JMS (14 Nov 2011)
"My Candlestick Experience from 21.12.2o1o."

Dk. 14.11.2o11 - to the readers of Five Doves

Friends in Jesus Christ, as a lot of you, I have been a litle disappointed, so I asked the Lord: why is it like nothing happen ??? - we can see all the sign,
but what about us, what is the plan of your's for us ???

I then feeled the Lord said to me: Jan, perhaps it not happen the way you thought it, - believe in Me, it will happen all I have promissed, and it will be
in a hast, - when you see it happen, you will understand that I fulfilled it all. - remember the way they thought I would be born, - and then think of the
way it all happen, and who there found Me - then you will understand. (remember: I will be found of those who look and wait for Me !)

and then I also was reminded of this sign.

earthquake in Conception Chile 27.o2.2o1o,
accident in sct. Jose-mine Chile 5.o8.2o1o,
earthquake in Christchurch on N.Z. 4.o9.2o1o,
second earthquake in Conception 11.o2.2o11,
second earthquake in ChristChurch N.Z. 22.o2.2o11

death of J.R.Church 22.o3.2o11. and - death of David Wilkerson in Texas 27.o4.2o11.

Conception means - New Beginning, Chile ancient meaning - Lands End. - Christchurch = Christ Church, - sct.Jose cupper/goldmine means sct. Joseph mine, they
were all released on 13. of oct. 2o1o, - like taken from the womb of earth to the light, - like Joseph was taken out of Faraos prison, up to the Light !

latest we have the release of Gilad Shalit from prison in Gaza, he was given over to Egypt authorities, so Israel in fact took (called) her son home from

So let's look at, listen to, and follow Jesus Christ in prayer and obey, that's what the Almighty told us to do on the Mountan where Jesus was revealed in Light.

- So dont frighten, the Lord know exactly how to take care of those who belong to Him.

have a blessed and peaceful time, in the love from Jesus Christ our Great Lord, - j.m.s. - ><> *

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