Fay (21 March 2011)
"Date to Watch"

Hi John and Doves,
As pointed out in this post http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/march2011/louisar319.htm, Louis rightly pointed out that it was a year ago that Obama snubbed and humiliated Netanyahu at the White House. On 22nd March 2011, it will be exactly 365 days since that fateful snub. If our LORD saw fit to mete out retribution upon the Japanese because of their behaviour and attitude towards Israel, I shudder to think what punishment will befall America because of Obama. It's not only America - the UK has hers coming too. This latest Libya debacle has me scratching my head. Obama stating over and again - ad nauseum - that USA is NOT leading this attack on Libya. In spite of all evidence to the contrary. David Cameron stating over and again - ad nauseum - that this attack is "legal and right". Excuse me? What is the underlying message here and who is it directed towards? The UN has okayed this air strike so who is left to challenge the legality of it all? David Cameron is frightened of unnamed legal consequences. Something smells rotten - and it ain't dead fish. Colonel Ghaddiffi's (sp) son, was ranting about Sarkozy a few days ago, saying how the Libyan government had bankrolled Sarkozy's election and that they have all the receipts and paperwork to prove it. Understandably, the Ghaddiffi's want their money back!! There is some weird plan behind all this (besides the obvious -  oil) and it's not immediately apparent. There are numerous other countries where the political elite are killing their own people (Zimbabwe for one) and these "bleeding heart" leaders couldn't give a monkey's about them. Do they honestly think that we are all that stupid as to fall for their sudden "compassion" for the Libyan rebels? It's a massive insult to our intelligence.
On a completely different subject - I was pondering the dinosaurs and what purpose they served. With all the talk about genetic engineering and the nephilim etc., it occurred to me that the dinosaurs were a result of demonic interference with the animal life back then. Just as in the days of Noah, when the world was riddled with the mixed progeny of the nephilim and human women, and the LORD had to destroy the entire earth - surely the dinosaur period (and mass extinction) was a result of the same? It's difficult to believe that dinosaurs, with their peculiar physical oddities and savage temperament, were the polished result of our LORD'S creation. It sure explains why they were wiped out so suddenly and thoroughly!
Feedback on both subjects would be most welcome.