Mary Anna (23 Nov 2011)
"Is  this happening in all hospitals?"

   "Do not talk about the Bible or anything religious!"   Today in the hospital where I volunteer, a patient brought up to me an open Bible to read a verse from Mark and I did.  It was where Jesus was talking and just then we had an interruption by a visitor.  Afterwards, I was handed a note by a hospital official, "Please don't talk religion  with patients.  Not our duty... :-) Thanks."   Hmmmm!   I knew all the religious type pictures had been removed from the walls but this kinda caught me off guard.  After all it was a patient asking me....I didn't initiate the conversation.  Since I know this official, I later questioned their response to a patient when a religious question came up by them.  Explain it's not allowed in the hospital.  Not long ago, this would have never happened!

Signs of the times? 

Even so Lord Jesus, Please, Please Come!
Mary Anna