David (3 Sep 2011)
"Anonymous May 20"

John and Doves
What a day to be living for Him.  I was watching fox news when I heard breaking news alert.  at first I thought what now?  Then I heard Levees in new orleans get failing grade (Aug 1).  Aug 2 breaking news again Tropical depression 13 becomes Tropical Storm Lee.  Just at that very minute the previous thought and the current thought come rushing to my mind There is something about that.  Bingo Five doves somebody had a dream mentioning this very thing.  So Anonymous I wonder what the family situation is at this time could it be Levees break and This weekend one of the most traffic prone weekends in Atlanta.  We have Braves game GT game and Race weekend.  It's supposed to cool a little bit.
      The other thing is it a dream that has something happen then time between.  Could New orleans get hit this weekend and the city get hit next (SEPT 11!!).  Just a thought Time will definetly tell.  also we are apart of NATO along with Turkey and what just happen diplomatic ties strained at worst expulsion of Israei ambassador.  and what does the White house say.
God Bless
I John1:1-8
Bro David