1 Cor 10:31 (8 Sep 2011)
"re:  Randy (and LISA'S) letters!!"

AWESOME, you two!!!!!   I just got around to reading Randy's letter (one day late) ~ after it was posted..... as I was just "not in the mood" to read doves or ANY prophecy site yesterday.....
Randy, how very much I enjoy your letters!!
And before I could even respond, Lisa you took the "words right out of my mouth"!!!!!!   http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/sep2011/lisa97-1.htm
Look, I don't know whether the rapture will happen "this month" or not......   (no one knows, and if you claim to -- are you going to "apologize" when it does not happen on your time schedule?)
But I do know that I am tired of building up hopes -- mine & everyone else's ~ only to be let down time after time.
OF COURSE JESUS IS COMING!!!!  I'm not denying that fact -- and how VERY CLOSE we are to the rapture!!
But all this crowd gathering of focusing in on specific dates is for the birds  (no "pun" intended, since this is the "Doves" site)  hahah.....
I know I started feeling in my spirit ~ ALREADY ~ even before I read Randy's post..... how I just cannot see the rapture happening right when everyone is *expecting* it to!
So instead of feeling like Charlie Brown/Linus/Lucy & the gang ~ always, always, always waiting for the great pumplin to arrive (no that is not meant to be blasphemous in any way!! ~ I am not comparing the Lord to that!!   Merely pointing out about the "watch a specific date" game....)  so when dates come & go, and come and go.... to keep FROM being let down again, I am just continuing on with my life "as normal" ~ which I think is what we are expected to do ANYWAY!!!!
Susan B:  feel free to chime in here... you've made good points before as to why you think the rapture will not happen on a Jewish feast day!!   Oh, I remember!!   Partly b/c it says that 2 men will be out working in a field -- one taken, one left behind -- and by Jewish tradition, they cannot be "working" if it's one of their holidays!!
At any rate, thanks Randy ~ and Lisa for echoing what I've already been feeling!!
The Lord is coming ~ and soon!!   But if He would have wanted us to have known the specific day, He would have told us.