1 Cor 10:31 (14 Aug 2012)
"Re:  "His Delay; Our Delight".... pretty AWESOME!!"

Steve!  Re:  your letter:  http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/aug2012/stevew811.htm
A real winner!!
Is this what you're talking about ~ IN WAITING:   I clicked on to read it the other day -- scanned 2 or 3 sentences ~ thought, "aw man!!  This is too long!"    CLICKED OFF!!  
That the kind of *impatience* you're hinting of?    tee-hee!!   *guilty as charged*!!
Then when people started praising it -- I figured I better go back & see what they were talking about!!    :)
Very good letter!   In agreement with you & thanks for the encouragement!!
TBH, I cannot *get into* the possibility of a Rosh Hashana rapture either -- oh sure, I know about all the possibilities!!   I've known about it for 13+ years.   Makes sense.  But when we roll around on the calendar & get closer to spring time -- then THAT season makes sense!!    LOL!!    I simply cannot allow myself to speculate on any particular date any longer -- too much discouragement/despondency for me.
Don't get me wrong:  I will ALWAYS be a watcher!!   And when I see all happening (at the SAME TIME) on the earth today:  I ask myself how could it NOT be SOON??!!    The Blessed Hope, on most days, is about the only thing that keeps me going.
Yet, because I've spent so much time (many would say too much time, but I'll let God be the Judge of that....) on the computer, watching all the signs, the dates, the seasons..... sometimes I kick myself in the rear..... that I've neglected other things!!   Honestly?  I feel like I've missed out on a big chunk of life!!
I'd always, always wanted to be a writer.... author of books.   Yet, I put it off for Y E A R S while my other writing friends would write circles around me AND BECOME PUBLISHED!!  
So now...?   Often times I feel like I'm walking a tightrope. or balancing beam more appropriately....  as we are NOT to say the Lord delays His coming and then to go live like the world (REF:  Luke 12 ~ VERY dangerous!!) ~ however, we ARE to continue watching..... yet to CONTINUE  LIVING at the same time.
So....  in my heart of  hearts I never expect to finish it ~~ due to soon rapture ~~ , but I at least S T A R T E D writing a book ....  we may (hopefully) not even be here long enough for me to finish the first chapter. 
Know what though?  If I'm going to be (I hope, hope, hope!)  writing for an eternity in heaven (David Reagan thinks what we enjoy doing down here -- may well be carried into our lives *up there*)   so I figured -- if nothing else, this is good practice to begin my eternity of writing!!
Anyway, thanks for your encouragement ~ it truly blessed many here!
Can't help myself, I must end with:  MARANATHA!!    :)