Jovial (9 Nov 2014)
"If The Vatican Were In Charge"

Last week it was alleged that the Vatican is secretely in charge of the USA.  What would America look like if hte Vatican were secretly in charge?

First off, abortion would be illegal.  That of course, would be a good thing.  Contraception would also be illegal; not such a good thing.

Obamacare forced the Catholic Church to purchase insurance that pays for contraceptives, something the Catholic Church took the USA Government to court for.  If the Vatican were secretly in charge, that would not have happened.

In July, 2014, FEMA held back funds to Catholic organizations affliected in a natural disaster.  That is something else that would not have happened if the Vatican were secretly in charge.

During the government shutdown of Oct 5-12, the Obama administration prevented Catholic priests from saying mass for members of the armed service. Again, another incident that would not have happened if the Vatican were secretly in charge.

In July, 2010, NASA Chief Charles Bolden said NASA had been given a mission by the White House to make NASA an outreach to the Muslim World.  WOW!  Its just amazing how much influence the Vatican has, huh?

In June 12, 2014, The Philadelphia Inquirer refused to run an ad from the Catholic League criticising a recent court decision.   WOW!  I guess the Vatican controls the press too!

It should be quite obvious that the Vatican is not in charge of what happens in Washington.  We have a Muslim sympathizer in office, possible a closet Muslim, who seems to enjoy antagonizing the Vatican.  It would really seem as though Islam has had more influence on our Government recently that Catholicism.  So if someone tells you all kinds of crazy theories about how the Vatican is secretly in charge, just recognize that such an idea flies in the face of reality.