Mathman (10 Feb 2012)
"Obama, the Uber-Hitler of the Risen Fourth Reich, the Uber-Nazis!!"


Dear Doves,

IMPORTANT:  Prior to reading the below article, it is vitally important to recall that the Bible specifically says that the Great Tribulation will be the worst time in ALL of history.  This includes Nazi Germany, the dark ages, indeed EVERY one of the past horrific regimes (China, Stalin, ALL of them).  As such, the terms “Uber-Nazis” and “Uber-Hitler” in the title were carefully selected for just this reason.  Uber means “exceeding all prior, greater than before, etc.”  To be the worst regime in history, it truly must be much worse than the Nazis.  Hence, the reason for my title!!  Please keep this in mind as you read the below.  While what I will be outlining below is truly horrifying, the fact that it must be that way is a clear and undisputed Biblical fact!!

Obama, the Uber-Hitler of the Risen Fourth Reich, the Uber-Nazis!!

It is with wide-eyed worry (not for me, but for those left behind) that I now fill in some of the blanks about the New World Order (the “NWO”).  More precisely, this post will detail exactly who the NWO are and speculate on what there leader Obama’s potential next move will be?  This article will strive to address this possible future in great detail.  Because of this detail, unfortunately this post will be a bit on the long side!!  However, I feel that it will be well worth reading.

So what will be my primary source of information?  The Bible of course!!  Nothing can contradict what it says about the One World Government about to arise.  But my secondary source of information will be…a Hollywood movie (of all things)!!

However, this Hollywood movie will NOT be just ANY movie.  No, this is a movie specifically produced and distributed to the public by an Illuminati-controlled company with a purpose.  The title of this movie says it all.  The fact that this telling title has NOTHING AT ALL to do with the movie itself is just another huge clue.  Yes, the title, in itself, is just ANOTHER, subtle, but direct, hint from this demonic organization, the NWO!!

As some, including me, have already pointed out in previous articles to Five Doves, the movie, “EXTREMELY CLOSE & INCREDIBLY LOUD”, has all the hallmarks of a final love note between the various NWO members just before they bring in their long-awaited Sudden Destruction.  It appears that the NWO, through this movie, are now openly bragging to each other about the soon Sudden Destruction they are going to make come to fruition VERY SOON.

I won’t reiterate my points that I (and others) have made (and there are MANY) in prior posts on why this movie is an extremely important communication from the deprived minds of the NWO, but will instead link my previous article on the subject as follows.  If you have not already read it, please do so before continuing on to the rest of the post:

If you don’t believe the NWO would do something as diabolical or counter productive as send out these subtle, but direct messages, please read the following important article disproving this naïve assumption:

Indeed, should you have ANY doubts AT ALL about the significance of this movie or its ominous title, please read the article as linked above prior to proceeding!  Yes, the EXTREMELY CLOSE movie paints an EXTREMELY CLEAR picture that explains the NWO’s evil motives for Sudden Destruction far clearer than I would have ever thought possible.  It revealed things about the end-times that I never even dreamed were already in play!!

Incredibly, this movie includes vast details of WHO the NWO are and WHY the NWO are going to do what they are about to do.  As a subject of a future post, I believe that this movie may even possibly outline WHEN the NWO plan to move forward with their evil plans for Sudden Destruction.  As the NWO have often said, out of the ashes of WW III shall arise the One World Government.

The following outlines my full analysis of this satanic movie.  As you will see, this movie has been cleverly dressed, by NWO evil doers, in sheep’s clothing, but it is anything but a sheep:

Nazi Imagery – A Legacy of Death & Destruction

The Nazis are back!  I had suspected and heard about this theory before, but I was not sure.  However, this movie now convinces me that there is a VERY REAL possibility that the Nazis are back.  Not only that, but there is also a very real possibility that the Nazis NEVER truly left.

I believe that this Illuminati-controlled movie supports this contention as I will soon outline.  Anyone still doubting the Illuminati’s power to influence entertainment need look no further than Sunday’s Super Bowl Satanic half-time ritual with Madonna.  Their subtlety is starting to now end and the NOW are already rapidly becoming much bolder.  After the Rapture, there will be no doubt that the Illuminati are in complete control!!

Indeed, it is my contention that the Third Reich has been hidden in plain sight this whole time and will soon emerge as the Fourth Reich.  Indeed, it appears that the Nazis have simply been in hiding since just before their supposed “destruction” in WW II, planning for their reintroduction.

Yes, I now believe that the Nazis will soon re-emerge from the shadows to rapidly form the Fourth Reich, much to the world’s complete surprise.  However, the Fourth Reich do not have idiots at the helm.  In order to promote followers to blindly join them, it will be called the less intimidating name we have become accustomed to hearing – the New World Order.  This, in itself, may not end up being the name.  They may even come up with something even more deceiving and less dangerous sounding.  Whatever it will be will be clever and thought about for centuries by the most evil of all – Satan!!

Yes, it appears very reasonable to conclude that the NWO will actually be the revived and invigorated Fourth Reich, complete with Heir Barack Hussein Obama as their exulted leader.  Please note that each of the previous Reich’s were ALL patterned after the Roman Empire, and this one will be no different.  The world will simply stand in awe that the beast that was, yet is and lives again, has been able to do so right under the world’s slumbering eyes.  However, in this particular case it will be the resurrected Nazism, not the Anti-Christ, wherein this has the appearance of yet ANOTHER possible dual prophecy.

There is no doubt at all that this satanic movie ABSOLUTELY AND COMPLETELY OOZES Nazi imagery and references!!  While any single image from this movie as outlined below will appear quite subtle on it’s own, the overall picture, when combined TOGETHER as one, paints an incredibly HORRIFYING image of the Nazi Beast that is about to rise from the very pits of hell itself in order to facilitate Obama’s soon reign of terror:

1)    The Kite in the movie’s trailer:  It is critical to note that the kite shown in the movie’s trailer was NOT actually in the movie itself!!  As a Five Doves reader so astutely pointed out, the kite in the trailer has the three colours of the German flag in it:  Yellow, Red & Black!!  Not only that, but the kite has the pattern of an eye dominating the entire kite.  This pattern looked just like the eye in Madonna’s half-time Super Bowl show AND the eye on the back of the U.S. dollar bill on top of the pyramid.  The eye on the kite surely represents the all-seeing eye in the sky, a favorite symbol of the NOW and an image that we see repeated OFTEN by the Illuminati.  This is just one of MANY important Nazi images hidden in plain sight in this evil movie, as I will continue to outline.  This supposedly “enlightened” movie that is SUPPOSED to be a “tribute” to 9/11 is actually the opposite.  The movie, in itself, is an oxymoron (more about this below)!!

2)    The Grandpa represents the Nazis in hiding:  In the movie, when the boy’s Grandma (whose father was killed in the collapse of Twin Towers) describes the man renting part of her apartment, she describes this elderly person as "a man who is from Germany, who has lived in many places, but has never lived in any one place for a long time".  We later find out that this mystery man is the boy’s Grandpa.  The analogy to the NWO is obvious.  The Nazis have been planted everywhere, yet remain hidden.  THIS IS BY DESIGN!!  From the first moment that the Nazis knew they were going to lose WW II, they were already planning to win WW III.  As with the kite, they have remained the secret “eye in the sky”!!

And planned they did!  With the very efficiency that the German war machine is known for.  Given their tenacity in WW II, would it truly be surprising to find out that the Nazis could have indeed effectively infiltrated everywhere, right to the highest level of the U.S. government.  If so, they would control the education system, what we read, almost everything.  Everything but the internet.  And control of the internet will be implemented shortly after we are Raptured!!

Should this truly come as surprise to us?  In hindsight, NO!!  After all, the Illuminati were originally created by a German philosopher and elite in Bavaria, wherein Bavaria is located in the very heart of Germany.  It was created hundreds of years ago, in secret, by Satan worshippers!  The Illuminati have ever since planned for One World Government.  The have been for centuries now, with the on-going assistance of the current god of this world, Satan.  However, the Upgraded Nazis won't remain in hiding much longer!!  The Fourth Reich has been planning for their unveiling for an EXTREMELY long time!!  It is just around the corner, and therefore, so is our long-awaited and longer for Rapture!!

3)    The Nazi Grandpa's parents were killed in the Dresden fire bombings:  The Germans have NEVER forgiven the Brits and the USA for fire bombing Dresden in 1945.  It is agreed by most analysts that these bombings were unnecessary as they were targeting non-strategic buildings.  These fire bombings resulted in over 100,000 Germans losing their lives in just the first night alone.  Some analysts have calculated that this loss of life was more than either of the nuclear bombs in Japan caused.  Given the mass grief that the Nazis caused the Jews and the rest of the world, many will say that the German people had it coming.  But to the Nazis, they didn’t see it this way.

These fire bombings occurred in the late stages of WW II.  February 13th & 15th, 1945 to be precise!  I believe that the Nazis have secretly wanted revenge on the USA and UK for these fire bombings ever since.  For all of these years, they have resented the free world’s prosperity and will soon achieve their satanic goal for vengeance.  Given the participants in the original bombings (the U.S. AND the U.K.), I would not be surprised at all if London also ends up being another target of Sudden Destruction by the evil NWO.  This would, of course, be in addition to whatever U.S. cities the evil NWO may already have targeted for Sudden Destruction.

Yes, I believe that the Uber-Nazi NWO is EXTREMELY resentful that the U.S. defeated them in WW II.  This is why the Nazis are soon going to teach the USA a very harsh lesson of what happens to those who stand in the Nazis way.  This will be one of the Nazis primary motivations for One World Government – REVENGE!!  This will match perfectly with Satan’s primary motivation – REVENGE AGAINST GOD!!  Their primary goal:  To bring the USA down as a world power in 2012 just as the USA brought the Nazis down as a world power in the 1940s.

To make sure NO ONE avenges their onslaught, the Uber-Nazis will then implement their world-wide Fourth Reich.  However, as per above, it will be craftily renamed to soothe the unsuspecting people crying out for peace and safety.  In actuality, it will be THE One World Government, as so long prophesied by the Bible.

These Nazis know all too well that the still EXTREMELY powerful USA military would once again stand in the NWO’s way if the USA weren't eliminated first.  As so many others have already pointed out, the USA must be eliminated by the Nazi NWO first, in order for this satanic organization to succeed globally.  Out of the ashes of the USA shall arise the One World Government!  Hail Obama will soon be their satanic rallying call!!

4)    The Nazi Grandpa remains silent:  In the movie, the Nazi Grandpa continuously communicates EXTREMELY LOUDLY to his grandson without EVER speaking a single word (he is mute by choice).  This alludes strongly to the fact that the Nazis are keeping to themselves, silently and by choice, while secretly plotting our demise in the backrooms of high society.  Indeed, Psalm 64 says it best (I included this Psalm in my post from yesterday and won’t repeat it again here, but is linked above).  Yes, the Nazis have communicated in both silence and secrecy.  This is represented PERFECTLY by the Nazi Grandpa in the movie.

It is interesting that the movie makes it known that the Grandpa CHOSE to never say a word since the Dresden fire bombings.  They specifically tell us that the Grandpa not speaking was NOT a medical condition, but was by choice.  This is EXTREMELY telling, is it not!!  Indeed, the boy expresses his frustration with the Grandpa CHOOSING not to speak on several occasions in the movie.  Perhaps this frustration also represents those readers who STILL can’t believe what we are saying about the NWO putting out these satanically subtle clues and are looking for something more obvious.

5)    The Nazi Grandpa wants to keep his meetings with his grandson a secret:  EVERY Bilderberger meeting, every ALFALFA CLUB meeting, every elite meeting, ALL OF THEM, are held in complete and utter secrecy from the public.  NO PRESS IS EVER ALLOWED.  No agenda or minutes ARE EVER posted to the public.  All is done in COMPLETE secrecy and completely off the record.  Similarly, the secret meetings between the grandson and the Nazi Grandpa in this movie symbolize these secret meetings perfectly.

6)    Israel Gas Mask:  The movie is VERY specific in saying that the gas mask the boy uses during his searches of the “six” Burroughs of New York is from Israel.  Given that the Nazis gassed the Jews in WW II, but never got them all, it appears that the use of this Israeli gas mask in the movie is hinting that this time, nothing, not even Israeli gas masks, will keep the Jews from getting what the Nazis feel they so deserve - EXTERMINATION.  Am I being overly graphic?  Absolutely not!!  It is in the Bible!!

Yes, just like in WW II, I FIRMLY believe the extermination of the Jews remains a HUGE motivator for the Uber-Nazi NWO that is now almost about to PUBLICLY resurface!!  The Bible confirms that the hate of His chosen is a huge motivator of Satan, and hence this world!!  Yes, Satan is absolutely behind all of the anti-Semitism!  He was behind it in Nazism and he will soon be again.  Yes, Satan is quietly whispering instructions to those in the NWO…AND they listen to him intently.  The elite in the NWO ALL do!  As stated before, absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Therefore, Satan IS corruption!!

7)    People as Numbers:  The boy in the movie mentions that he tries to see people as numbers versus names.  He specifically says that he does not like names at all.  He associates names with words.  He goes on to say that, in turn, words have stories and stories waste time.  WOW!!  Numbering people will ALSO be the PRIMARY GOAL of instituting the NUMBER OF THE BEAST!!  People are to be numbered by the Nazi NWO as soon as possible after the Sudden Destruction!!  How much more obvious a hint can this movie possible give us.  The NWO are basically forecasting the day that the Uber-Nazis will number each and every person left behind after the Rapture under the threat of death (most likely by threat of death by guillotine as outlined in Revelation)!!  They will most likely lie and say that it is about the noble desire for “peace and security”.

8)    Population Control:  The boy in the movie spends a lot of time mentioning all of the things in this world that he absolutely detests.  It is interesting to note that EVERY SINGLE ONE of the things that this boy lists as things he detests relate directly to symptoms of overpopulation.  But this makes sense, doesn’t it?  After all, reducing the population of the planet by, perhaps as many as 6 billion, ASAP appears to be one of the primary goals of the Nazi NWO (tagline of the movie “2012”, another Illuminati movie)!!  Thanks to this movie, we now know some of the reasons that the NWO wants to perform this “surgery”!!  Supposedly to improve the planet as THEY and they alone see fit!!  Indeed, population reduction and control is at the very heart of the whole Global Warning farce!!  Bill Gates is a HUGE supporter and funder of this, as are MANY of the NWO elite.

9)    Census of the People:  Two references are made in this movie to the census.  Tellingly, the boy in the movie requires the Nazi Grandpa to fill out a 16 question form before being allowed to accompany him on his quest to solve the mystery of the key.  The questions on this boy’s “census” form requests detailed information on such things as nationality, occupation, etc.  The Uber-Nazis will surely do this again, including as much information on you as possible on the imbedded microchip system they will implement.  Jews over here, blacks over there, each person classified and flagged as the NWO feels meets their needs.  The possible list of classification, and therefore an individual’s desirability, simply could be as long as the Upgraded Nazis feel is necessary.  This scenario fits in with the Number of the Beast as outlined in the Bible PERFECTLY.  In WW II, the Nazis were limited by technology and used simple number tattoos on the Jews and other undesirables.  However, shortly after the Sudden Destruction, all of the technology the Uber-Nazis could ever want or desire to mark us already currently exists and are ALREADY stockpiled for immediate use.

10)  “It will never be the same”:  The Nazis HATE minorities.  The end goal of the Nazis is to implement an Arian Nation!  Interestingly, the nations of Islam were one of the few people that Hitler admired.  It is not a coincidence that they both share a common goal – the elimination of the Jews!!

As such, the Nazis viewed these minorities as an expendable inconvenience, good only for slave labour and sadistic experiments.  The lady in the movie, also a noticeable minority, cries in anguish to the boy without ever explaining why!  Indeed, she cries multiple times, with great distress, that "things will never be the same; things will never be the same".  She is ABSOLUTELY distraught a she cries this out.

While I was watching this horrific scene, I could almost see the Nazis in the NWO dancing in the background with anticipation at finally being able to bring in their plan for a master race!!  Just like in WW II, these Uber-Nazis will love nothing more than to see minorities being “put in their proper place in the New World Order”.  Perhaps working them LITERALLY to death.  And for those who can’t work – the guillotine.  It is ALL in the Bible!!  However, any such future policy of genocide will be cloaked cleverly in secrecy.  It will be implemented so gradually, that many of the blind followers of Obama simply won’t notice or care.  More likely, they will simply choose to ignore, out of fear of certain death.

The propaganda the Uber-Nazis will use will be well thought out and executed.  This propaganda will be used with great effect to brainwash those left behind to easily accept whatever society the Uber-Nazis wish to implement.  It worked with the German people in WW II and it will work again in our dummied down society.  The people will believe that this all being done out of necessity and for their own good.  Many will be deceived, even many of the elect.

The Three Sixes (666) in the movie

-      There were “SIX” Burroughs:  There were ONLY five Burroughs in the book that this movie is based on!!  This ALSO the actual number of Burroughs in New York, which, of course, only makes sense.  However, in the movie, the Illuminati added a mythical sixth Burrough that the boy was told by his father to search for.  Could it be that the sixth one in the movie was actually included to represent the rebuilt Nazi city to be built in the same place that was New York before the Sudden Destruction?  In other words, are they specifically foretelling the Uber-Nazis plans for the land New York is currently on for AFTER they destroy it with their nuclear missiles in a massive false flag attack (the Sudden Destruction) in this movie?

Side note:  I believe that nuclear missiles have come a long way since 1945.  More specifically, I believe that the scientists have invented nuclear missiles that can now destroy the same as the ones we have seen on war films, BUT without leaving long term radiation.  We simply can not know what advances the weapons industry has come up with.  However, they have had almost 70 years to do so.  This is a VERY long time for an incredibly well funded industry to make MANY advances that would NEVER be revealed to us!!

-      There were “SIX” Messages:  In the movie, there were SIX phone messages.  These messages were MEANT to stay hidden and listened to by only a very select few.  In this case, the secret was to be shared only between the boy and his Nazi Grandpa.  This obviously represents the fact that the Uber-Nazis are currently communicating to each other in secret, but also in public, with subtle, but direct, messages.

The Uber-Nazis want these communications to remain a secret and would not be happy to read our interpretations and communication of this on this website.  Through future (and soon to come) censorship of the internet, I am certain that ALL articles posted on Five Doves will promptly disappear “by accident” soon after the Sudden Destruction.  That is why the warning of what is to soon come has to be sounded by us watchers to the unsuspecting people ASAP!!  Time is rapidly running out.

To showcase this urgency, it is absolutely imperative to realize that the original book this movie was based on only had FIVE messages on the answering machine, NOT six.  The Illuminati PURPOSELY added this sixth message.  In other words, it is VERY possible that the first five messages represent the five sequential warnings that we have already received, leading up to the fifth (and possibly last) 3 week inclusive warning that occurred on January 28th (11/9, 11/29, 12/19, 1/8, 1/28)!!

Could the sixth “three week inclusive period” we are rapidly approaching be the “Real Thing”?  It is important to note that, in the movie, the number 5 message switched to the number 6 on the answering machine at the EXACT AND PRECISE second that the Sudden Destruction of the Twin Tower was shown in the background television.  This was the precise and EXACT second that the father was leaving a message as he was killed in the collapsing skyscraper.  Could the next date in the “three week inclusive sequence” from January 28th be represented by the “message six” Sudden Destruction?  Could the end of this next sequence be the “Real Thing”, the Sudden Destruction as outlined in the Bible?  We Ron, I and others simply off by one warning?  We will soon find out!!

-      There were “SIX” Reconnaissance Missions:  When the boy finally found the last envelope, the note from his father said, "Congratulations, you just finished your sixth Reconnaissance Mission".  It is important to note that this whole concept of SIX missions was not even mentioned in the book review.  And yet, the Illuminati felt it important to stress VERY clearly that this was the SIXTH mission that the boy in the movie had successfully completed.

Now, did you notice the total number of significant sixes in the movie?  There are EXACTLY three significant 6’s in total - or 666!!  How appropriate and timely!!  The Illuminati LOVE their sixes!!

Remember, the Illuminati know just about as much about the Bible as we do.  A worthy enemy always studies their opponent.  Jesus is Satan’s opponent and has been studied as much as possible by him.  He was fooled by Jesus in His First Coming and wants to be fully prepared for the Second Coming.  With this in mind, the NWO plan to use this information to their advantage and make their man, Obama, the replacement for Jesus to a modern, ignorant world.  After all, they know, as we do, VERY few people still read the Bible and will realize the truth!!  Especially if the NWO eliminates the Bible (or tries to) from the face of the planet!  Or, more likely, distributes altered copies that meet their goals.  Scary indeed!!

The scenario as outlined above would fulfil Bible prophecy perfectly.  Obama is the NWO’s man of choice and will soon be crowned the ruler of the world on April 11th.  This is all part of the NWO’s long term plan.  A PLAN THAT TOOK CENTURIES IN THE MAKING!  That Serpent of old certainly has patience!

Please note that these Uber-Nazis will be just as deliberate and well organized as the original Nazis.  No, much more so!  The Uber-Nazis will have learned well from their past mistakes in WW II.  They would have now made sure that they execute their plan flawlessly.  The Nazis couldn’t win in war, so they have purposely decided to win the next battle in a completely different way – thru perceived provision of “peace and security”.

Did you catch that?  The Uber-Nazis will soon take over the world using the tactics of “peace and diplomacy”.  They will feed on peoples fears by saying their security is threatened.  They have been doing this PERFECTLY ever since 9/11!!  This will be the hallmark of the Anti-Christ!!  This is outlined PERFECTLY (as per usual) by the Bible as what he will do to lure the people into taking the mark of the Beast!!

The Bible clearly outlines that the NWO will successfully implement their plan for world wide domination.  However, in the end, the NWO won’t count on the Perfect Equalizer.  Our One and Only, the Worthy, the Lamb that was slain – Jesus, will be the ONLY One who can put an end to their dastardly plans.  He is the only one the NWO knows can spoil their plans.  Hence the NWO’s ABSOLUTE AND COMPLETE HATRED for Him, the Jewish people and any new Christian that loves the True God.  The NWO feel that, if they can eliminate these enemies, they will somehow be able to defeat and replace the One and True God.

Other Hints in the Movie

-      The boy counts his lies:  In the movie, the boy continuously counts and numbers each and every one of his many lies.  At one point, the boy noted that he was up to lie number 64.  In the same way, the NWO Nazis in hiding have secretly lied to the world too many times to count in implementing their snare to implement “One World Government”, the Sudden Destruction.  Based on this movie, the Upgraded Nazis are obviously proud of the effectiveness of their lies.  That is why the NWO specifically point this out to us in such subtle ways, meant for just them (of course, the NWO didn’t count on the Holy Spirit “telling on them” to us watchers on this awesome website)!!

-      The Oxymoron Game:  The movie spends an absurd amount of time on some oxymoron game.  An oxymoron is where two words are used together that usually means the opposite things.  EXAMPLE:  Government intelligenceJ!  In other words, the Nazis are fantastic at saying one thing to the world while, at the very same time, meaning the complete opposite to the other Nazis, secretly snickering in private at the audacity of these messages hidden in plain sight.  This is how the Uber-Nazis communicate in secrecy (again, Psalm 64 says it all)!!  This is why the NWO feel that they are so clever with there diabolical clues that the Lord is helping us detect.  If you are STILL doubt this fact, that is REALLY too bad.  You REALLY need to pray for the Lord’s discernment on this as soon as possible (why not now?).

-      The Key:  In the movie, the boy asks the Nazi Grandpa three times in a row whether he feels that the key will fit some lock out there.  Each and every time, the Nazi Grandpa patiently holds up his hand with the “yes” tattoo.  However, when the boy asks the Nazi Grandpa if they would actually be able to find the lock that the key fits, the Nazi Grandpa holds up his hand with the “no” tattoo.  In other words, the Uber-Nazis are absolutely confident that the world won't see the Sudden Destruction coming until it is too late.  This is represented by the mystery “key” in the movie that will open the “lock” to One World Government!!  This is just as the Bible predicted!!  However, only us watchers will see it coming – but we’ll be soon taken in the Rapture and the secret will disappear with us.  The Nazi NWO is VERY proud of their lies and their clues.  The Uber-Nazis are as proud as Lucifer was before his fall from heaven (and remains so to this very day).  Yes, the Uber-Nazis continue to believe themselves to be "as gods"!!  They continue to believe Satan’s greatest lie!!

-      The Worst Day:  In the movie, the boy kept referring to 9/11 as the "Worst Day".  Interestingly, it has been indicated that the Nazis called the fire bombings in Dresden, “The Worst of Days” (but, said in German, of course).  Could the use of the term, the "Worst Day", in the movie, actually be their secret code for the vengeful day of Sudden Destruction that the Nazi NWO has planned in retaliation for the fire bombings at Dresden?  If the pattern the NWO has used in the past continues to hold, could Message SIX “clicking” on from Message 5, in the form of Sudden Destruction as represented by the Twin Towers collapsing, happen soon without warning to the slumbering world?  We certainly won’t have long to find out as we will soon outline in posts from Ron and me that are coming soon!

-      New York as a Possible Target:  In the movie’s trailer, the map of New York is shown as being EXTREMELY torn up and wrinkled.  However, in the movie, the map of New York appears completely brand new!!  If these two otherwise identical maps of New York were placed next to each other, the imagery of the two maps, one new and the other dilapidated, would certainly provide a stunning hint of what the Nazi NWO has planned for New York as it currently exists.  Later on, the movie gives even further possible clues of the NWO’s diabolical plans by showing a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge with the word "Dangereaux" above it.  The word “Dangereaux” is a French word meaning "dangerous".  This certainly could be a subtle, but direct, hint from the NWO as to where the sneak attack nuclear missile may already be programmed to detonate over once in New York.  Perhaps directly over the Brooklyn Bridge!!  Thank the Lord, the True Church will be Raptured shortly before the first nuke detonates and we will never HAVE to find out (unless the Lord decides to tell us in New Jerusalem)!!

CONCLUSION:  What else can be said about the subtle and hidden messages contained through out the movie, “EXTREMELY CLOSE AND INCREDIBLY LOUD”?  This movie clearly shows us who the Nazi NWO is, why the Nazi NWO is doing what they are doing and, as per a future post, even perhaps WHEN they are planning to do it.  These Uber-Nazis feel that they are “as gods” and can therefore afford to give the slumbering world these subtle, but direct, clues.  The Uber-Nazis simply feel above reproach and therefore feel they can do whatever they please.  Indeed, the Bible specifically says the NWO will have their way with the fallen people that are left behind, and will continue to for a precise and designated time.  That time will expire once Jesus again returns to destroy them once and for all.  Praise be the name of Jesus forever and ever!!

YbiC, MathMan