Joe Callaway (6 May 2011)
"Osama Bin Laden"

I am sure what I am about to say has been mentioned already concerning the May 1st date, it's link to Beltane and Wickerman, however, there is something I haven't seen discussed by many people. Let's say for a moment that the story is true, Osama is dead. How smart was it to kill one of the primary leaders of terrorism? Without gleaning any intel on their operations, and leaving us to wonder what kind of counter attack Al Queda has planned. Such a move is very foolish, killing a treasure trove of intel for a petty act of revenge. His capture should never have been publically announced, and we should've interrogated him. Nobody would've complained much at the waterboarding of Osama, and gaining valuable intel. In fact we could have used his capture to eliminate many of his operatives and terror cells. This to me was just a giant global celebration of the sacrifice of wickerman in honor of Enlil the Sumerian god, aka as Baal. The gullible masses partook in a giant occult ritual. There is obviously alot more going on here than meets the eye. However you want to look at it, killing Osama was not a smart thing to do, not until after we had extracted all the valuable intel we could from him.