Rapture clues that point to Nov 8, 2006
John Tng

Dear Doves,
This series was borne out of the conviction that the rapture might happen on Nov 8, 2006. The date has since past with no rapture but not without significance as noted by a number of doves & Marilyn Agee (see links 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). There is a good possibility that the rapture may still happen this year 40 days after Nov 8, 2006, on the second day of Hanukkah, Dec 17, 2006 (link 5) or even before the year is over. Let us hope for the best. To this end, I have started another series, RAPTURETTE 2.0, to explore the many clues that point to 2006.

M A R A N A T H A !
John Tng
Dec 9, 2006

Dear Doves,

I was supposed to compose an article on the Superstring and the rapture in Part 3 of the Rapture 2006 series. The article was a long time coming because I was inundated with a flood of new information thanks to Ian Mallett. Ian has a knack for sniffing out God's wonderful numbers in His creation and His Word. In view of the lateness of the hour, I have decided to write little chunks of rapture code in a brand new series called RAPTURETTE, a not so subtle attempt at copying Ian's NUMBERBITE. :)

Before we begin, a caveat is in order. I am not stating beyond the shadow of a doubt that the rapture will happen on the said date. If I am proven wrong again this time, I will still return to the drawing board and relook at the data because one day a perfect fit will present itself to those who seek. If the rapture happens on the speculated date, it is hoped that many will pay attention and not fall into the coming great deception.

For background information, read Part 1 & Part 2.

M A R A N A T H A !
John Tng
Oct 17, 2006

RAPTURETTE #0002 2006-10-18

The H-M Angle

What is the secret hidden at 20:06 (year 2006) hours on the face of a clock? The answer lies in the angle between the hour and minute hands given by this formula: 30H - 5.5M, which is valid from 00:00 to 12:00 hours for a 360-degree cycle. We will thus apply the formula to the corresponding time of 20:06, at 08:06 hours in the morning. The H-M angles for the time at 08:06 & 20:06 hours are exactly the same.

The angle of the hour & minute hands at 20:06 (08:06) = 8x30 - 6x5.5 = 207 deg; this is the larger angle between the hour & minute hands. Amazingly the smaller angle is 360 - 207 = 153 deg! This was first brought to my attention by Ian Mallett who went on to discover a clock matrix so ingenious as to defy logic! (More of that in another rapturette.)

In a day of 1440 minutes, only the above four time instances are found with an angle of 153 deg between the hour & minute hands. Why is this important? Observe first the crucial role played by the angel number 234, without which we would never have discovered these four time instances.

234 the Angel Number
No of Minutes
H-M Angle
0000 (midnight) + 234 minutes
720 (noontime) + 234 minutes
720 (noontime) - 234 minutes
1440 (midnight) - 234 minutes

There are MANY reasons why the number 153 is an extremely important number in Bible numerics. I shall only mention one. 153 is the famous FISH number recorded in John 21 -- the 1018th chapter counting from the first chapter of the Bible, and the 172nd chapter counting from the last chapter of the Bible. Is this not a huge clue pointing to the rapture date Nov 8 (11-8) and its Hebrew equivalent 17 Heshvan (17-2)?

In verse 22 of John 21, Jesus told Peter concerning John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, , "If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? follow thou me." By asking John to WAIT TILL HE COMES, the Lord is hinting at the rapture. Indeed, John played out the rapture when he saw Jesus on Patmos Island.

Intriguingly John the Revelator testifies in John 21:24, "This is the disciple which testifieth of these things, and wrote these things: and we know that his testimony is true." In this scripture, John 21:24, is John hinting again at the rapture date, 2124 (2006 + 118), in the same chapter that records the FISH number, 153, which points to both the Gregorian date Nov 8 (11-8) and the Hebrew date 17 Heshvan (17-2)?

The connection between 153 & 118 (Nov 8) is not without basis. Strip away the colons in the time figures in the table above and sum up the four numbers:

354 + 2006 = 1180 + 1180
1554 + 806 = 1180 + 1180 !!!

Besides the FISH number 153, John also left us another famous (or infamous?) number 666. Are you surprised to learn that Revelation chapter 13, where 666 is recorded, is the 1180th chapter counting from the first chapter of the Bible, and the (1+7+2)th chapter counting from the last chapter of the Bible? Its parallel & symmetry with John 21, the 1018th chapter counting from the first chapter of the Bible, and the 172nd chapter counting from the last chapter of the Bible, is unmistakable. Both numbers, 153 & 666, point to the rapture date with a double witness using two calendar systems.

Many Bible numericists have found mathematical properties unique to this pair of Johannine numbers. Ian noted:

1. They are both triangular.
2. They are both equal to their highest prime factor x digit sum.
3. They are both reflective triangular numbers 153 - 351 and 666 - 666.
4. They are both triangular at each digit progression 1, 15, 153 and 6, 66, 666 and 666 is the last triangle to have this property.
5. They both have reduced digit sums equal to 9.

Both the angel number 234 and the FISH number 153 clearly point to the rapture date 11-8-2006 at time 20:06 hours.

H-M Angle
03:54 [0000 (midnight) + 234 minutes]
153 [John 21=1018th chapter]
15:54 [720 (noontime) + 234 minutes]
153 [John 21=1018th chapter]
08:06 [720 (noontime) - 234 minutes]
153 [John 21=1018th chapter]
20:06 [1440 (midnight) - 234 minutes]
153 [John 21=1018th chapter]
Sum of TIME = 1180 + 1180 + 1180 + 1180
1018th +1018th + 1018th + 1018th

The equation below sums up the relationship between the angel number 234 and the pair of Johannine numbers, 153 & 666:

234 / 666 = 0.351351351351351 .....