Clay Cantrell (5 March 2017)
"1997 Mirror Numbers, Prophetic Numbers in the Digits of Pi, & the Mark of the Beast"

Interested Readers - 

In December of 1997, when this happened -

... one of the most puzzling things of all the puzzling things that the Lord showed me, was to split mirror numbers down the middle. When I saw a four digit mirror number (or symmetrical number) as with 3663, the Lord had me take a pencil and draw a line down between the four numbers bisecting them into two pairs of reflective numbers. I did this many times, sometimes going over the line a few times, ending up with this:  24 I 42

This happened many times and I never understood why in the world I was doing it, and I still don't, but having said that, an interesting development has taken place.

I don't remember the mirror numbers I worked with specifically except for one:


Now, go to this site:

This is a great site that lets you examine the long and mysterious digits of Pi. When I think of Pi, I think of 3.14159, but the digits after the decimal point go on forever (?) without seeming pattern or repeat, and this site lets you set up how many you'd like to view at a time, even up to a million or more. I've started to work with it, initially trying to see if the Lord put small strings of prophetic or known important numbers embedded in it and where they were.

I began to work with blocks of numbers and stumbled upon something of note quickly. 

On the web site I input that I wanted to view the first 2442 digits of Pi.

You can do this for yourself, so you don't have to take my word for it.

The last three digits of the first 2442 digits of Pi are ...


Further work showed that this is the first appearance of the number 666 in the Pi digits.

This shows that the 2442 and the 666 number are connected. I have no concrete idea how, but I offer the following:

Strong's greek 2442 appears only in 1 Thessalonians 2:8, meaning to "long for, and have great affection/desire for".

"So being affectionately desirous of you, we were willing to have imparted unto you, not the gospel of God only, but also our own souls, because ye were dear unto us."

The fact the the word only appears in First Thessalonians seems to indicate that it (2442) is a "last days" number. The Thessalonians had many things written to them about last days events and Paul even reminds them that he spoke with them personally about certain things.

Note this:

2442 = 1776 + 666 !

I think this indicates that the appearance of the Beast's number and the USA are tied to gather.

I've written about this before:

The restrainer is taken away and the AC is revealed. imho the USA is a "type" of the Restrainer and has some function in these last days events. The AC is Syrian, imho and not American, whoever he is.

Also note this -

2442 = 37 x 66

We already know that 37 is a Master Number used by God when He wrote His Book.

66 is a finality number, representing the full disclosure of the plan of God for humanity as represented by the complete and final Bible Canon made up of 66 books. In addition, the 66th book said Canon is the Book of the Revelation, the final testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ to the Seven Churches through the witness of John the Apostle, full of the great and terrible judgments, the great and wonderful descent of the New Jerusalem, and the great and magnificent return of the Lord Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lord! Amen!

Finally, the Lord supernaturally showed me the 2442 in December 1997. Somehow it connects to the famous Mark of the Beast number 666, and my spirit tells me we are coming full circle. It may have been the actually number that appeared in my calculator back then when the revelation dawned on me that it was a Strong's number.

Jesus is Lord.