Jan Mikael (27 Nov 2010)
"to God's Children of the Ligth !"

Dk 27.11.2o1o, - Doves !
Here in this time of confussion, destruction, war, violence and evil, - lets never forget we have a wonderful loving God, who daily is taking care of us, so we can feel the wonderful love of His, even in the time of disappointment and darkness.
Its not easy always to be on the top, worst of all if accidents, illness and sickness  follow you, believe me I know that from my own life. - But Im not a poor one, and its not worse for me than for other, christians or not. - In fact God have given me the best gift of all, faith in Him and His love, - All Praise, Worship and Glory for ever, to our Great Creator, God and Father in Jesus Christ.
When we look at those three wonderful hearts, so closely knittet into one, its like we can feel love vibrate among them and out to us. - Im sure God deeply love His creation, this is the risen why He havent stopped this apostasy, our evil pride and arrogance until now.
But when we hear about what the scientists will do for money and prestige, on every part of life, and remember what they try to do with humans gène and DNA, playing creators, doing what they want with the creation of God, - then we may
understand, this is - TOTALY ENDTIME - who have started, and our Creator soon will intervene, and change the Earth for ever !
In the Holy Scripture, the Lord have told about that New Creation in Jesus Christ, He want to change us all to, when He destroy the rebellion from satan and eve. - Already in the creation of Heaven and Earth, in Genesis 1:3-5.v when God created the Ligth, He saw it was good, - and seperated it from the dark.
Later on the third day, the Creator divided the Ligth from the dark, - and He Created the Sun and the Moon - the Sun were a Ligth in itself, but the Moon hang in darkness, if not the Sun shine on it, - and give it ligth.
Jesus Christ the Living Son of the only true God, - was born as the Ligth, He came to take all of us who want it, out of darkness, into Gods Kingdom of Ligth. If we just would believe, repent our going wrong or sinning against the word of Good, and follow Jesus in obey. Jesus Christ alone is the True, our Way to real Life !
On the new Earth, we all will be a totaly New Creation in Jesus Christ, with Him as our FamilyHead. - Paul have told of it a lot of places, and especially in Romans 8th. John mention it in John 1:9-13.v. - and the Revelation reveal for us, that when it all is over, we will live in the Ligth from our Gread God and Jesus Christ.

Our future are in the Holy Ligth from God. - Praise the Lord !
Holy Spirit open the scripture more and more for us, so we can understand what's importent and what's not.
Clean and prepare us in the blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, and make us worthy to go home with Jesus, when he come in the clouds.  
have a blessed weekend: - Maranatha, ybic, Jan Mikael,
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