Anonymous (20 May 2011)
"TIME SENSITIVE! My child's prophetic dream-all the details are falling perfectly into place."

  •  John, I am sending a now time sensitive dream that was relayed to me by my 12 year old back in February, but all of a sudden all the puzzle pieces are falling perfectly into place and if it is indeed from the L-rd , it is a warning that needs to be sounded! Due to the personal information it contains, I have changed up the names to maintain confidentiality of our family. Please post this under an anonymous name as well for this purpose.

    To make a long story as short as possible here goes:

    Mace's (my middle daughter) wedding is in a couple of days.

    Back in February,exactly at the time that Egypt was erupting into chaos, my youngest, Taby Jayne (age 12, homeschooled) related a dream she had.

    Taby Jayne has never really remembered any common, nonsensical type dreams to relate, much less a detailed one that she still remembers and that definitely seems prophetic.

    The family information is very important as you will see- so I will try to introduce them to where this will make more sense.

    At that time, my mother-in-law, Gege, was visiting from New Orleans as her poodle was going back and forth to Birmingham for cataract surgery.

    Gege ended up staying for a month or more with us. She has only visited us in Montgomery about 3 times total since we have lived here the past 11 years.

    My Mom and Dad (Noni and Papaw) live in Montgomery but co-own a condo at Orange Beach and love to go often.

    He just got back last week from a two week stay because the other owners gave him their time as they weren't going.

    This Saturday, Mace is marrying Chaz Manson, whose parents live in Birmingham and the rehearsal dinner and the bridesmaids and a lot of activities will be at the Manson's home in Birmingham.activities.

    My daughter Chloe, married Brian in December and they now live in Atlanta. Chloe often mentions about how bad the traffic is there.

    In Montgomery, we have two air bases and one of them, Gunter is actually a "war college".

    Now for the dream from February 2011:

    Taby Jayne dreamed she saw the Mansons' home in Birmingham and then it shifted to our home in Montgomery.

    She said then that my husband, Rod was speaking to his mother on the phone (Gege) and that she was upset, saying in her New Orleans's accent: "Oh no, we were just with y'all" and all of a sudden she said "The levy just broke, the water's coming at us" and then the line went dead.

    Bear in mind that Taby Jayne DID NOT even know what a levy was until we explained it to her after she relayed her dream. That, to me, is pretty major.

    She said that we started our preparations that we have in place to secure our home in case of whatever bad may be coming (plywooding windows etc). She said we were pretty much panicking.

    She said that Chaz and Mace were the first to arrive and then my sister, Sheryl who lives in Montgomery was next to arrive.

    All of our family members know to come here if things go sour, as we have prepared for them as best we can.

    Taby Jayne said that Chloe and Brian almost didn't make it out of Atlanta, but they finally did because we were looking for them so we could close and secure the 6 ft wooden gate for the back yard.

    She said that Noni and Papaw weren't here for some reason.Noni and Papaw have actively been helping with preparations at our home and it was odd that she did not see them here.

    Also, she said she saw a glimpse of a big city that she thought had been nuked because of the fires and destruction that she saw.

    She said she heard a newscast saying something to the effect "America is being split in two" and then a date flashed that had a 2 a 4 or a 7 or a combination of these numbers as they are her favorite numbers. Therefore, this really stuck in her mind.

    This next week's dates would apply as far as these numbers she saw/heard.

    She says she heard "Gunter" and then saw it and the surrounding neighborhood as if it had been hit by explosions.

    She noted that the weather was not hot and did not think it could be summer.

    At the time of the dream in February, it was cool and Gege was here so we were wondering if when she left to go back to New Orleans it might come true.

    The part of Birmingham did not make any sense about the dream.... until now!

    Note that my husband and I have not been to Birmingham in years and Tabitha last went with Mace and Chaz in the past year.

    This weekend we will be going to Birmingham for the wedding so that now seems to be the reason why Birmingham/the Manson's was in her dream.

    Gege is coming up for the wedding and going straight back to New Orleans even though we implored that she stay and visit.

    The swollen Mississippi River could burst levies by the sheer water pressure even if it does not topple them.

    From what I last heard, next week is when New Orleans will crest and Gege will have "just left" from seeing us, as in Tabitha's dream.

    The weather is unseasonably cool right now, feeling more fall than spring going into summer. So, that part fits too.

    Taby Jayne said in her dream that Chaz and Mace were given the same bedroom to stay in when they arrived at our home, so she surmised that they must have been married.

    After this weekend, they will be.

    Even though my Dad just got back last week from a 2 week beach stint, I just found out from my mother yesterday, that they are going back on Monday.

    They will be gone for a week. This would explain why "Noni" and "Papaw" did not come to our house as planned.

    Chaz and Mace return from their Mexico honeymoon on the 26th right around the time of the Mississippi may really causing problems and possible levy erosion in New Orleans. (Remember they were the first ones to arrive at our house).

    Brian and Chloe almost not making it would be due to the horrific Atlanta traffic that would really be bad under catastrophic conditions as people would be trying to evacuate the big city.

    Add to all this that this Friday that Netanyahu is coming to Washington and that Obama is planning on telling him to divide Jerusalem and go back to the pre 1967 borders.

    From my understanding, within 24-48 hours, every time America has gone against Israel there has been a natural disaster to America.

    With the excess water putting pressure on a already stressed New Madrid it could cause it to rupture and America would be divided almost in two, just as Obama is trying to do to Israel.

    America is NOT in Bible prophecy so who knows what the future holds.

    As I said, Taby Jayne has NEVER had a prophetic dream or any semblance of one except this one which she still clearly remembers.

    As you see, the family info regarding the dream is fitting perfectly even to the point of the unseasonably cool weather for the end of May.

    The large city that she thought had been nuked could have been due to the New Madrid.

    As far as Gunter, our enemies might be ready to attack us when we're down and Gunter being a war college would be a prime target.

    Please prayerfully consider this and be physically and spiritually prepared just in case this was a warning from G-d.

    Sorry to be so lengthy with so much personal info but it all is just fitting so perfectly just like puzzle pieces.

    Grace and peace in Messiah Yeshua!