JMS (8 Nov 2011)
"God's Children of the Light!"

We live in a very special time, and we can wait the intervention in our life, of our Great God any time now

so let not our eyes only focus on or fear the bad thing's happen, - but look up, and look for Jesus to come and

take us away from this darkness to the light of His.

On the first day in creation God said: let there be light - and on day six, God created Adam. - Genesis chpt 1.

on the first day in the week Jesus was resurrected from death, to a new life, to a new Man, - of light and spirit.

it's what the Almighty want to change us to, change us to the image of Jesus, so Jesus Christ can be the first

born new creation, new Man of God, our Familyhead, - as mention in f.ex. Romans 8:15-39.v.

Peace and love from God be with all of you, in the love from Jesus our Lord. - ><> * J.M.S.