, is it not!!


-               Final Score – Steelers 23 to Broncos 29Is the final timeline for our DEPARTURE (Rapture) hidden in plain sight in the final score?  On January 23, 2012, the EU is meeting to finalize an Oil Embargo on Iran.  Iran has already stated that they will consider any such embargo as an all out ACT OF WAR!!  This will lead us RIGHT TO WW III.  January 23, 2012 is analogous to Steelers 23.  Iran has already indicated that they would be simulating the closure of the Strait of Hormuz on January 27th, just 4 days later.  However, if the EU’s embargo is passed, this won’t be a simulation anymore; it will be the real thing!!  Add to this the FACT that the rest of the world has already indicated that they would do WHATEVER IT TAKES to keep this Strait open, including military action, and you have the fuel and the match!!  On January 28, 2012, Sudden Destruction, as planned by the NWO, seems EXTREMELY likely to occur (who can deny it now).  I don’t know HOW the Sudden Destruction will happen, but I am GUESSING it will start with an attack on Iran and quickly move to a false flag attack on major U.S. cities as per Joel Rosenberg’s “Dead Heat” novel.  The NWO will blame the Russians and the Chinese, of course, and even more sudden destruction will occur.  Thank the Lord we will be Raptured just before any of this happens.  The next day, January 29, 2012 is analogous to Broncos 29 and will be the first day without the Church.  Thank God, the Church will be removed on January 28th = 1/28 = 1 + 28 = 29, where 29 is the Biblical number for departure!!


-               Mile-High Halo over the Stadium:  Still think this game was just a fluke?  Immediately after the game, a halo was seen above the stadium and was reported by major news media.  Some try to explain it away as smoke from the fireworks, but when else has ANYONE EVER seen a perfect halo formed from fireworks.  Long-time Broncos fans indicated that this had NEVER happened before.  As such, this HAD to be a message from God to us watchers, all the while the “Doubting Thomas” continues to doubt.  Surely this could only be God’s perfect communication, balancing His message to us watchers while allowing the doubters to continue to disbelieve / free will!!


How to avoid Sudden Destruction – THE BIBLE VERSE THAT SAVES – JOHN 3:16!!


John 3:16 is considered to be the Bible verse that saves!!  It’s simplicity in carrying the message of the whole Gospel is summarized as follows:


“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”


This game was ABSOLUTELY RIDDLED with 3:16 statistics.  I counted seven of them in total, with each of these summarized as follows:


-               3:16 #1 - Yards passing:  Tebow passed for EXACTLY 316 yards, the most noticeable 3:16!


-               3:16 #2 - Yards per completion:  Tebow’s average yards per completion was EXACTLY 31.6 yards, an NFL playoff record


-               3:16 #3 - Pass Rating in 4th Quarter:  Tebow’s pass rating in 4th Quarter was EXACTLY 31.6


-               3:16 #4 - National TV rating in 4th Quarter:  The national TV rating in the 4th Quarter was 31.6, EXTREMELY HIGH for a non-Super Bowl playoff game


-               3:16 #5 - YouTube view number glitch:    The number of views on YouTube of the final 80 yard play is STUCK, via computer glitch, at EXACTLY 316 views


-               3:16 #6 - Steelers’ time of possession:  The Steelers’ time of possession was EXACTLY 31 minutes and 6 seconds


-               3:16 #7 - Steelers’ only interception:  Ben Roethlisberger’s only interception came on 3rd and 16


How does one get out of the Sudden Destruction / Great Tribulation?  John 3:16 as quoted above.


Who will be shocked to find out that they were left behind?  Revelation 3:16, “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”  This is NOT the time to be lukewarm!!  Draw as close to possible to Jesus and PRAY, as He commands, that you are counted worthy to escape all of these things!!


I won’t even try to quantify the odds of the above being God directed.  It is simply ASTRONOMICAL, approaching infinity to 1, that this was God’s message to the watcher and quite possibly His final altar call to this fallen world!!


Another interesting tidbit on Tebow’s prior passage, Philippians 4:6-7:  Prior to switching his face black to John 3:16, Tebow had Phil 4:6-7 written on his face black.  Now watch this!!  Prior to Tebow, 46 passers in the NFL had passed for exactly 316 yards in all of NFL history, regular season and playoffs.  Tebow became the 47th!!  Phil 4:6-7 = 4647.  AWESOME YES!!


The (not quite as amazing, but still remarkable) Odds of Ron Reese’s Trip to the Dentist


If you have not read Ron Reese’s inspiring trip to the Dentist, you really need to:


This trip to the dentist ties in perfectly with Tebow’s amazing statistics in that they both are confirmations that January 28, 2012 SHOULD, by all accounts, be the Church’s very last day on earth!!  There are EXCELLENT Biblical arguments that have been made that confirm that we would know the approximate time of the Rapture, but NOT until the VERY END, which we are now in:


I believe that January 8th represented final warnings from God (in the form of Tebow) and the NWO (in the form of their 4th 3 week inclusive warning) and that Ron Reese received supernatural confirmation at the Dentist Office from God that this was indeed what he is being directed to communicate!!


In the article as linked above, Ron pointed out that I calculated the odds of what happened to him, as being a direct sign from God, as being 10 million to 1.  This is actually based on some fairly basic math.  The purpose of this section is to outline exactly how I calculated these odds:


-               At the exact second that Ron told his audience (everyone was now listening at that point) about the lights going out in San Francisco being one of the final warnings, the lights in the Dentist Office suddenly shut off for five seconds


-               Based on almost 25 years of being in an office, I experience power outages roughly once or twice a year.  Based on the Michigan power grid being reasonably comparable, this would seem to apply in this case as well.  However, in order to be conservative, I will use three blackouts a year for my calculations


-               There are 31,536,000 seconds in a non-leap year (equal to 365 days x 24 hours x 60 minutes x 60 seconds)


-               Therefore, the chances of God being the One who turned off the lights at the precise second necessary to make a HUGE IMPACT on the audience was 31,536,000 to 3, or 10,512,000 to 1, ROUNDED to 10 million to 1


-               Even in a poor country with unstable electrical grids, one wouldn’t expect a power outage to occur in an office more than 30 times a year.  Even using 30 blackouts per year only reduces these odds to 1 million to 1, still ABSOLUTELY REMARKABLE AND NOTE WORTHY!!


Yes, this was Ron’s personal confirmation, so you can take it with a grain of salt.   However, from everything that I have seen Ron write, he has the utmost respect for God and I can’t see him ever wanting to disappoint Him.  Therefore, I personally do not see why Ron would ever sin by lying about something as important as this incident.  Indeed, out of fear for the Lord, which I can tell from Ron’s writing that he has an abundance of given the consistency of his respectful writings, I absolutely trust that this incident occurred exactly as Ron described it.  Again, it is for each person to decide what they will choose to believe.  For me, I believe it happened as Ron said it did!!




Well, I am EXHAUSTED!!  I may love math, but it is still a LOT of work to put these posts together.  I sincerely hope that you found this post as much of a blessing as I did having the privilege to write it.  As background, please note that I posted a message on January 6, 2012, on, titled “2015 for Dummies”, explaining the entire concept of the January 28, 2012 Rapture / Sudden Destruction, along with the Day of Atonement 2015 as the day for the Return of Jesus:


My message posted on January 11, 2012, titled “Only 17 More Days Left - Given the final "3 week" warning by the NWO on January 8th, did God "counter" by using Tim Tebow for a final "3 week" alter call on the EXACT same day?”, outlines why the answer to the question asked in the title certainly appears to be…ABSOLUTELY!!




As always, to God be ALL the glory!!!  He is at the door!!  Maranatha!!


YbiC, MathMan