Randy (6 Feb 2012)
"Did the DOW drop on Sept 29, 2008, (777.68 points) the afternoon before Rosh Hashanah started, POINT TO THE RAPTURE ON Rosh Hashanah, Sept 16, 2012????"

Be sure to read my first post today.....
The following came to me at church this morning, Sunday......
OK>........Did the DOW drop on Sept 29, 2008, of 777.68 points, the afternoon BEFORE Rosh Hahshanah started that year,...
Here is my previous post about de-ciphering the code for the DOW drop on Sept 29, 2008.......
(re-posted various times, over the past 3 years..) 
http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/dec2011/randy1210.htm  Posted on Dec 10, 2011) 
Quoting the end of that post again....
"So, DID GOD Answer my question about THE date of the Rapture, HIDDEN in the DOW DROP of 777.68 on (of all dates)  Rosh Hashanah 2008?????? 
(Has God "told" anyone yet the date....?   Not that can be proven yet.....)
One way or another.....I'll tell you that at the end of Sept next year!!!!  (2012)  smile...lol.....

No matter what..I think 2012 (the next 9 months) are going to be quite chaotic and ABnormal...... considering the ISRAEL/IRAN strike that is being talked about happening any time in the next 30 days....or, in my opinion, the next 7-8 months.
Plus the continued economic MESS in Europe and the US...PLUS the political mess in Europe....the HORRIBLE political leadership going on the the United States.....  PLUS PLUS PLUS PLUS......"
End quote.....
My Conclusion today, Sunday, Feb 6, 2012:
1) I think 2012 is a critical year for Israel, going after Iran
2) I think 2012, up to Rosh Hashanah, Sept 16 2012....is a critical year.   Could the Rapture happen on Sept 16, 2012?????   Could it be before then?????
As we get nearer to Sept 16, 2012.....and the events of Israel vs Iran actually happen (?) .......I'm going ALL IN on Sept 16 as the day of the Rapture.......IF,
1) The DOW drop on Rosh Hashanah 2008 was as meaningful as many of us thought back then.  (I mean, it could have been ANY OTHER BIG NUMBER drop that day.....and it wouldn't have meant a THING to any of us!! Let alone, to be 777........and then the .68   HEY, if the 777 was important, then so was the .68! yes? ) 
2) IF I really have been given the FORMULA by God, to decipher the DOW drop of 777.68 points on Rosh Hashanah, 2008.  (I had struggled with what those numbers could have meant for MONTHS after it happened!) 
THIS Rosh Hashanah?
SEPT 16, 2012.......possibly at sunset in Jerusalem???
Let us hope.....and let us pray for the Peace of Jerusalem at this time..