Jan (24 Nov 2011)
"For Mary Anna, and all Doves, re: prohibition of Bible reading"


Mary Ann,
I know exactly how you feel--it breaks your heart ...

About 20 years ago I was employed by a large hospice as primary hospice nurse.  I made visits in the home, usually 2-3 X/week..and it "just so happened" (we know it was a God-instance :) ) that all of the cients I was given were believers, and when I'd taken their vital signs, checked their meds, etc, I asked if any would like to pray. ALL did.
It was the most beautiul part of  my job!

Well, I was "called on the carpet" about offering to pray with the clients and families. I was told other nurses were uncomfortable praying, so faith should not be discussed.
My director reminded me that they employed a chaplain to meet spiritual needs (who met with them once a month :( )

She used her hands to make her point--
She placed her hands on the desk at the (L) side, and stated "Now, here is our chaplain" and then moved her hands completely across the desk, stating "Here is the nurse--the chaplain is hired for spiritual care, while you were not  He is here--you are there!"

I felt as if my wings were clipped....all of the joy I'd had with my patients and families was gone, and I resigned a month or so later.......

It hurts, I know----- I'll pray for you!  Jan in AZ