Frank Molver (23 Nov 2014)
"Joe re understating Catholic influence?"

Well, several things you wrote about the lack of power re the Catholic Church in the US are true

That may be true on the surface
But many of us here suspect, and for good reason, that the Catholic Church will hold the office of the false prophet, the last Pope

So who really runs the show behind the scenes?
I suspect if you dig deep enough you will find many connections to the Catholic Church
I believe you will find infiltration of the Catholic power structure by the Masons
Then we have that strange large telescope called Lucifer on that mountain in Arizona
These are just a few examples

I really don't think those who are actually  in power behind the scenes in the Catholic church really care about abortion and homosexuality, etc
I think it is power they desire
I do not believe the masses of honest church goers have a clue as to what is going on with the power brokers of the Catholic Church

But to pin this all on the Catholic Church would be wrong
I don't think there is a denomination that is without some sort of compromise