Adelissa (18 May 2011)
"re suzi, Jan, Kim Abortion"

First of all, that is wonderful God gave you that tool, Jan! I have heard so many times someone is pro choice or is ready to have an abortion, but when they are confronted with looking at that life, they can't go through with it.
I am so glad someone chose life for your little one, Kim!
Suzi, your post really hit home about the cancer connection. Several years ago, I was going to planned parenthood for birth control to regulate my periods as I was uninsured and they were free there. I was made fun of and basically called a liar when I said I was a virgin (28-29 year old virgins didn't exist in their world)
I had been having a lot of bleeding (sorry if tmi) and the birth control wasn't working anymore so they put me on a stronger one, without doing any testing on me at all. I wound up in the E.R. in severe pain and had a tumor on my ovary the size of a basketball. I was told the hormones in the birth control had been feeding it and I was eventually diagnosed with stage 2 ovarian cancer and stage 1a endometrial cancer, had surgery and 6 rounds of chemo, was ok but around Christmas of 2010, they found cancer cells in a lymph node so I am finishing up radiation for that right now. Far as I know I am ok. Long story short, P.P. has no interest in fighting cancer, or at least not as much interest as they do in preventing/ending pregnancies. An abortion is something done in secret, behind closed doors, but children living in poverty are seen regularly on TV infomercials, so I guess in some respect it is like if I don't see it it doesn't exist, but who knows how much those unborn babies suffer? I am thankful other Christians grieve over this issue as well!