Lisa (7 Sep 2011)
"To Randy:   picking rapture dates"

HI Randy
You are NOT the only one that feels that way.  I agree with you 100%.  I am already finding myself thinking "what if everyone is wrong and the rapture does not happen in Sept".  I will be feeling so down hearted!!  So I have started to gaurd my heart.  I personally do not feel it will happen this month because "SO MANY" people are expecting it.  I believe it will come at a time when it will be LEAST expected.  At a time when it makes NO SENSE to those trying to figure it out.  I am so glad that you posted your thoughts.  Now I know I am not the only one feeling that way.
I have decided to keep watching and waiting trying to live a Holy life, but trying to keep my mind also on this life that the Lord has given me.  We can't give up on this life even if we don't have the desire to be here anymore.  I find myself fighting the urge to give up but I don't think that is what the Lord wants us to do.  He wants us to occupy until he comes.
It will certainly be a big let down if Sept. comes and we are still here.  Just think of the people who followed Camping.  They quit their jobs, took their money out of their 401k's, sold their homes.  How devasting it must be for them.  I believe like you do, we have to gaurd ourselves against that kind of thing so we DON'T LOOSE HOPE!!!!
In Christ