Jan Mikael (30 Dec 2010)
"My Candlestick Experience from 21.12.2o1o."

Dk, 29.12.2o1o, - friends in Jesus Christ !

My Candlestick Experience was given to me on Thursday 21.11.2010. - Believe or not, it's up to you, - but read the scriptures, remember the Creations Cry out to the Almeighty God, for intervention, mention in Romans 8:19-23.v.
The Holy Spirit gave me a Wonderful Vision, when I found my Candlestick (it's created like a Heart) in the Closet, put it on my table, and switch on the Light.
I looked at the light who shined and vibrated so beautiful, like it try to tell me something.
So I asked the Holy Spirit: I feel you will tell me something, what is it ??? - He then gave me this explanation on what i could see. - Praise the Lord !
It signify: Taken up in a *Flash of Light* - Changed into Light, and send back for a 'Short While' - as *God's Children of Light* - to fulfil the will of the Almeighty God in this Time.
( my comments: remember 1.Cor.15:47-49.v. - maybe it's on the same way, as Paul's own experience, told in 2. Cor.12:2-4.v.)
Look at the Heart, It's like two arms reach out from the Star, in the midle of the Heart.
Jesus the Morning Star, reach out, to take the star in the bottom (you and I) direct up, and 'Change' us, in a *Twinkle of an Eye* that we may become ONE with/in HIM, in Jesus our Lord and King.
If you don't understand me, then reach both you hands out, grab around some thing, and take it up, - you see, if you use both hands, you take it direkt up to your heart, - as the Lord told me, and symbolized with the heart under here !

                                                   ..         ..
                                             *     .       ..      *
                                            ..           *          ..
                                            *                      *
                                               ..                  ..
                                                *              *
                                                    ..        ..

Read the word in 2. Peter. 1:19.v.
 * And we have the Word of the Prophet's made more certain, and you will do well, to
    pay attention to it,

    as to a Light Shining in a Dark place, until the Day Dawns, and the Morning Star rises
    in your heart. *
You can read about the Strong Hands of our Great God, f.ex. in Deuteronomy 33:3.v. -  
Habakuk 3:4.v. - John 10:27-30.v. - Romans 10:19-21.v. and in - 1. Peter 5:6.v. and
the way our Great God work, in Isaiah 55: 6-11.v. especially verse 11.
I feel the time is here, - (no date-setting) only God knows when. - But it's time for us to be prepared, time to give over our life to the Holy Spirit, Who is the Divine Authority on Earth in our time, - we have to follow His advice in everything, that He can finish us, to meet Lord Jesus, when He arrive in the *Clouds of Heaven*
Have a blessed week, in the Love from our Lord Jesus Christ,
Maranatha, ybic, Jan Mikael - jami@paradis.dk, - ><> *

PS: feel free to share with family and friend's,
remember Book of Malachi chpt. 3:16-18.v. !