Louis A. Romo (19 March 2011)
"An American 9.0 earthquake during Feast of Purim this week-end?"

An American 9.0 earthquake during Feast of Purim this week-end?



ARE WE FACING the  danger of major Earthquake,  worse than that of Japan,  occurring  next few days,  possibly on West Coast or Madrid fault in central united states?...Is it possible the Japanese earthquake was God’s response to Japan’s actions against Israel this past year?   Is America in for a worse disaster than Japan since Obama has gone way further than Japan in verbally condemning Israel and has openly sided with Islamic terrorists to dismantle Israel?  


It has been noted by many biblical students of end times prophecies that the March 11th earthquake in Japan occurred exactly a year from March 11, 2010 when Japan   reported that “The Government of Japan deplores the decisions of the Government of Israel to give permission for the construction of 1,600 housing units in East Jerusalem in addition to 112 units in West Bank” …. Japan demands that the plans should not be implemented.” 


Again, on January 11th, 2011, Japan condemned the demolishing part of the Shepherd’s Hotel in East Jerusalem because Israel was planning on constructing new housing units.


Again on February 10, 2011, Japan restated their position they did not want Israel annexing, apparently wanting Israel to give up their lands and go back to 1947-48 borders- -completely indefensible,  - -national suicide if Israel forced by international community into an ”unconditional surrender”


Finally, on March 8, 2011, two days before the earthquake, Japan Increased Food Support to Palestinian People and reaffirmed its political stand for the Palestinian efforts to establish a viable independent Palestinian state…

(Carved out of land to be turned over to Palestinian terrorists who have vowed, whether they get a nation or not,   never to stop killing Jews until last one driven in Sea).


Ever since Barak Hussein Obama “fumbled” through his swear-in ceremony as president, He has made it perfectly clear the world must decide on having either an Israel within the 1949 armistice lines, or no Israel at all.  His unconditional support of Islamic nations has been crystal clear.  The administration’s acceptance of the Militant Islamic Brotherhood, with roots in Nazi Germany as a “secular” peaceful organization is an embarrassment to any person with Judeo-Christian ethics and morals.


A year ago during the period of March 20-27, 2010 Hussein Obama, at the White House; humiliated before entire world Prime Minister Netanyahu.  Obama left Mr. Netanyahu and staff and went off to dinner, leaving the clear Unspoken message: “give in to MY demands, my way or the highway…you know where the door is”….




March 20th,  2011 is the Jewish feast of Purim.  Just as God saved the Jewish people thousands of years ago, perhaps God will once again step into human affairs and save Israel and Jewish people from their most dangerous enemy  - -Hussein Barak Obama- -and show the world, He God, ELOHIM IS STILL IN CONTROL.


California retired Geologist Jim Berkland has predicted a major earthquake around the 20th of march through march 27..he was interviews on fox news for those wanting to listen to him.  His prediction are based on solid facts and to be occurring on feast of Purim is something that should make everyone bring out their knee pads and start praying before God hits mankind beside the head, not with a 2 by 4 but an earthquake…

Louis A. Romo

Stockton, CA