Mathman (26 Jan 2012)
"Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close:  An Illuminati Movie Production"



 Dear Doves,


I now add my first movie analysis to the only two sporting events I have ever analyzed


The only two sporting events I have ever analyzed involved Tim Tebow in the NFL Playoffs.  Given the absurd (for this world) love Tebow has for the Lord, and given that we are most likely in the very final days of Church history, I had a hunch that these two games would be, and perhaps for the only time in history, ones that God would use to paint a picture of the soon Rapture / Sudden Destruction / Great Tribulation.  As previously analyzed and posted, I was NOT disappointed.


The first game beautifully illustrated the saving grace of Jesus, with all seven 3:16 statistics pointing the unsaved towards John 3:16.  In the sudden death in sudden death overtime, the game also showed why the designated day for the Rapture / Sudden Destruction was almost here.


The second game started off disappointing and didn’t get any better.  Tebow and the Broncos were completely destroyed 45 to 10 by the New England Patriots.  However, this disappointment was short lived after the message from God showing the Great Tribulation was revealed in this lop-sided loss.


To this odd collection of analysis, I now add my first movie analysis.  The movie is called, “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”, and stars Tom Hanks as the father and Sandra Bullock as the mother.  It is about a son trying to figure out the mystery of a key left behind by his now-dead father (Hanks).  Why, you may ask, would I bother with analyzing a movie?  Well here are just a few of the abundance of reasons for this analysis:


-                     Reason 1:  It is backed by Time Warner, an Illuminati-controlled company and a corporate member of the Council of Foreign Relations, a nefarious NWO organization.  As such, the title, “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”, IMMEDIATELY grabbed my attention.  And for good reason given the nearness to the Great Tribulation and the Sudden Destruction!!


-                     Reason 2:  The official catch phrase of this movie is, “This is not a story about September 11th, it’s about every day after”.  Given that we are about to have another 9/11, this screamed to me that it will be, once again, providing specific clues from the evil minds of the NWO about the soon coming day of Sudden Destruction


-                     Reason 3:  It’s mass release date of January 20th hints at how “Incredibly Close” we are to Sudden Destruction, and has some other “release” statistics that are just to “Extremely Loud” to resist writing to you all about


The combination of the above three reasons made me realize that this wasn’t just any movie being released.  No, this was indeed more secret message from the NWO.


As per previous pattern, the secret messages are clear and distinct, but once again subtle, providing another warning from the NWO of the soon Sudden Destruction.  Are you still skeptical after reading all Ron Reese and I have written on this subject?  Regardless of your answer to this rhetorical question, please read the following and I am positive you will soon see what we are seeing!!


Prior to proceeding, I note that everything I am analyzing can be found at the following two websites related to this movie:


Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close = NWO Warning of Sudden Destruction


I will first make observations on the release dates, followed by observations on the movie trailer:


The Release Dates:


-                     Release Dates:  There were four separate release dates for this movie (12/25, 1/1, 1/8, 1/20).  This matches the number of warnings given by the NWO leading up to the soon sudden destruction (11/9, 11/29, 12/19, 1/8):  AGAIN Four!!


-                     Number of Theaters:  The number of theaters that this movie was release to on 12/25 was undisclosed.  However, it was released to 6 theatres on both of 1/1 and 1/8.  6 theatres x 2 = 12 = 3 + 3 + 3 + 3, the 3333 number that the Illuminati so loves!!


-                     Dates of Pre-Releases:  There were 3 pre-releases, all on Sundays!  The first release was on Christmas, the second release was on New Year’s Day and the LAST release was on the same day as the LAST pre-NWO sudden destruction warning!!  Therefore, each of the 3 pre-release days were significant in many ways!  And, once again, there is another 3!!


The Movie Trailer:


The following section presents images from the movie trailer that I have theories on:


-                     Messages on the Answering Machine:  There were 6 messages, equal to 3 + 3 or 33, an important number to the Illuminati (indeed, Level 33 is the maximum level one can obtain as a Free Mason, a demonic club)


-                     Family’s Last Name:  Shaw!  This is PERHAPS hinting at Iran, as the U.S.A. deposed the Shaw, allowing the current regime to arise.  The first shot of WW III, may end up being the assassination of an Iranian scientist, and occurred on January 11th


-                     Father’s First Name:  Thomas!  Satan would like nothing better than to have people being a “Doubting Thomas” about Jesus after the Rapture and during the subsequent Great Tribulation.  The mark of the Beast and eternal damnation will be their reward


-                     First Map Shown:  The very first map shown in the trailer is of New York.  However, the map is in EXTREMELY rough shape.  The map of New York is almost torn in half in both directions and extremely crumpled.  Could this be a hint of where the very first nuke(s) will hit?


-                     Design of the Kite:  The kite looks like an eye in the sky.  This is a symbol of “Big Brother”, watching everything we do.  Just what the One World Government will be doing right after the Rapture


-                     Mathematical Equation:  The boy is working on an equation, the only mathematical formula shown in the trailer.  The equation reads, “2880 hours / 24 hours per day = 120 days”.  The first two digits are 28, perhaps hinting at a certain date in January as being the day for Sudden Destruction.  The last three digits are 120 days, again hinting at a certain date in January that is EXACTLY 120 days since the beginning of the Jewish Calendar Year.  Please don’t forget that Jerusalem is to be the “Spiritual Capital” of the New World Order, so such a hint based on the Jewish Calendar SHOULD be expected.  Now what about the remaining figures of 80 / 24 that is in between the 28 and the 120?  Watch this!!  80 / 24 = 333.3%!!  There is that 3333 number again that the Illuminati loves so much!!


-                     CNN Clip:  The only TV news clip shown in the trailer involves CNN, another corporate member of the Council of Foreign Relations.  In the movie, “Left Behind”, GNN, a mock of CNN, was used as the mouthpiece of the Anti-Christ.  Will CNN be the central source of information from the Anti-Christ for those left behind after the Rapture?


-                     106th Floor:  The father indicates that he is stuck on the 106th floor of the Twin Towers.  The 106th floor contains the restaurant named, “The Windows on the World”.  Could there be a better title for how the NWO will view themselves once they achieve One World Government?


-                     Tattoos on each palm:  An odd looking old man appears in the trailer that can’t talk.  To help his communication, this man has tattoos on each of the palms of his hands.  Is this mocking Jesus, relating to the holes usually portrayed in his palms from being nailed to the cross (even though it was through the wrists)?


-                     Yes & No Tattoos:  As previously mentioned, the tattoos on the palm of old man’s hands are used to communicate, saying either yes or no.  Yes is tattooed on the left hand and no is tattooed on the right hand.  Could this symbolize the power that the NWO will have to allow all those left behind to either live or die?  If you say yes to Jesus and no to the mark of the Beast (either in the forehead or on the right hand), the Anti-Christ will have the power to have you immediately killed.  This alludes to what the NWO already knows is to soon come.  I strongly believe that the mark of the Beast will involve BOTH a visible tattoo (on the right hand) AND a microchip (on the forehead).  While there are many who think that just a microchip will be used, I lean towards both being used.  Why?  It will be just like the Nazis, wherein they required a visible tattoo on the Jews during the holocaust!  However, if you disagree with me on this, it really doesn’t matter.  Prophecy will be fulfilled one way or another


-                     Join us or die:  Immediately after the tattoos are shown, the boy says, “I want EVERYONE to come with me!!”  Given that it comes right after the tattoos, how much more obvious can you get.  EVERYONE must join the Anti-Christ or die!!


-                     Sign at the Train Station:  The sign at the train station says, “Video Surveillance Cameras may be in use in this station”.  Yes, the NWO will be watching everyone all the time!!


-                     23 Asians, some with cages:  They briefly show 23 Asian people in a still position, some holding bird cages.  In Bible numerics, 23 is the number of death.  The cages, in turn, could represent future imprisonment.  However, I am not sure why the people shown are Asian?


-                     Final lines in the trailer:  After the son says, “If things were easy to find”, the father finishes off the sentence by saying, “they wouldn’t be worth finding”.  Now those lines are worth reading again!!  The Illuminati are once again telling us that we have to search to see the clues they are leaving behind with respect to the soon-to-come Sudden Destruction.  That is exactly what Ron Reese and I have continued to analyze and provide to you.  Still skeptical?


The following section presents images from the movie trailer that I do NOT have theories on (but hope others reading this do):


-                     Colors of the Kite:  The kite with the eye in the sky is colored yellow, red and black.  I am not sure what these colors represent, if anything?  Any thoughts?


-                     Second Map Shown:  The second map shown is of all of Africa.  Why Africa?  Any thoughts?


-                     Artifacts from every decade:  The father asks the son to find an artifact from every decade in the 20th century.  The son places a rock on the counter.  The father laughs and says, “You rock”.  The mother smiles in the background.  PERHAPS, they are mocking the title of Jesus as “The Rock”, but this seems like “reaching”.  Any thoughts?


-                     Box of Keys:  In a fit of rage, the son smashes a drawer containing hundreds of keys.  The keys tumble all over the place.  Why include this?


-                     Tambourine:  The son is shown running with a tambourine.  Why a tambourine?


-                     Message on Note and from the father:  In a note and said by the father, it is communicated TWICE that, “Sometimes we have to face our fears”.  When this is shown, the son has a gas mask on and later the son is once again shown with a gas mask again.  What could the saying mean?  What about the gas mask?  I assume that the gas mask means that New York would soon be uninhabitable, but I am sure that it means something deeper??  Especially when combined with the saying.


-                     Find the Lock:  The son asks the odd old man with the tattoos on his hands if he thinks they’ll find the lock that the key will open.  The man holds up the “no” tattoo.  The boy replies, “I’m not so sure either”.  Why this communication exchange?


As I said above, I look forward to any thoughts you may have on these last seven images.


In the meantime, I would be REALLY surprised if anyone disagreed that this movie was foreboding of the Sudden Destruction that is “Incredibly Close”.  Regardless, the release dates and the trailer certainly seemed to point towards an imminent Sudden Destruction.  But more importantly, it also means an imminent Rapture.  Praise the Lord forever!!




If you have time, and you have not already done so, I would recommend that you read a message I had posted on January 6, 2012, on, titled “2015 for Dummies”, explaining the entire concept of the soon Rapture / Sudden Destruction, along with the Day of Atonement 2015 as the day for the Return of Jesus:


My message posted on January 11, 2012, titled “Only 17 More Days Left - Given the final "3 week" warning by the NWO on January 8th, did God "counter" by using Tim Tebow for a final "3 week" alter call on the EXACT same day?”, outlines why the answer to the question asked in the title certainly appears to be…ABSOLUTELY!!




As always, to God be ALL the glory!!!  He is at the door!!  Maranatha!!


YbiC, MathMan