Deborah (22 March 2011)
"Possible Prophetic Significance of World Wide Events Happening Now"

Let's see.....if America has aligned itself with Islam against out America!

Terence Yeo
Purim on the Super Moon Night as USA attacks Libya !

Harvey Troyer
Is the Sacred Jewish Year 5770 (2010) the Year of the Prophesied Rapture and Sudden Destruction (World War III)?

Harvey Troyer
Israel Celebrates Feast of Purim from Sundown March 19 to Sundown March 21, 2011—Read J.R. Church’s Excellent Article from PITN

Harvey Troyer
Middle East in Revolt: A Trigger to Destroy the Mother of the Harlots and Babylon-America?

Jim Bramlett
Rev. Franklin Graham: Japan Quake May Be Beginning Of Second  Coming

Purim conflicts

FM Riley
It is time to go!