Suzi (7 May 2011)
"To Joe re: OBL"

Exactly Joe!

This is another reason why I don't believe he was killed in that raid. He's either been captured (long ago), died naturally (he wasn't well, as was documented years back), or they did capture him and this is just a way for Obama to have his cake and eat it too. He can get the intel, plus look like a hero for his bid for 2012, AND with the timing the way it was, partake in the Dark Arts and have those (bussed in for the occasion) revelers help with that 'ceremonial requirement'. *shudder*

My husband was struck by the timing of the 'kill' and the next day when BHO was handing out medal/awards to Korean War Vets...almost like a choreographed dance, huh? He goes on tv and shows us a phoney/altered/not supposed to even exist piece of paper to put to rest his 'eligibility', snipes that he has 'more important things to do'..and goes off join Oprah on her idiotic show! THEN, has this sham of a 'raid', and the big show of 'lookie what I've done that no other prez has' by handing out awards to 'forgotten heroes'. It's all a big puppet theater. What's worse is, people believe it.