Patty Hayes (8 Sep 2011)
"Tea Party Zombies must die video game more than Rhetoric"

Tea Party Zombies must die video game: shoot & kill Glenn Beck, other conservatives
There doesn't seem to be much of an outcry when violent rhetoric from the left happens.  This new video game in which the object is to shoot/machete and kill Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and others such as Britte Hume, Gretchen Carlson Michelle Bachmann, Newt Gingrich and many more.   Fox News and Glenn Beck
have shown a small portion of this video game that should make you so very ill.  The creators of the "game"
are nothing short of dangerous insanity to think this is funny or fun.
Folks I am beginning to sense this so-called political "rhetoric" is more than name calling, as these folks appear to want more than name calling.  I feel our world becoming more violent and for us who name the name of Christ to really be praying and writing to our leaders to stop this kind of verbage and games that are violent like this.  I refuse to even allow the game to be seen on such a sight as five doves due to the content of it.
The tide of culture has now truly change and I do not recognize what I hear.  AND..... to think no TV station, including Fox News tonight aired the GOP debate.  There is very little to none airwaves who support the viewing of the GOP debates so I am concluding we  are now under censorship.  I long for our Lord's return.  But until then, let us share the Gospel of Christ to all who will listen.
Patty Hayes