Henoch (6 May 2011)
"RE: Michele Kennedy - Prophecy SPEAKS TODAY & Henoch"




Michele wrote (4th of may):

We all need each other as this is the Lord’s doing,  He uses each of us, individually, spiritually, and He has done this with the prophecy of Henoch. How many others are out there who can share what the Lord has given them about this very word?! 

Henoch and I do not know each other, I have never met him, or heard or seen anything he has ever done. My post for today on this revelation of the Lord is now confirmed again through Henoch’s blog about David Wilkerson’s prophecy.

The Lord has a Word of prophecy for the USA: 

Listen here:


Henoch’s blogspot.  Once again thank you Henoch, the Lord is warning, warning , warning even now.”


Dear Sis in Christ, Michele.

I was very happy and somewhat surprised to read your posting. Sometimes doubt of the enemy starts to drip in saying: did the Lord really say…? I am not a great ‘prophet’ or something like that, rather a little one of Jesus Christ whereof the scripture says: “The weak things, small things, things that people despise, God chose”. (1 Corinth. 1:24-31)


I am born with a very bad genetical spinal-muscle disseas (sma) and disabled from birth. I’ve always been in a wheelchair, and have multiple problems through my handicap (therefor I need all your prayers). I was raised Roman Catholic, In 1992 I was born-again, later baptised in water and in Spirit, and by the grace, purpose and Love of God through Jesus Christ I am 47 years of age (young) now!


What happened was, that I was at an Israël-believers meeting the evening of the 28th of april, the day the news came out that David Wilkerson died. The gast-speaker was, my Dutch friend and brother, Jan Willem van der Hoeven (who lives in Israël and has personal contact with PM Netanyahu) who spoke propheticaly about the Middle-East situation, America, Israël, the Arab revolts, Iran, etc. The Holy Spirit through Jan Willem’s preaching had stired me up that night to ask the Lord about the horrific supernatural tornadoes and why America was hit so terrible. So then the prophetic word from the Lord came to me. If you like to watch/listen to a word from J.W. van der Hoeven: http://eczp.blogspot.com/2011/02/jw-van-der-hoeven-regarding-situation.html


Some time ago I heard a prophetic word, that the Lord had no pleasure anymore in the ‘great’ evangelists (for also their lust and continuing asking for money) and that the anointing was taken away from them and was transfered to the little ones (sheeps) who don’t want a podium and work rather in secret and modestly with the gifts (anointing) of the spirit.


Thank you so much for your confirmation in the Lord and I pray you will be blessed and used by Him prophetical in these last days, until His coming on the clouds!