Ron Reese (15 Mar 2015)
"11 Signs Pointing Directly to 11/11/15 to be the Start of Tribulation-Part 3"

                     TO BE THE START OF TRIBULATION--PART 3
This is my 3rd and final post on this series.  I trust that those of you who have read Parts 1 and 2 have been blessed and encouraged by what you have read.  I will be soon writing a post on why it is important to know the time, and will be using Bible verses to counteract what we have been taught most of our lives and to support everything that I write on KNOWING THE TIME.  The vast majority of Christians do not think that it is Biblical to be able to discern the time of our Lord's Return, and they also think that it is not important to know.  Who would not want to know the DAY of their Wedding???  What bridegroom does not let the Bride know of the DAY of the Wedding in advance??? 
It has been many years since I have felt the annointing on my writings as I felt when writing Parts 1 and 2.  To those of you who have not read Parts 1 and 2, both posts are MUST reads BEFORE you attempt to read any further in this post, which is Part 3.  The links to the previous 2 Posts, Part 1 and Part 2 are provided below:
In this post, you will be presented with Sign #8 thru Sign #11.  I believe you will find these 4 signs today just as exciting and compelling as the first 7 signs, as I have saved some of the best signs for last.  IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT ALL OF YOU READ SIGN #11, THE FINAL SIGN.  IT IS THE ICING ON THE CAKE.  IT IS THE FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN SUPPORTING 11/11/15 AS THE 1ST DAY OF THE TRIBULATION. 
Before I start with Sign #8, I want to remind all of you of what our 1st and most important sign was.  This is the one sign that can stand alone and does not need the other 10 signs to support it.  Having 10 additional signs pointing DIRECTLY to ONE date, just makes the case for 11/11/15 that much more compelling, and gives us EVERY reason to EXPECT 11/11/15 to be the 1st Day of the Tribulation.
I am going to just give you a very brief one-paragraph summary of Sign #1.  If you want a much more detailed presentation of this sign, then go back to Part 1.  God has a divine plan to show the Jews that Jesus is their Messiah, by having Jesus be the fulfillment of the 7 Jewish Feast Days.  Jesus fulfilled the 1st 4 Feasts at His 1st Coming, and will fulfill the last three Fall Feasts at His 2nd Coming.  Feast of Atonement is the perfect and God-ordained Feast Day for Jesus to Return to earth to set up His earthly Kingdom.  If the Fall of 2015 to the Fall of 2022 is the timeline for the 7-Year Tribulation, as so many Biblical scholars believe, then all we have to do is back up 2520 days, the length of the Tribulation, from Day of Atonement, Oct. 5, 2022, and we arrive at the proposed 1st Day of the Tribulation, precisely at 11/11/15. 
SIGN #8.  Let's look at 1st Thessalonians 5, which is directly CONNECTED to the Rapture in Chapter 4.  These two Chapters are connected by the conjunction "But", thereby tieing in the Rapture and Sudden Destruction to be at the same time.  Verse 2 uses the phrase the DAY OF THE LORD.  Verse 3 is referring to the SUDDEN DESTRUCTION coming on those who will not ESCAPE, implying that there WILL be an ESCAPE FROM THE SUDDEN DESTRUCTION for those who are not in spiritual darkness (verse 4).  THERE CAN BE NO DOUBT THAT THIS ESCAPE FROM THE SUDDEN DESTRUCTION AND THE DAY OF THE LORD IS THE RAPTURE OF THE BRIDE. 
There also can be no doubt that the SUDDEN DESTRUCTION  is the one event that ushers in the DAY OF THE LORD, THE TRIBULATION HOUR.  I believe that we have EVERY reason to believe that the SUDDEN DESTRUCTION AND THE RAPTURE are simultaneous events.  Further evidence of this are the stories of Noah, Lot, and Moses (when the Israelites escaped Egypt).  In each of these three types of the Rapture, God's people were rescued just in the nick of time, in fact the VERY SAME DAY as the Sudden Destruction.
Now, how does this tie in to 11/11/15?  Good question.  Let's continue and see if the answer is in this Chapter.  In verse 3 we learn that "SUDDEN DESTRUCTION comes upon them (those who DO NOT ESCAPE THRU THE RAPTURE), AS TRAVAIL UPON A WOMAN WITH CHILD."
The Lord here is comparing the Tribulation Hour coming on the whole world to that of a mother having a baby.  This means the closer we get to this Sudden Destruction (vs. 3) and Day of the Lord (vs. 2), we can expect the birth pangs of the Tribulation Hour to get closer and closer together, and more and more intense, just like in the gestation period of the birth of a baby. 
I have been teaching for many years that the 1st two Trumpet Judgments in 
Revelation are the revealing of the Antichrist (Obama) (Rev. 6:2) and the unleashing of the Great Sword (nuclear weapons) (Rev. 6:4).  I am convinced that the Great Sword is the SUDDEN DESTRUCTION OF 1ST  Thess. 5.  These two Judgments are the first two listed in Revelation and are what kicks off the TRIBULATION, THE DAY OF THE LORD.  This is why I believe World War 3 is the culmination of the birth pangs of the Tribulation Hour. 
So, when we are looking, with spiritual discernment, for Signs that we are progressing closer and closer to the Day of the Lord, we should be looking for SIGNS THAT WORLD WAR 3 IS APPROACHING.  The closer a woman gets to the birth of her baby, the more obvious it becomes that it won't be long now.  The closer we get to the Tribulation Hour, the more obvious it will become, to the spiritually discerning, that the BABY, THE TRIBULATION HOUR, WORLD WAR 3, WITH THE UNLEASHING OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS, IS ABOUT TO BEGIN.
To know if 11/11/15, is the birth date of the BABY, THE TRIBULATION, should we not look for a conception date to confirm the approximate time of the birth?  This is what doctors do.  Of course we realize that determing an exact conception date is not always easy, and not all birth processes are the exact length of time.  For now, let's just look at 9 months as the time of the gestation period of a baby, to see if we can find a possible conception date for the birth process to have already begun.
For those of you who believe the Tribulation will begin this Spring, can you find a conception date, or event, approximately 9 months in advance?  For those of you who believe the Tribulation will begin in Sept. of 2015, do you have a conception date, or event, in mind?  I have not heard of any such date or event.  If God is comparing the Tribulation coming on the world, as that of a woman's gestation period, would he not give us a clue for a conception date?  
If Sept. is the correct time, as so many believe, what happened nine months in advance to show that the Tribulation starts in Sept. of 2015?  I was very alertly watching the whole month of December, 2014, and even early January of 2015, 9 months before the Fall Feast Days of 2015, but did not see anything close to a conception event that could be pointing us to World War 3, and the start of the Tribulation.
However, the situation changed remarkably in February, as numerous SIGNS began to point to the conception, or beginning, of World War 3.  I am convinced that February, 2015, was the conception month, or the beginning of the birth process, pointing us DIRECTLY TO 11/11/15 AS THE BIRTH OF THE BABY, THE TRIBULATION HOUR.  Signs of World War 3 approaching were all over the place.
If the Tribulation starts with the unleashing of the Great Sword in Rev. 6:4, then we should be looking at signs of an impending nuclear World War 3, to begin nine months before the birth date.  February is 9 months from November of 2015.  February, 2015, has CONCEPTION OF THE BIRTH PROCESS LEADING TO THE BIRTH OF THE BABY, THE TRIBULATION, written all over it.
Let's examine this a little bit closer.  Here are the four time lengths that we see most often mentioned to be the gestation period of a baby:  1. 282 days  2. 280 days  3. Nine months  4. 270 days.  I am not necessarily pointing to ONE of these choices, because each birth that is taken close to full-term varies slightly in the number of days.  My only point here is that FEBRUARY IS THE CONCEPTION MONTH OF THE BIRTH OF THE TRIBULATION 9 MONTHS LATER.  February is the month when everything changed on the world scene, that points to World War 3.  World War 3 is what kicks off the Tribulation Hour.  Go ahead check Dec. and Jan., to see if you can come up with anything close to what I am about to present to you regarding the month of February, 2015.  February was the game-changing month, pointing us DIRECTLY to 11/11/15.  Febrary, 2015, is the month that woke up the whole world, as to just how close WW3 could be approaching.
1.  282 days from 11/11/15 equals Feb. 2, 2015.  The day before was Super Bowl Sunday, when Katy Perry performed her Satanic halftime show, that subtly pointed us to World War 3.  On Feb. 2nd, the video was released showing the burning alive of the Jordanian pilot, by ISIS.  This seemed to be a game-changer, as the eyes of the whole world seemed to be opened by the brutality and the horrors coming upon the world.  It helped turn much of the world against ISIS, and also help many countries to see the seriousness of the challenge presented by ISIS, for a worldwide Islamic caliphate.  Was this the conception date of WW3?
2.  280 days from 11/11/15 equals Feb. 4th.  On this date, Jordan becomes the 1st country to publicly declare war on ISIS, and also to start retaliatory attacks on ISIS, for the brutal, unthinkable burning alive of one of their innocent pilots.  So, 280 days from 11/11/15, the first declaration of war on ISIS is issued by the King of Jordan.  Was this the conception of World War 3?
3.  9 months from November 11th equals Feb 11th.  On this date, 9 months before he becomes the Chosen One of the New World Order, Barack Hussein Obama, issued an appeal to Congress for approval to go to war against ISIS.  This is another ELEVEN date.  If I had to choose one date for the actual conception date of World War 3, the birth of the baby, in the form of the Tribulation Hour, I would choose Feb. 11th.
Here is why.  Because Obama, who is the Antichrist, is involved in this date, because it is another 11th of a month, and because the United States is the most likely country to be involved in the SUDDEN DESTRUCTION at the beginning of the Tribulation.  I believe the NWO elite, or maybe just Obama himself, chose the 11th of a month to get the U.S. more fully involved in the war against ISIS.  So, if you are looking for an actual conception date for the birth of the baby, the Tribulation, Feb. 11th, in my opinion, is the most likely date.
4.  270 days from 11/11/15 equals Feb. 15th.  On this date, 21 Egyptian Christians are shockingly beheaded in a video.  Revelation 20:4 says, "I saw the souls of them who were BEHEADED FOR THE WITNESS OF JESUS, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands..."  
This verse confirms to us how rapidly we are approaching the MIDNIGHT hour, and the birth of the baby, the Tribulation.  It confirms it by the fact that these were Christians who were beheaded.  I believe it also confirms that the Tribulation is rapidly approaching because of the number of Christians who were chosen, the number TWENTY-ONE.  TWENTY-ONE JUDGMENTS in the Tribulation.  TWENTY-ONE FRAGMENTS (also representing TWENTY-ONE years until 2015) of the Comet-Jupiter collision on THE 9TH OF AV over a period of SEVEN days (representing the 7 years of Tribulation).  And now the  BEHEADING of TWENTY-ONE CHRISTIANS.  Why were TWENTY-ONE chosen?  I believe it is just one more sign of the rapidly-approaching Day of the Lord, and the 21 JUDGMENTS starting at the birth of the baby, the Tribulation. 
Shortly after each of the above events had taken place, but still in February, Egypt attacked ISIS in retaliation for the beheading of the 21 Egyptian Christians, making another country that is now waging war on ISIS.  Also, still in Feb., King Abdullah of Jordan declared that the fight against ISIS is THE BEGINNING OF WORLD WAR 3.   This is just one more sign that February was the conception month. 
Surely, we MUST believe that February was the CONCEPTION month of the gestation process that is leading DIRECTLY to World War 3, and the birth of the Tribulation hour.   As in the case of human gestation, the actual conception date can be hard to pinpoint, but it appears that the month of February, 2015, has it covered, regardless of which occurence you might want to choose. 
The WARNING events continue into the month of March, especially with the 3/3 Netanyahu speech, WARNING the whole world of nuclear conflagaration and WARNING the U.S. of what could happen if they ignore the plea to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.  This was just one more SIGN of nuclear World War 3 approaching, probably in the Fall of 2015. 
Truly, now that we have the CONCEPTION month of February, 2015, pointing us DIRECTLY to 11/11/15, we can be watching with our spiritual eyes, ears, and hearts wide open for the BIRTH PANGS OF THE TRIBULATION HOUR TO BE INCREASING IN FREQUENCY AND INTENSITY.  They will take place THIS YEAR.  The Birth Pangs of World War 3.  The Birth Pangs of the soon-coming Day of the Lord.  The Birth Pangs of the Tribulation Hour.  Watch and see.  These Birth Pangs are WARNINGS TO ALL PEOPLE EVERYWHERE THAT JESUS CHRIST IS OUR ONLY HOPE!  IT IS JESUS CHRIST OR THE ANTICHRIST!  Whom will you choose?  It is an eternal home in Heaven, or a literal Hell on earth, and almost certain ETERNAL DEATH.  Which will you choose?
In my last post, in Part 2, I asked everyone to be watching on the ELEVENTH of each month, starting in March, for Prophetic events, or Sign markers, to take place.  Just look at what happened today, March ELEVENTH.  The U.S. Congress holds their first hearings on Obama's request for new war powers agains ISIS.  His request was a likely conception event on the date of Feb. ELEVENTH.  It is almost certainly not a coincidence that March 11th was CHOSEN to begin these hearings.
Then the other headline event of this day of March ELEVENTH was the U.S. military plane crash, resulting in the death of ELEVEN of our servicemen.  Mysterious plane crashes happened on a regular basis under the Clinton administration, so we should not be surprised.  Yes, I do believe this was another Satanic sign pointing us to the ELEVENTH DAY OF THE ELEVENTH MONTH.  After reading Sign #11 at the bottom of this post, many of you will be agreeing with me on this. 
SIGN #9.  Matthew 24:37 says, "As the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man (Jesus) be."  The comparisons between the days of Noah and the days of the 2nd Coming of Jesus are much too numerous to elaborate on in this post.  But I want to call your attention to Gen. 7:11, which says, "in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.  The Great Flood in the days of Noah STARTED ON THE 17TH DAY OF THE 2ND MONTH.
When is the 17th day of the 2nd month on the Jewish calendar?  It is my understanding that in the days of Noah, the civil calendar was the only one in existence.  This is the calendar that starts in the Fall of the year.  Many Bible Prophecy students have written extensively, proving that the Fall of 2015 to the Fall of 2016 is the first Jubilee Year for modern-day Israel.  I believe that Daniel 9 (the topic for another post) proves this to be the case, pointing DIRECTLY to Day of Atonement, Sept. 23, 2015.  A normal year on the Jewish civil calendar is announced on Atonement, but actually starts on Trumpets, or Roshashana. 
However, in a Year of Jubilee, it is my understanding, and supported by many excellent commentaries, that a Jubilee Year runs from Day of Atonement to Day of Atonement, one year later.  A Jubliee Year cannot start until Day of Atonement.  Many of the time charts pointing to the Fall of 2015 use Sept. 24th, not Sept. 23rd, as the actual Day of Atonement this year.  If Trumpets is delayed a day, or even two, because of the actual 1st moon sighting in Israel, the celebration of Atonement is moved back accordingly.  I am going to use what many are using, Sept. 24th, to be the actual Day of Atonement.  So, if the 1st month of the Jubilee Year runs from Sept. 24th to Oct. 24th, then this would put, depending on God's start date of the Jubilee Year, and what time zone you are using, THE 17TH DAY OF THE 2ND MONTH ON 11/10-11/15.
Is this the Day of Destiny?  Is this the Day the flood waters (as in the Days of Noah) open upon the world with the unleashing of nuclear weapons?  Is this the beginning of the dreaded Day of the Lord?  Is this the 1st day of the Tribulation hour?  Is this just one more parallel of the DAYS OF NOAH TO THE 2ND COMING OF CHRIST?  Is God once again pointing us DIRECTLY TO THE 17TH DAY OF THE 2ND MONTH, OF THE JUBILEE YEAR IN ISRAEL, TO BE THE TIME OF HIS WORLDWIDE JUDGMENT, JUST AS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH???
I must be honest here, as some will probably say that Nov. 11th could be the 18th day of the 2nd month.  Again, it depends on the actual Day of Atonement in God's eyes, and it depends on what time zone on earth that you are in.  It is hard for me to believe that, in God's timing, that He would allow this day of worldwide judgment to only come within one day of the 17th Day of the 2nd month, when it was the 17th Day of the 2nd month that the Great Flood struck the earth.  At this point, we may not have full understanding of the timing of Sign #9, but I have to believe it will come to pass, for AS THE DAYS OF NOAH WERE, SO SHALL ALSO THE COMING OF THE SON OF MAN (the 2nd Coming of Jesus) BE.  We have to consider the strong probability that the Sudden Destruction (as in the Great Flood), will occur once again, on the 17th Day of the 2nd month, or 11/11/15.
SIGN #10.  Some of you are still thinking that so much is pointing DIRECTLY to Day of Atonement, Sept. 23-24, 2015, and you are right.  It is the most talked-about Prophetic day since June 7, 1967, when Israel re-captured Jerusalem in the 6-Day War.  So much points DIRECTLY to that date.  In my last post, I pointed out many of the Prophetic aspects of this extremely important date.  Then why is this not the date we should be looking for to be the start date of the Tribulation?                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Let me give you two reasons.  The importance of Day of Atonement, Sept. 23-24, 2015, is that it takes us to Day 1 of the Jubilee Year.  The Jubilee Year is when we should expect the Tribulation to start.  We should be fully expecting the Day of the Lord, the Tribulation to begin, on some day within the Jubilee Year, but not necessarily on Day 1 of the Jubilee Year.  This is the first reason.
The second reason is because of how I started out this post today.  Jesus MUST RETURN TO EARTH AT THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON ON THE LAST DAY OF THE 2520-DAY TRIBULATION.  THE TRIBULATION MUST START ON NOVEMBER 11, 2015, AS THIS IS 2520 DAYS BEFORE DAY OF ATONEMENT, OCT. 5, 2022!!!  11/11/15 is the perfect fit and is a day within the Year of Jubilee.  So, we have so very much pointing to Day of Atonement, Sept. 23-24, 2015,  because it STARTS the Jubilee Year, which will lead to the 1ST DAY of the Tribulation on 11/11/15.
Do you want further proof?  Here it is.  Both Leviticus 25 and Daniel 9 prove to us that Day of Atonement, Sept. 23-24, 2015, is the 1st day of the 1st Jubilee Year for modern-day Israel, RIGHT EXACTLY TO THE DAY.  Both chapters say that to calculate the Jubilee Year, one should use 7 times 7, or 49 Prophetic Years, to find out the start date of the Jubilee Year.   That would be a total of 17, 640 days.  How amazing is it that there are EXACTLY 17,640 DAYS between the day that God miraculously intervened on Israel's behalf and miraculously allowed their vastly outnumbered army to re-capture Jerusalem on June 7, 1967, to Day of Atonement, Sept. 23, 2015!!!!!!!  
This astounding and extremely Prophetic calculation trumps everything else when trying to establish a Biblical timeline for these very last days.  For those with different timelines, how do they explain away this irrefutable calculation?  God is making it sooooooooooo very obvious for us to see.   Then we have the clincher of the Antichrist, Obama, making a covenant to CHANGE THE WORLD EXACTLY 7 PROPHETIC YEARS, TOTALLING 2520 DAYS, FROM THIS VERY SAME DATE OF DAY OF ATONEMENT, SEPT. 23-24, 2015!!!!!!! 
Yet Christians are still promoting other candidates to be the Antichrist and other timelines.  No wonder there is so much confusion in the Bible Prophecy world.  In my opinion, God is handing us the identity of the Antichrist on a silver platter and He is handing us the Biblical timeline of the Tribulation on a silver platter.  Please do not become confused by other potential antichrists, and other potential timelines.  Our God is NOT the author of confusion, and that is what you will become, totalling confused, if you read enough opinions from well-meaning, but off-target Bible Prophecy students.
So, back to this Jubilee cycle pointing DIRECTLY to Day of Atonement, Sept. 23-24, 2015.  Could it be that the gap between this extremely prophetic day of 9/23-24/15 and the date of 11/11/15 for the actual start of the Tribulation is a confirmation of the latter date?  Could it be just one more sign that is pointing us DIRECTLY to 11/11/15?  The answers are YES! and YES!
We can refer to this time period as a gap, or a parenthetical time, a GET READY time, a time of tarrying, or waiting, or a WARNING SIGN.  But here it is.  This gap, or time of tarrying, between Day of Atonement, Sept. 23-24th and 11/11 is EXACTLY 49 DAYS, OR 50 DAYS INCLUSIVE!  That is ONE JUBILEE CYCLE OF DAYS.  God directed us to ONE COMPLETE JUBILEE CYCLE OF YEARS, 49 years, OR 7 X 7, right to the day of Day of Atonement, Sept. 23--24, 2015.  NOW HE IS GIVING US A COMPLETE JUBILEE CYCLE OF DAYS, OR 49 DAYS, OR 7 X 7, RIGHT TO THE DAY OF 11/11/15!!! 
On the day of Christ's death, how long did the Lord have His followers wait to be endued with the power of His Holy Spirit?  It was on the Feast of Pentecost, 50 DAYS LATER, when Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to fill them.  Their time of waiting, or time of tarrying was 50 Days.  How long will Jesus wait until after the long-awaited day of Day of Atonement, Sept. 23-24, 2015?  THE VERY SAME PERIOD OF 50 DAYS INCLUSIVE UNTIL 11/11/15.  
When Jesus filled His followers on Pentecost, FIFTY DAYS after His death, they experienced the presence of Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, every day for the rest of their lives.  Jesus was with them EVERY DAY.  So, too, will we be with Jesus, after a waiting period of FIFTY DAYS.  We, too, will be with Jesus EVERY DAY for all eternity.  Can anybody say Hallelujah?  It is hard for me to contain the excitement that I feel inside right now, as I am composing this, as I believe the Lord is leading me.  The same principle applies to Jesus' 1st Coming as it does to HIs 2nd Coming.  There will be a waiting period of 50 days, in both cases.  Only God could orchestrate all of this.  ONLY GOD COULD ORCHESTRATE ELEVEN MAJOR SIGNS POINTING DIRECTLY TO THE VERY SAME DATE OF 11/11/15. 
The closer we get to this date, I believe the more obvious the date will become, but only to those who are willing to follow the SIGNS, just like the WISE men followed the SIGN of the star to Bethlehem.  While the vast majority went about their daily business, A FEW WISE MEN WANTED TO KNOW THE TIME OF THE MESSIAH, exactly how it is today.  There are still a few who want to follow the SIGNS THE LORD IS LAYING OUT TO KNOW THE TIME OF OUR LORD'S RETURN, AND THE TIME OF OUR WEDDING DAY.  Are you one of the few wise people?
SIGN #11.  Sign #2 was that the number ELEVEN, as in 11/11, is God's number of Judgment and Disorder, a perfect description of the Tribulation starting on 11/11.  Well, I am convinced, after all of the other 10 compelling signs pointing DIRECTLY to 11/11/15, that Satan, and his New World Order elite, HAVE CHOSEN THE DAY OF 11/11/15, just like they CHOSE the date of 9/11/01.
Over the years, I have read much about the Illuminati, and other Satanic oganizations and their evil, sinister plans for a one-world government.  The United States of America is the one country that stands in their way of their New World Order.  Their motto is "Out of the chaos and destruction of World War 3 comes the New World Order."  Henry Kissinger, one of the NWO elite, has publicly proclaimed that Obama is their Chosen One to lead the world into the New World Order.
Just like they have a Chosen Man in Obama, I am convinced that they have a Chosen Date.  I believe because of all of the other 10 Signs, pointing DIRECTLY to this same date, that the CHOSEN DATE IS 11/11/15.  Satan attempts to imitate God in every way possible, like in the Satanic Trinity.  God is a God of numbers.  Numbers have the same consistent meaning, all throughout the Scriptures.  God's Prophetic timeline is filled with numerical calculations.  So, too, is Satan, a false god of numbers.
The first thing we learn about Satanic numbers is that LUCIFER'S (SATAN'S) NUMBER IS ELEVEN.  Then we learn that the doubling of a number, as in 11/11, carries the same spiritual meaning, only intensified.  So, why wouldn't the Satanic NWO elite choose ELEVEN ELEVEN, 11/11, AS THEIR CHOSEN DATE???
Below are several excerpts from different sources that I have pieced together, regarding the EXTREMELY SATANIC NUMBER OF 11.  That is the reason for the different colors and type sizes, as I have simply copied and pasted them into this post.  I WILL SAY IT AGAIN.  THE NUMBER OF SATAN IS ELEVEN.
Only when its says, "Ron's note" are the words mine.  Everything else has been written by experts on Satanic numbers, Illuminati numbers.  Keep in mind that the Satanic New World Order elite have a specific plan for this world.  It is a sinister, diabolical, and extremely evil plan.  The easy conclusion to draw from this info, is that the NWO elite are pointing DIRECTLY TO 11/11/15 TO BE THE GAME-CHANGING DATE OF WORLD WAR 3 AND THE USHERING IN OF THEIR EVIL NEW WORLD ORDER!!!  You are about to read some eye-opening and alarming information about the Satanic number of ELEVEN: 

"My number is 11, as all their numbers who are of us.  The Five Pointed Star, with a Circle in the Middle, & the cirlce is Red.  My color is black to the blind, but the blue & gold are seen of the seeing.  Also I have a secret glory for them that love me."


Master numbers in modern occult numerology are the numbers 11 and 22.  Strayhorn writes on page 118, concerning A WARNING ABOUT THE NUMBER 11: "Although the 11 under modern numerology is a master number and represents the highest qualities, the original meaning of this compound number under the Chaldean system of numbers is different.  In the Chaldean,or mystic, system, THE 11 OFFERS A WARNING TO THE OCCULTISTS.  IT DENOTES HIDDEN DANGERS AND GREAT TRIALS AND DIFFICULTIES."

Ron's note:  Notice the Master Satanic number of 22, which points us to the Final Year of the Tribulation--2022, the year of the Satanic assault on Israel at the Final Battle, the Battle of Armageddon.  The last sentence highlighted above points us straight to 11/11 as the great dangers, trials and difficulties of World War 3 and the  Tribulation begin.

Occultists place much faith in the inherent power of numbers. No plan of action can be carried out without first determining two things:

Is the timing of this plan of action in accordance with the astrological lineup of the stars, moons, and planets?

Is the timing of this plan of action in accordance with the numbers it will produce? This process is "Divination" and is specifically prohibited by God. (Deut 18:10-11) 


President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, in a public square which had been home to a Masonic Lodge and which has an obelisk in its center. November is Month #11 and the day of the murder was the 22nd. Numbers 11 and 22 are sacred primary occult numbers.

Ron's note:  As in the date of 11/11 to start the New World Order, and the Year 2022 to attempt to conquer the world in the Final Year of the Tribulation.


                                       Understanding Illuminati Numerology

The Illuminati (13 Ruling Crime Families) is a ritualistic organization that has been around since the Christian crusades. It has a special way of looking at numbers that we should all know about and uses the numbers for ritualistic witchcraft.

The number 11 is the number of destruction and judgment and the death of man.

Ron's note:  What better description of nuclear World War 3 and the start of the Tribulation, and what better date to start it than 11/11/15!!!


Any event or thing assigned with the number 11 aids in the raising of the anti-Christ.

Ron's note:  I was astonished to find this one.  This is absolutely amazing!!!  What better day to start the rise of the Antichrist, Barack Hussein Obama, to world power!!!  What better day to start the reign of the Antichrist, the CHOSEN ONE OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!!  What better day than 11/11/15!!!  How can we NOT believe that the NWO elite have chosen this Satanic date???


In Latin, the Devil’s name is LVX which translates as (50 + 5 + 10 = 65 = 6+5 =11.

Armistice Day/Remembrance Day is November 11 at 11:11 (Triple 11).

Ron's note:  It is my understanding that this is the day of the year that ended World War 1.  Should anybody be surprised that it took place at 11:11 on the date of 11/11???  Should anybody be surprised that the very historic and monumental speech by Benjamin Netanyahu also  started at EXACTLY 11:11 a.m., just like the Lord showed me it would?  Another one of Satan's prime numbers is THREE, so they chose the date of 3/3 for this historical, monumental speech.


Among the magical mysteries were prime numbers (numbers that have no divisors other than themselves.  These numbers which included 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, and so on were widely worshiped by the Illuminati cult in numerology, particularly when it comes to setting dates for coming events. 



The members of the Illuminati believe also that a chance of success is more likely if the same number is multiplied several times so they will schedule a special event on a date that has a run of three numbers.

Ron's note:  Please read the above sentence again, until you grasp the magnitude of what is being said.  Will the planned nuclear destruction of World War 3 be at the 11th hour of the day?  Will it actually take place at 11:11, on the date of 11/11, just like Armistice Day, which ended World War 1???  We have EVERY reason to believe that the Satanic NWO elite HAVE CHOSEN 11/11/15 AS THEIR CHOSEN DATE!!!!!!!


                                   The CHOSEN DATE OF 9/11/2001

The flight numbers of the illusion of planes on 9/11/01 were Masonic numbers: 11 and 77 (11 X 7).

September 11, 2001, was the United Nations International Day of Peace.

Dial 9-11 for Emergency.  We all know that 911 is the phone number to dial for an emergency.


Ron's final note on the Satanic number of ELEVEN.  Can any of you actually believe that Satan has not CHOSEN the DATE OF 11/11/15 to begin the Satanic New World Order???

I have deliberately chosen the extremely Satanic number of ELEVEN to be my ELEVENTH and final SIGN OF THE ELEVEN SIGNS POINTING DIRECTLY TO 11/11/15 because I find it so very compelling.  To me, it is the Final nail in the coffin.  It is the clincher.  Just like I could not write any more after SIGN #4, of the Comet-Jupiter collision at EXACTLY 11:11 Jerusalem time because anything that I would have written after that would have been anti-climatic, I feel like I must close this post to let this last SIGN, SIGN # ELEVEN sink in.

I want to close with this verse again, which is a WARNING to end-times Christians everywhere.  Revelation 3:3, in the WARNING WORDS OF JESUS, "Remember, therefore, how you have received and heard, and hold fast, and REPENT.   IF, THEREFORE, YOU WILL NOT WATCH, I WILL COME ON YOU AS A THIEF, AND YOU WILL NOT KNOW WHAT HOUR I WILL COME UPON YOU."  The implication here is very strong that IF WE WATCH, WE CAN KNOW THE TIME!!!



Ron Reese

p.s.  For those of you who now believe like I do, which is that we have every reason to expect the 1st Day of the Tribulation to be 11/11/15, would you please do me a big favor and send me a short note.  All you have to say is, "Yes, I believe it" or "Yes, I believe there is a good chance that this will be the day."  You may believe that the Rapture will be some other day, but still believe that 11/11/15 starts the Tribulation.  It does help to know that some are receiving this message.  In my next post, I will report how many people responded favorably.  Thank you. 9


The Illuminati, which is a ritualistic organization that has been around since the Christian crusades has a very special way of looking at numbers and using them for witchcraft.

When it comes to the occult and cults that deploy numbers in the use of magic, Pythagoras is the father of numbers and his teachings are venerated by all of the mystery schools.  In “The Secret Teachings of All Ages”, author Manly P. Hall devotes Chapter 13 to Pythagoras.  Pythagoras taught only the initiates in his own mystery school the secrets of number systems.  The Illuminati very closely follow the precepts first introduced by Pythagoras.

Among the magical mysteries were prime numbers (numbers that have no divisors other than themselves.  These numbers which included 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, and so on were widely worshiped by the Illuminati cult in numerology particularly when it comes to setting dates for

The members of the Illuminati believe also that a chance of success is more likely if the same number is multiplied several times so they will schedule a special event on a date that has a
run of three numbers.