Suzi (20 May 2011)
"To Adelissa"

I am so sorry you went through that! It seems to me you have a medical malpractice suit if you wanted to pursue it!!

Planned Parenthood started with one thing as it's objective, the eugenics program of Margaret Sanger. She and Hitler had much in common...only her goal is still being met and grows with each new 'liberal' who falls for the false face of this death machine. It is nothing more than modern day child sacrifice.

I know what you mean about the way they just assume and  encourage sexual promiscuity. They honestly cannot fathom a person remaining pure, for any reason! My daughter had to go on HRT for fibrocystic breast disease, and like you, she was questioned and made fun of. Our own doc wasn't so bad, but I could still see that they didn't fully believe she was a virgin, but they did know she needed to have some relief from her symptoms. It was hard at church, she was using 'the patch', and more than once someone noticed it when she leaned forward and it peeked out from under her jeans or shirt...she got the 'I thought you were a virgin, why are you birth control?'. It became too embarrassing, and she didn't want to use it. We tried the low dose pill, but she'd forget and her symptoms were too much for them. She ended up having 3 reconstructive surgeries on her breasts to remove the cystic tissue and get implants (somehow she had more fun with them...everyone thought she'd been taking the pill, so she just sort of went with the jokes about a 'boob job'). I think it finally got through the thick skulls of most of the kids when she had 3 surgeries between the ages of 17 and 19!

Another issue of PP not caring about the health of women/girls is Gardisil. Our doc tried to convince me to have the girls vaccinated. I told him they didn't need it, as neither was sexually active, and when they were ready to get married, they'd either marry a guy who kept the same level of purity, of, if he was a 'born again virgin', they could have him tested prior to consummation. He looked at us like we were from another planet! First he kept saying, 'just in case'...and 'you never know'...I finally said "NO"...I told him even if they WERE in need of it, it was too new and untested, I didn't trust it. Now, we're hearing of so many young girls dying from it or having severe neurological problems because of it! PP is all about death and money. Period!

Prayers for a full recovery, and I do hope you think about seeing a lawyer, they honestly nearly killed you!