Michele Kennedy (4 May 2011)
"March 9, 2009 David Wilkerson's Prophecy SPEAKS TODAY!!!!  PSALM 11"

Greetings in the Name of the Lord,


My name is Michele Kennedy

I have a word from the Lord to share with you all here.


But first let me give you a little background.

Years ago, after I became a Christian, back in 1995 the Lord put me on a very fast track into the prophetic understanding of the Word of God.  I remember once attending a prophetic meeting in my town, and the prophetic speaker walked up to me and had a word for me.  She said, “The Lord is building you a necklace of pearls, He is stringing them one upon another upon your neck.”  I didn’t know what it meant at the time, but soon realized through studying Hebrew that the word for pearl represented drops of inspirational words, or prophecy.  It wasn’t time yet, and  I continued studying and being given dreams and spiritual insight.

God has now revealed the time for me to share  is now.  This is Him, His Timing and His words, which I sometimes do NOT understand, but as He gives I share, and then it is confirmed if it is truth. 

My Pastor,  Just this Sunday,  gave a great word and encouragement and also a confirmation preaching about the Spirit that moves in each of us but sometimes  not as we would expect.  That His word will at times conflict with yours, and we all have been given a piece of the puzzle.  No one has the market on it all.  We all need each other as this is the Lord’s doing,  He uses each of us, individually, spiritually, and He has done this with the prophecy of Henoch.    How many others are out there who can share what the Lord has given them about this very word?! 

Henoch and I do not know each other, I have never met him, or heard or seen anything he has ever done. My post for today on this revelation of the Lord is now confirmed again through Henoch’s blog  about David Wilkerson’s prophecy.  I knew that the Lord has took his earthly life to bring His word to the masses who did not hear or listen before.  David believed as I do, that America is present day Babylon of Jeremiah 50-51.


The Lord has given me a word:  it’s Strongs #5188.  Given to me on the morning of  4/29/11.  I have it marked as such in my Bile Concordance.  I told my husband the Lord is preparing me to  speak prophetically, I believe, now.  He didn’t refute me, but said,  “The Lord will give you what to say and when, Honey.”


I looked It up  the number  #5188  God had given me that morning.

It’s the word Netiyphah


“A Pendant for the ears (espec.  of pearls):  chain, collar”

I know this is of the Lord for he has been preparing me to be speak prophetically but have just been studying, praying for His leading.  I have been given many dreams  some about  America  and other dreams about myself  and Judgment on this nation.   This is not me, this is Him. 

I want NO glory, and please pray about this for yourself and your family.


The Lord has a Word of prophecy for the USA: 

Listen here:



Henoch’s blogspot.  Once again thank you Henoch, the Lord is warning, warning , warning even now.



This word is of the Lord!  The Tornado’s were only a part of this prophecy for our nation.  Now as I have spoken as well as Henoch and now David Wilkerson, which I have posted on the Doves about Psalm 11 being prophetic for this year, NOW we will see Snares, Fire and Brimstone as well upon the Wicked.  This is what the Lord has been showing me and I sense very strongly in my Spirit.



This song I posted on my facebook March 27th, 2011 and said,
 “Psalm 11 for  the year 2011.”


Warn others of this please please!  Especially those who live in cities.

God has spoken and confirmed this 3 times now. 


Thank you for hearing and Please share what the Lord is put on your heart or shown you in the word of God.


This is my post on Psalm 11 dated April 30, 2011 on the Doves: