Frank R Molver (9 Sep 2011)
"MLKing statue, Video game attackers, demonic possession"
I have nothing against ML King and what he tried to do.
This is about a  vision I had that included a statue of ML King being presented coinciding with a warning on mass demonic possession of video gamers.
The link above describes the current trend of video gamers attacking people of Christian persuasion.
This dream happened several years ago during a time I had dealing with obsessive video game addiction by my kids.
Basically this is what I saw.
A statue of ML King be presented, and the impression that he has become an "idol to worship".
Then I saw a large room of extremely focused video gamers.
In the room were large warrior type figures coaching them on in a military like fashion.
Suddenly a large flash of light came through each persons screen and they were  possessed by demonic spirits as if initiated soldiers.
I was noticed observing them and quickly exited but was followed, end of vision.
Shortly after this vision an older son spoke  to me on how addictive these games were...
We had quite a battle over this, I knew God warned me about it because of the dream but it was extremely difficult to stop.
Finally I sent the kids away and destroyed the games.
I became violently  ill for 2 weeks during this time and thought it would be a good time to die.
Friends prayed for me over the phone and I eventually got better.
So I am acutely aware of how demonic this stuff can be.
The above link serves as a warning to us, it is serious and not just a fun poking game.
You can become possesed through drugs, practicing witchcraft and various other methods.
Many of these games are created by people who do not like God, some of them are actually Warlocks.
This is a horrible situation that many Christians are oblivious too.
This serves as a warning
Do not take it lightly.