Randy (11 Apr 2012)
"Rapture:   Rosh Hashanah, 2012....as FORETOLD to us ALL on Rosh Hashanah, 2008 by the DOW Stock Market Drop"

OK.........It's MY TURN (finally...it's here....it's near....!)  for a RAPTURE DATE Selection...and here's why.
ALL of us saw the DOW Jones Stock Market Drop of -777.68 on the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, 2008...when the US Congress was voting for the FIRST "save the bank" bill that MOnday, Sept 29, 2008.
And, they voted NO! 
Many of us posted that week about....WOW.....look at that number:  777.68.    WOW, all those 7's.......three in fact.....  777 .   Hmmmmmm, could it really MEAN SOMETHING TO US?????
Well, I pondered and prayed about that number for many months.  And I have posted before about this.....
See:  http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/feb2012/randy26-1.htm  from 2/6/2012 and this:  http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/dec2011/randy1210.htm  from 12/10/2011. 
And there were more as well.
Rather than go all through my calculations again....please read either of the above links.
In short, though.
1) IF the 777 meant something...then so must the   .68. 
2) I make the case that the .68 pointed forward in time by 355 days.  (.68/.70=x/365)  Solve for X and you get:  355 days.
3) 355 days forward took you to Rosh Hashanah, 2009....EXACTLY.
But then...I was stuck on what the three 7's meant.  A few months later, on the day my father died....at the SAME time as he was dying.....and the day AFTER I'd asked the Lord to "tell me.....if You would....THE day for the Rapture."  It was finally time to ask Him about this.  I beleive He had shown me years before that the "time of the year" for the Rapture would be on a Jewish Feast day.  When I had prayed for Him to show me the "time of the Year".....I had been shown (within the next 7 days...twice!)  the parallel of the Jewish Feasts with Christ's first and second coming.....the second coming (the Rapture) would be on the Feast of Trumpets....or Rosh Hashanah, in the fall. (I'd never heard of the parallel of the Jewish Feasts and Christ's 1st and 2nd coming...this was NEW to me.) 
I have seen MANY good write-ups about Rosh Hashanah, Feast of Trumpets, being the Jewish Feasts Rapture Timeframe.
See:  http://www.bibleprophecyman.com/  This was written in August, 2011....and I "found it" shortly thereafter, online. 
It came to me in early March, 2010....as my father lay dying.....  that "I already knew" the date for the Rapture."  As I lay in bed pondering this.....I wondered:
"If the .68 pointed to Rosh, 2009.......and the three 7's....meant 3 years......from when?  From Rosh Hashanah, 2009. ?? 
(Remember......the .68 had pointed to Rosh Hashanah 2009.....from Rosh, 2008!)
So, if the 7's meant 3 years.....and IF that date FELL ON Rosh Hashanah, 2012...then maybe God HAD answered my question.
And....... 3 years from Rosh, 2009  (365 days for each year)....it DID fall on Rosh, 2012. 
So........the question is:  DID THE DOW DROP ON ROSH HASHANAH 2008....POINT TO ROSH HASHANAH 2012 Exactly??  AS the Date of the Rapture???
Or was / is it just a coincidence???  If it is just a coincidence....think how incredible this really is.....
1) The DOW fell a STRIKING 777 points....   in all, it fell 777.68.  
2) SOMEONE...me?... had to figure out the significance of this.  The 777 AND the .68 as well. 
3) Then......IF I have the "key" to this riddle......what a coincidence that the .68 pointed to Rosh Hashanah the following year.
4) And then..... what a coincidence that the three 7's....pointed exactly to Rosh Hashanah, 2012..
Just a coincidence?????  I dunno.......  but I have been waiting for 3-1/2 years from the big DOW drop....and waiting the last 2 years since my "final insight" about the three 7's......  waiting until NOW......to start to want to SHARE THIS EVERY MONTH for the next 5 months.
Rosh Hashanah 2012 is just 5 months and 1 week away. 
ALOT of us have been looking at this year, 2012.....with everything going on in the world, especially, Israel getting ready to hit Iran in a pre-emptive strike.....and then, all that might happen in the Middle East and around the world shortly thereafter.  Alot of people have been wondering if this strike, the problems in Syria/Damascus....could be the fullfillment of the verse (I forget the quote) about the 'DESTRUCTION OF DAMASCUS"
So many things have been lining up this year.....the Middle East problems.....the financial problems in Europe (and still the US)   NOTHING has been fixed..absolutely NOTHING.  Europe and the US have simply "kicked the can down the road" and ALL the big financial problems from last year STILL NEED TO BE fixed. The problem is:  THEY CANNOT BE FIXED!!!  NONE OF THEM!! 
So......I am excited as I look toward Rosh Hashanah this year....mid September. 
ALOT could happen around the world in the next 5 months.  IN my opinion, all the dominoes are lined up....just waiting for the Rapture to happen to knock them all down, and leave those left behind to have to deal with them.
I hope this simple analysis of the DOW drop from Rosh 2008.....is from the Lord!!!
PS....I think, once again, that the European Financial Crisis will "roll over" into our markets AGAIN this year in April or May.....just as it has in May, 2010 and again last year....in May.  This time, though, it will be UNable to be fixed.  Hey, the TV show 60 Minutes did  a piece just last night....and the gal in England said "Greece WILL go under...we just don't know how bad it will be!"  
Hmmmmm........   I was also reminded that there are only 11 Million people in Greece.  I had not even thought of that during the past few years.   And the thought occurred to me "You mean, it only took 11 million people to create the MESS that almost brought down the European Union financially??? "  Yup, only 11 million people caused the 1/2 TRILLION $$$  mess in Greece.
Hey, just wait until Prtugal, Italy and Spain,  (plus Ireland...the PIGS countries as they have become known...... hmmmmmm  PIGS for the way they "ate" all the money away.....)
Hey....things ARE A MESS out there!!  And they are NOT getting better......
I certainly hope for the Rapture this year in 2012.  Rosh Hashanah would be fine with me.  (Earilier would be a nice gift, too...... but I think the Israel/Iran attack has to paly out over the next 3-5 months, just to give "diplomacy" the final chance to work???)