Ron Reese (8 Mar 2015)
"11 Signs Pointing Directly to 11/11/15 as Start of the Tribulation-Part 2"

                          AS START OF THE TRIBULATION--PART 2
Below is probably the most annointed post that I have ever written.  It began shortly after Benjamin Netanyahu's speech on Tuesday.  It is now Thursday evening.  Much of this post will be about this historic, and Prophetic Warning speech, and also how it is a DIRECT WARNING POINTING DIRECTLY TO 11/11/15.  I believe that I have been given more these past three days to write about than I usually have in a combined several posts.  I had no idea of what the Lord was going to give to me until I prayed, then yielded myself to His Holy Spirit, and the most unbelievable thoughts began to flow through me, as I began typing.  These first two paragraphs are the last thing I am writing before I send this out. 
If you have never read before, or never read again, any of my posts, THIS POST IS A MUST READ FOR EVERYBODY!  Probably over 80% of what made its way into this post, I had no idea that I would be writing.  I feel mentally, and physically, but not spiritually, drained right now.  All I ask is that you do two things before you read it.  One, pray.  Pray just before reading it.  Pray that the Lord would reveal to you how much of the contents of this email is from Him.  The 2nd thing that I ask is that you scan through the length of this post first.  Then, do not sit down to read it, until you have the time to read ALL of it.  After reading it, if you do not feel that it is the most annointed post that you have read from me, then you have my sincere apologies.  For whatever is accomplished thru this post, I want to give all of the glory, honor, praise, and credit to my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.   
I have been unable to contain my excitement  today, Tuesday, March 3rd, as a direct result of the timing and prophetic aspects of Benjamin Netanyahu's speech.  Just like the timing of Barack Hussein Obama's speech on Oct. 29, 2008, was timed to be EXACTLY  2520 days, or 7 Prophetic Years of 360 days each, to Day of Atonement, Sept. 23, 2015, Netanyahu's speech was timed so beautifully, that all watchmen should see this very day as something VERY historical, important, and Prophetic.  It was designed to be a monumental SIGN, for many reasons, but most important, it was ANOTHER SIGN pointing us directly to 11/11/15.  This speech was so extraordinary and God-orchestrated that only a Christian with spiritual blinders on could not sense that this was a WARNING FROM GOD.  This speech was so much a compeliing, riveting speech, and also another confirmation of the date of 11/11/15, that I HAVE to include it in my "11 Signs Pointing Directly to 11/11/15 as the Start of the Tribulation".  I will list it as Sign #5, to be detailed below. 
For those of you who somehow missed my last post, which was Part 1, with the same title as the title above, you can read it on the link provided below.  If you have not read it, it is an absolute MUST read.  Do not attempt to read any more of Part 2, which is this post that you are now reading, until you have read Part 1.  
Before I give you Sign #5, regarding the timing of Netanyahu's speech, I must add to Sign #4, from Part 1, regarding the 6 Prophetic Signs of the Comet Shoemaker-Levy's historic and massive cosmic collision with Jupiter, which happened on the historically tragic day of the 9th of Av, the Day of the Year for calamities to happen, especially to Israel.  It broke off into 21 pieces, representing the 21 Judgments in Revelation, and also representing 21 Years, taking us to 2015 for the start of the Tribulation.  This is all reviewed in detail, with much more, in my previous post.  We left off with 6 Signs of this cosmic collision.  We concluded with Sign #6, or Sign F, which was that AMAZINGLY the first fragment of the Comet struck Jupiter, God's planet, at EXACTLY 11:11 Jerusalem time.  So, in my opinion, based on ALL 7 Prophetic Signs, God was not only giving us the Year, but also the very DAY, 11/11/2015, for the Start of the Tribulation.  Here is Sign 7, or Sign G:
Sign G.  This is Sign G of Sign 4, from Part 1.  This is just one more, of many, signs that the Tribulation will be 7 Years long, and not 3 and one-half years long.  Joseph and Jacob are just two of the TYPES of a 7-Year Tribulation.  Most Biblical students phase the 21 Judgments in Revelation over a 7-Year time period.  One more amazing proof of this Comet-Jupiter collision being a God-orchestrated collision, and an obvious Sign of Warning and of coming Judgment upon this entire world, is that it took a period of SEVEN DAYS for the 21 pieces to strike Jupiter, just like it will take a period of SEVEN YEARS for God's 21 Judgments in Revelation to strike this earth.  Sign after sign God has given us to orchestrate this awesome and unparalleled cosmic collision of the century, right down to the last detail, proving that this was a DIRECT WARNING FROM GOD HIMSELF OF HIS IMPENDING JUDGMENTS UPON MANKIND.  What a mighty and merciful God we serve! 
SEVEN years after His 9th of Av Warning in 1994, we received another warning from God with the 9/11/2001 vicious attack on the U.S., resulting in a tremendous economic downturn, with a stock market crash on the last day of the Prophetic Year, the 29th of Elul.  SEVEN years later, right to the day of Elul 29 once again, we had the stock market crash of 2008.  7 + 7 + 7 = 21 Judgments, and 21 Years before the Final Judgment starts in the form of the 21 Judgments in Revelation, in the Fall of 2015.  It was also the Fall of 2008, exactly 30 days after the stock market crash, that the U.S. received another judgment.  It was this God-ordained day of Oct. 29, 2008, that our country began to receive the Antichrist, the Great Deceiver, the Great Imposter, and Usurper of the Throne, to be our President.  Another SEVEN years later takes us precisely to Sept. of 2015, the month that many Bible Prophecy students are pointing towards, for many reasons.  This is the "Biblical Shemitah" mystery unfolding right before our eyes.  Every 7 Years, a Great Judgment occurs, to nations who are turning their backs on God. 
If you would like many more details on the above paragraph, I would strongly recommend what is probably the Prophecy book of the year.  It is my understanding that this book, which I am now reading, is #1 on the Christian bestseller list.  I had already read his previous awesome book, entitled, "The Harbinger".  Jonathan Cahn's latest book, "The Mystery of the Shemitah", is simply breathtaking and an absolute MUST read for all serious Bible Prophecy students,   It points DIRECTLY to the Fall of 2015 for God's next Judgment on the U.S.  I believe the Sudden Destruction of 1st Thess. 5 (the unleashing of the Great Sword of nuclear weapons in Rev. 6:4), combined with this economic Judgment, will bring about the downfall of the U.S. and the rise of the New World Order.  ALL SIGNS are pointing DIRECTLY to the Fall of 2015, to be the time.  The other book that I highly recommend is John Hagee's "Four Blood Moons", which points also to the Fall of 2015, as most of you already know.
So, just so you understand, the 7th Sign, or Sign G, of the Comet-Jupiter cosmic collision of the century took place over 7 DAYS, representing the 7 YEARS it takes for the 21 Judgments to be completed, confirming a 7-Year Tribulation.  7 is God's number of completion.  You may want to go back to Part 1, of my previous post, to review the other 6 signs, involving this Great Sign in the Heavens, just like has been prophesied in the Word of God.  We have at least 11 Signs pointing DIRECTLY to 11/11/15 as the Start of the Tribulation.  But this is certainly one of the most compelling signs that the Lord is giving to us.  
We serve a really BIG and AWESOME God.  Surely, He is the only one who could orchestrate such an awesome sign of His Coming 21 Judgments in Revelation.  Did our Lord not say that there would be SIGNS in the Heavens?  Is your God BIG enough to orchestrate such a plan?  My God is BIG enough.  Is your God BIG enough to, not only give us the YEAR for the start of the Tribulation thru SIGNS, but also the DAY (11/11/15)?  My God is BIG enough.  Do you have enough faith to receive what the Lord is trying to show us?  I challenge you to ask the Lord if these signs be true, and are from Him, and are DIRECTLY pointing to 11/11/15.  Approach Him with an open heart, ready to receive directly from His Holy Spirit.  He may ask you to re-read Part 1, and also read this post more than once.  But if you want to know the truth, our God is BIG enough to show you.
Because of discovering another sign for Sign #4, about the Comet-Jupiter spectacular collision, and because of this brand new sign, which just developed today (the Netanyahu speech), and is so very compelling, and requires a good deal of writing, it is becoming obvious to me that this message of  "11 Signs Pointing Directly to 11/11/15 as the Start of the Tribulation", will have a Part 3.  Besides all that I have presented to you above, I will only be giving you Signs 5, 6, and 7 in this post.  I have to try to keep these posts short enough to be readable for most people, but also not so short that I have to leave out important details of these 11 Signs.  Hence, this is now becoming a 3-Part message. 
The signs pointing DIRECTLY to 11/11/15 are becoming so prevelant and detailed and compelling, that I can foresee at least two additional posts after Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.  These posts will include the sign that I am deleting because of today's sign with Netanyahu's speech, which I am extremely excited about, and other signs not quite as compelling as these 11 Signs, and also personal confirmations that I feel the Lord is giving to me, concerning 11/11/15 to be the starting date of the Tribulation.  Following all of these posts will be another post or two, on just WHY IT IS SO IMPORTANT, AND BIBLICAL, FOR US TO KNOW THE TIME. 
Sign #5.  I woke up this morning, full of excitement and anticipation because of how I knew the Lord was going to annoint this post that I am now writing, but also because of a brand new revelation that I received last night, further confirming the 2015--2022 timeline for the Tribulation.  This will be shared in a future post.  The closer we get, the more obvious the Lord is making it, that the Fall of 2015 to the Fall of 2022, will be the Final 7 Years, the 70th Week of Daniel, the time of Jacob's Trouble, the Judgments of the Book of Revelation, or what most call the Tribulation.  God is unsealing, just like He said He would, the Books of Daniel and Revelation, to those who are diligently studying end-times Bible Prophecy, AND who are allowing the Holy Spirit to lead them, guide them, and reveal Prophetic things to them.  We are currently witnessing PROGRESSIVE REVELATION to the fullest. 
The anticipation I felt this morning, Tuesday, March 3rd, was because we were about to hear an historic, monumental, extremely important, and prophetic speech from Benjamin Netanyahu.  Little did I know just how very Prophetic this speech would become.  I will not get into the politics, both involving Israel and the U.S., but attempt to stick to the content, the timing, and the Prophetic aspects of this sign-filled awesome speech.  Please take the time to listen to this speech in its entirety.  Also, keep in mind that, at the closing of this segment of this email, Point #5 will show us why it is another sign which is pointing us DIRECTLY to 11/11/15.  First, I will attempt to tie in together the content and the Prophetic aspects.  Then I will speak to the TIMING of this extremely important Prophetic event.
What I am now trying to do comes directly from what I personally feel the Lord is showing to us.  I have not taken the time to listen to all of the pundits on TV, who have been analyzing, scrutinizing, and sometimes tearing apart Netanyahu's speech.  I am only sharing what I feel that the Lord is right now laying upon my heart personally.  I thought it was an excellent, well-timed, articulate, and much-needed speech that the whole world needed to hear.  By tieing Israel's current predicament, and troubles, to the times of deliverance to Moses and to Esther, and how they both played MAJOR roles in the O.T. deliverances of the Jews, he made this seem like a speech coming from God.  He may have been comparing his current position, as the leader of Israel, to that of Moses and Esther, who were both in a position to plead their case of "LET MY PEOPLE GO", even as Netanyahu was pleading his case for help in the survival of the people of Israel.  I believe this association of Moses and Esther to be very true and also Prophetic. 
The world is headed straight for the "Time of Jacob's (Israel's) Trouble", so the outcome of this historic speech, this plea for the help of the U.S., in ensuring the survival of Israel, will fall on deaf ears.  The Bible predicts that Israel will stand ALONE in the last days, and we have certainly arrived at that time.  This does NOT bode well for the future of the United States.  In fact, it is almost assuredly the straw that will break the back of our beloved country, as God's Judgment falls on the U.S.  With the Antichrist, Barack Hussein Obama, as our leader, our beloved country is doomed.  Jesus is our only hope, the Blessed Hope, and individually, Jesus is YOUR only hope.
I have not yet even heard Obama's response to Netanyahu's speech, but I do not really need to.  He is showing his true colors, as a Muslim, more and more, every day.  Muslims hate Jews.  Radical Muslims want to annihilate the Jews.  Obama also wrote, in one of his books, words to this effect, "If push comes to shove, I will be siding with the Muslims.  On top of that, he is the Antichrist.  Obama is NOT a type of the Antichrist.  He is NOT just AN antichrist.  He is NOT a forerunner of the Antichrist.  Barack Hussen Obama IS THE ANTICHRIST!  I have written much about this subject from the Fall of 2008 to 2012, giving what I consider concrete proof of this assertion.  I will be writing more in the coming months. 
I believe that it is imperative that we, as watchers, expose this evil man for what he really is--THE ANTICHRIST.  Let us not forget, this is the man who made a covenant EXACTLY 7 YEARS, RIGHT TO THE DAY, from Day of Atonement, Sept. 23, 2015, the day that so much in Bible Prophecy is pointing DIRECTLY to.  He said, 7 days before his first election, that he would not only change the U.S., but he would also, in one more week (a Biblical Week of 7 Years), begin to CHANGE THE WORLD.  Knowingly, or unknowingly, he was prophesying, not just to his first election day seven days into the future, but also referring to a period ONE WEEK, OF A PROPHETIC 7 YEARS, INTO THE FUTURE, POINTING DIRECTLY AND EXACTLY TO DAY OF ATONEMENT, SEPT. 23, 2015!!!
Netanyahu's speech was a WARNING TO THE WORLD of nuclear judgment and destruction coming upon the world, if his pleas are not heard.  Esther's pleas were heard and heeded and the Jews were spared.  It is worth noting that judgment was about to fall on all Jews in this Persian (Iran) Kingdom, with Iran being the focal point of this speech, about impending peril upon our world today.  The King of Egypt, the Pharoah, let the Jews go, after ten plagues fell upon his people, only to change his mind, and go after them.  This brought about the ELEVENTH plague, of the complete destruction of the entire Egyptian army.  ELEVEN, as in 11/11/15, is God's number of JUDGMENT AND DISORDER, the perfect month of the year, and day of the year, for God to begin his JUDGMENTS AND DISORDER in the form of the Tribulation, involving 21 JUDGMENTS in Revelation. 
Pharoah, just like Obama, pretended to LET THE JEWS BE SPARED, but he turned on them, and sought their destruction.  Obama will do the same and he will do it very soon.  Haman was another TYPE of the Antichrist, out to destroy ALL of the Jews, but Esther, with God's help, came to the rescue of her people.  Moses came to the rescue of his people also, with God's help and direction.  Is Netanyahu attempting to be another Esther, or another Moses?  Will he succeed?  Remember that we are headed straight for the time of Israel's Trouble, prophesied in God's Word.  We have every reason to EXPECT that it will begin this coming Fall.  Will Israel attack Iran?  Will this much-talked-about treaty with Iran become a reality?  If so, will it lead to Peace and Safety, or will it lead to Sudden Destruction?  We must also remember that Russia and IRAN are the first two nations listed in Ezekiel 38-39, in the soon-coming Battle of Gog and Magog, which I believe will be a MAJOR component of World War 3. 
I know that I have raised a lot of questions here, with fewer answers than questions, but my main point is that this speech was extremely historic, important, and prophetic, AND IT IS A DIRECT WARNING TO THE WORLD OF IMPENDING JUDGMENT COMING UPON THE WORLD.  We should be taking this speech, as a DIRECT WARNING FROM GOD HIMSELF!  I believe that it was the Lord who inspired Netanyahu to compare the current plight of Israel to the times of Moses and Esther. It shows to me that this speech was God-given, and the TIMING of this historic speech, is being orchestrated behind the scenes, in the spiritual realm.  How much of this TIMING is being orchestrated by God, and much is being orchestrated by Satan, thru the NWO elite, we cannot be certain. As we now look at the TIMING of this event, this should become more obvious.  Let's examine some of the important aspects of the TIMING of this event: 
A.  First of all, this speech took place in the month, on March 3rd, which is EIGHT months from 11/11/15.  In fact, it is EXACTLY EIGHT months, and EIGHT days, from 11/11/15, when we should expect the Tribulation to start, with a probable limited nuclear war, just as the whole world was warned about in this speech on 3/3/15.  EIGHT is the number of new beginnings.  EIGHT MONTHS AND EIGHT DAYS to 11/11/15.  Would anyone dare to say that Day 1 of the Tribulation will be a time of NEW BEGINNINGS, both for the Raptured Christians in Heaven, and those left behind?  Is the TIMING of 3/3/15 pointing us DIRECTLY to 11/11/15?
B.  3/3/15 was 14 days from the HUGE election in Israel, to see if Netanyahu will remain as Prime Minister.  This election could very well be a MAJOR factor in determining the fate of Israel.  The importance of this election cannot be emphasized enough.  The U.S. also faced monumental choices in 2008 and 2012, and came out on the wrong side of history both times.  These choices, by naive Americans, and Christians lacking in discernment, will prove to be the downfall of the United States of America.  What will be the outcome for Israel in this upcoming election?  Will it lead to their downfall?  We have every reason to expect that, regardless of the results of this important election, we are headed straight to the Biblically-prophesied "Time of Jacob's (Israel's) Trouble". 
Why are these two extremely important days for Israel 14 days apart?  Is God comparing these 14 days to the 14 years of Obama's rule, from 2008 to 2022?  Is God trying to warn Israel not to make the same mistake that the U.S. made?  Is God comparing these 14 days (7 + 7) to the two 7-Year time periods in the days of Joseph, which led to 7 Years of Famine (a TYPE of the Tribulation)?  Is God reminding the Jews of the two 7-Year covenants made by Jacob and Laban (another TYPE of the Antichrist)?  After Jacob's 1st 7-year covenant with Laban led to a False Bride, so, too, will Israel's 1st covenant with the Antichrist, from Fall of 2008 to Fall of 2015, lead to the receiving of the wrong Messiah, Obama.
It will take another 7 Years, just like Jacob (Israel) did not receive His true Bride until the end of 14 years.  So, too, will Israel have to wait 14 years from the first covenant with Obama in 2008, before their true Messiah comes for them, who will be Jesus in 2022, 14 years later.   Are these 14 days prophetic?  Are they a symbol of these 3 separate 14-Year periods just mentioned?  Are they a warning to Israel to choose their leader carefully in this election on March 17th, 14 days after Netanyahu's speech?  14 days, as in 7 plus 7, just like Joseph, and Jacob, and just like the Antichrist, Obama, only each time it was 14 years, not 14 days.  Was March 3rd, 14 days from the election, another God-orchestrated timeframe?
C.  I find it fascinating that the date of this historic, and sign-filled speech was March 3rd, 40 days inclusive from Apr. 11th.   The Spring Feast Days, in Israel, start on the eve of Apr. 4th and conclude on Apr. 11th.  Is God planning something BIG for this final day of Feast of Unleavened Bread?  40 is God's number of trial, testing, and probation, and used extensively in the Bible.  Will Israel, and/or the U.S., be tested and put on trial for the 40 days from March 3rd to Apr. 11th?  The supposed deadline for the treaty with Iran is the end of March.  Will Apr. 11th be the signing day of  this ill-fated treaty?  Or, if Israel is unhappy with the results of these talks with Iran, could Apr. 11th be the day that they attack Iran?  Of course, Apr. 11th is also another ELEVEN, just like 11/11/15, a sign of judgment and disorder.  What other possible judgment and disorder COULD take place on this day? 
Keep your spiritual eyes open for possible further Prophetic developments on the 11th of each month, even March 11th, as it is the anniversary date of the catastrophic 9.0 earthquake, and resulting tsunami in Japan.  Remember 9/11/01 was another ELEVEN.  The devastating earthquake in Haiti, with a huge amount of casualties was on January ELEVENTH.  Yes, I do believe that mankind COULD have caused these catastrophic earthquakes, thru HAARP.  Regardless, I do believe the timing was Satan-orchestrated, because ELEVEN is a VERY Satanic number, and has been used as the day of the month for so many previous SATANIC SIGNS.  I will be writing about this SATANIC number in much more detail in my next post, in Part 3.
Many of you will remember how much emphasis that I put on the date of Apr. 11, 2012.  Do you remember the two comets which crossed in the skies, at the EXACT same point, on Apr. 11th, in consecutive years, foreshadowing Apr. 11th to be a very important day of the year in God's eyes?  April 11, 2012, was the EXACT midpoint date of the 7-Year covenant with Obama, which turned out to be our 7-Year Warning, the Final 7 Good Years of 2008--2015, as in the TYPE of Joseph, which are preceding the 7 Famine Years of 2015--2022.  God confirmed this midpoint date of Apr. 11, 2012, by having several earthquakes take place on Apr. 11-12.  Apr. 11, 2012, is now known as the Day of the Earthquakes.  The two largest slip earthquakes EVER recorded happened on this day of Apr. 11, 2012.  God was confirming the extreme importance of Apr. 11, 2012, thereby confirming the extreme importance of the 7 Good Years, preceding the 7 Bad Years from 2015 to 2022. 
My main point here is the extreme importance of April 11th in God's eyes.  Will April 11, 2015, prove to be another day of extreme importance in Bible Prophecy?  We do not have long to find out.  Here is another reason why I believe there COULD be something to this date of April 11, 2015. which is EXACTLY 4O days from Netanyahu's historic and prophetic speech.  This speech was also EXACTLY 40 minutes long, and was interrupted EXACTLY 40 times by applause.  All of this info in these last 3 paragraphs make Apr. 11, 2015, a fascinating date to be watching.  April 11th will be EXACTLY 40 days from the day of this historic speech on 3/3.  I believe, at the very least, this speech was a DIRECT WARNING OF IMPENDING NUCLEAR JUDGMENT ON THE U.S. AND A WARNING FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD!
D.  The date of 3/3 could hold possible connotations to the Satanic realm, as THREE is a very Satanic number, as in the Satanic trio of Satan, Antichrist, and False Prophet.  If Satan's plans include a Sudden Destruction event in the near future, the date of 3/3 COULD be some type of a Warning date, as in a POSSIBLE warning of nuclear Judgment coming upon the world, with this speech centered around nuclear weapons.  Is the Great Sword (nuclear weapons?) about to be unleashed upon the world?  My personal opinion is that the first unleashing of nuclear weapons will probably take place on 11/11/15, the likely first day of the Tribulation.  But this speech taking place on 3/3 could be a WARNING OF IMPENDING NUCLEAR JUDGMENT, because of the main emphasis of the speech.
E.  Why was Tuesday the chosen day of the week for this historic and prophetic speech?  Tuesday was the day of the week of the tragic day of Judgment upon the U.S., with the destruction of the twin towers in NYC on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001.  Tuesday is the THIRD day of the week, making THREE 3's, not just two.  I have written much in the past about 333 being the most Satanic number of all.  We have the THIRD day of the week, the THIRD day of the month, and the THIRD month of the year.  Three 3's.  333.  333 is THE most Satanic number.  Planning this historic speech on Tuesday (the 3rd day of the week), the 3rd day of the 3rd month of the year, speaks ominously that Satan is behind this day of Tuesday, March 3rd.  It gives further credence to this speech being an OMINOUS WARNING OF IMPENDING NUCLEAR JUDGMENT COMING UPON THE WORLD!!!
Much is also written in the Word about the THIRD DAY and about Jesus Returning on the THIRD DAY.  Tuesday is the THIRD DAY of the week.  November 11th of this year is a Wednesday, the day of the week for Jewish Weddings to take place (will this be our Wedding Day?), but part of it, because of time zone differences, will be on Tuesday in the U.S., as 11/11/15 occurs in Israel.  Tuesday is known in Jewish tradition as the day when the Bridegroom comes for the Bride.  Could our Wedding Day, our Rapture Day, be the same day as the Sudden Destruction on 11/11/15 in Israel, and Tuesday, 11/10/15 in the U.S.?  Could Tuesday, 3/3/15, be pointing to the day of the week of the Sudden Destruction by the Satanic New World Order and the day of the week of the Rapture by our Lord?
F.  On the evening of March 4th this year began the Feast of Purim, making this important and prophetic speech effectively on the day before Purim.  Feast of Purim is celebrated as a direct result of the day of the year when Esther saved her people, the Jews, from total destruction.  Of course, Esther was referred to by Netanyahu during his speech, and he compared this time of Israel's current peril to the times of Esther.  So, Feast of Purim, and Esther, have a DIRECT tie-in to this speech on 3/3.  But why not have the speech on 3/4 or 3/5, the actual day of Feast of Purim?  Probably for all of the reasons listed above.  Tuesday, 3/3, was a much better fit for all of the above reasons, and it was within one day of Feast of Purim.
If you read the preceding paragraphs closely, it becomes difficult to discern just how much of the timing of this historic and prophetic speech was orchestrated and directed by God, and how much was orchestrated by Satan, thru his New World Order elite.  But the more we delve into the timing of this event, the more we become convinced of  the hand of God at work, and the more we can see the sinister plans of Satan at work.  Something extremely ominous and prophetic is going on here, behind the scenes.  There seems to be an unparalleled spiritual battle going on, preparing the world for the Judgments of God, and also for the sinister, diabolical plans of Satan, thru the New World Order elite. 
Here is what I believe is happening with the EXACT TIMING of this tremendous WARNING EVENT.  The NWO orchestrated the TIMING, RIGHT DOWN TO THE EXACT DAY, AND EVEN TO THE MINUTE (as you will see shortly).  As usual, they give out clues as to their future plans.  They are giving the world a hidden, and unannounced WARNING, with the TIMING of this speech.  In the coming months, ask the Lord for spiritual discernment when similar events happen.  Make no mistake, the NWO elite delight in giving out clues.  They feel they are invincible, and cannot be stopped, even if their sinister plans are discovered.  Remember that Satan is the orchestrator behind their plans.  One of the NWO elite, Henry Kissinger, has gone on record as saying that Obama is their Chosen One, to head up the New World Order.  They have to feel like they now have less than two years to make their ill-fated move.  I believe they have CHOSEN 11/11/15 to be that day.
On the other hand, God is using this Satan-orchestrated plan to give out His own warnings, such as the possible 40-Day Warning to Apr. 11th, the 14-day gap between this excellent WARNING speech, and the Israeli election, and the closeness to Feast of Purim (Esther), and the parallels in the speech itself to Moses and Esther.  The whole world should be taking very seriously this DIRECT WARNING FROM GOD ALMIGHTY OF IMPENDING AND FAST-APPROACHING NUCLEAR JUDGMENT!  Netanyahu was simply God's instrument to give out this message, and that is confirmed by the content, and especially by the TIMING of this monumental event.
G.  As in sign #4 of the 11 Signs, we once again have 7 Signs within Sign # 5 of the EXTREME IMPORTANCE OF THE TIMING OF THIS HISTORIC, AND PROPHETIC SPEECH.  This is Sign #7, the sign that takes the cake.  This is the sign that has had me so excited all day today.  This is the sign that you have been waiting for.  This is the WARNING sign that ties in with the title of this post today.  This is the sign that is totally AMAZING to me.  I hope that you find it equally AMAZING.
Knowing that today, March 3rd, was the day scheduled for Obama's speech, I immediately turned on the TV this morning to find out the time of the speech, thinking I could start this post in the morning, and watch Netanyahu's speech in the afternoon, as I took a break from the computer.  I was very pleasantly  surprised when I discovered the speech was actually scheduled for 11 a.m.  I was also excited to learn that it was at the 11:00 hour because the number 11 is the main focus of these past two posts of mine. and God's number of Judgment.  Almost immediately, I felt strongly impressed to tell my wife that the speech would not start at 11:00, as scheduled, but instead would start at 11:11.
As the minutes between 11:00 and 11:11 ticked by, I was growing increasingly anxious in my spirit, wondering if the Lord was truly giving me a revelation.  I was literally shouting for joy, as BENJAMIN NETANYAHU SPOKE HIS FIRST WORDS IN FRONT OF CONGRESS AND IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE WORLD AT EXACTLY 11;11 A.M.  Many of you will chalk this up to coincidence.  I cannot.  I will not.  Not when the Lord spoke into my spirit that the speech would commence at EXACTLY 11:11.  Not when all of the other 6 signs that I have been detailing also spoke directly to the TIMING of this event.  Not when I have been seeking the Lord for even more confirmations that the Tribulation would begin on 11/11/15.
The same God who was BIG enough to orchestrate the timing of the cosmic collision of the century with the Comet and Jupiter 21 years from 2015, with 21 fragments of the comet, representing the 21 Judgments of Revelation, on the 9th of Av, the historic day for Judgment, is also the same God who is capable of allowing Satan to orchestrate the timing of Netanyahu's speech TO BEGIN AT EXACTLY 11;11 A.M!!!  I do believe, because of all of the above, that Satan has orchestrated the TIMING, but that God is also using this well-orchestrated TIMING  for His own purposes, which have been outlined above.
The same God who was BIG enough to have these 21 fragments, colliding into Jupiter, take place over 7 days, representing the 7 Years of Judgment and Tribulation, and orchestrated the TIMING OF THIS SPECTACULAR DISPLAY IN THE HEAVENS TO BEGIN AT EXACTLY 11;11, JERUSALEM TIME, IS THE SAME GOD WHO HAS ALLOWED NETANYAHU'S SPEECH TO ALSO BEGIN AT THE EXACT SAME TIME OF 11;11.  I believe that God is giving us the EXACT day of the year of 11/11/15 to be the first day of the Tribulation, the Day that begins God's 21 Judgments upon the earth.  The amazing timing, especially of the 11:11 a.m. starting time for this God-given, much-needed, and excellent Prophetic speech, confirms to us there was certainly much more going on in the spiritual realm than first meets the eye. 
My God is BIG enough to accomplish both of these tasks without a problem.  Is your God BIG enough to do it?  Or, are you going to go against incalcuable odds and chalk both of these unbelievable well-orchestrated timings to coincidence?  Are both of these EXACT AMAZING 11/11 timings Prophetic, or not?  The answer for me is easy.  How about you?  2520 days, or 7 Prophetic Years, from Feast of Atonement, the Feast Day of the year when Christ is supposed to Return to Earth to end the 2520-day Tribulation, Oct. 5, 2022, is 11/11/15.  11/11/15 is the day that EVERYTHING is pointing towards.  The reasons and signs tell us that it is also evidently the day that God is pointing towards.  
What makes it even more exciting, is that evidently God desires us to know the time also.  That is a difficult concept for most Christians to accept.  I challenge anybody to show us even one Scripture that tells us that we are NOT to know the timeframe of the 7-Year Tribulation.  Jesus said we could KNOW when His Return is NEAR, EVEN AT THE DOOR!  Now that means VERY CLOSE!  But how are we to know when the Rapture is VERY NEAR, if we cannot figure out when the Tribulation is?
It has been well-documented, even in a recent Bible Prophecy book, that when the U.S. makes a decision, or commits an action, that goes against Israel, that in the next two or three days, God reacts by allowing a JUDGMENT, of some type, to come upon our country.  Many times this JUDGMENT is in the form of a hurricane, tornado outbreak, another form of weather disaster, economic judgment, etc.  It seems to be God's way of expressing his great displeasure for our country's actions or decisions, in regards to His Chosen nation of Israel.
I believe that God was pleased with Netanyahu's speech and efforts to help his Jewish people, in this time of increasing peril.  I believe He was pleased with the warm welcome by most of Congress.  I believe He was also pleased with the content of the speech. 
However, it would seem for certain that God was NOT pleased with Obama's negative reaction, and Nancy Pelosi's negative reactions.  I have to believe that God was certainly NOT pleased with the decisions of V.P. Joe Biden, and 60 Senators, to boycott the speech.  SIX is the number of MAN, and SIXTY is the number of PRIDE.  So, we have MAN'S PRIDE getting in the way of supporting the Jews, and instead, supporting the Antichrist, Obama.  Surely, God was NOT happy with all of these reactions and decisions, against His Jewish people, and the nation of Israel.  But even more than that, I believe He was even more displeased with what was taking place at the very same time as Netanyahu's speech. Secretary of State, John Kerry, was negotiating this VERY, VERY BAD TREATY ON NUCLEAR WEAPONS FOR IRAN at the very same time.  Basically, the U.S. is selling Israel down the road.
God's extreme displeasure is obvious with all of the WARNING SIGNS contained in the content and timing of this historical speech, outlined above.  But it has now become even more obvious, considering God's past reactions of expressing His displeasure at the U.S. for their plans, decisions, and actions against His Chosen people, and His Chosen nation of Israel.
Sparta and Thor?  Seriously?  Out of all the names that could have been chosen to name winter storms in the U.S., they chose SPARTA AND THOR.  Once again, we see the sinister hand of Satan at work here, as we take a look at the meaning of the names of Sparta and Thor.
SPARTA--Noted for its MILITARISM.  An ancient Greek city known for its MILITARY prowess.  Is God giving our country a stern WARNING that our military prowess will be for naught, when God's Judgment comes upon our country, for abandoning Israel???  Here is a question most Americans have never thought of: 
What if the Antichrist, Barack Hussein Obama, who has been planted here to destroy the United States, is COMPLICIT WITH AN ATTACK ON OUR COUNTRY? Who is the person who controls the black box, for nuclear retaliation?  Would he push the button?  In Luke 21, we learn about a SNARE OR TRAP COMING ON THE WHOLE WORLD.  I believe the trap is Obama being complicit with a plan involving the Destruction, or the downfall of the U.S.  For almost all Americans that would be unthinkable, and for even for most Christians.  But not for me.  After all, Obama is the Antichrist. 
THOR--the god of thunder and WAR.  DESTINED TO KILL AND BE KILLED.  No real explanation needed here, except to say that the Sudden Destruction, which I believe opens the Tribulation, will most likely begin with the opening of the 2nd Seal, in Revelation 6:2, with the unleashing of the Great Sword of nuclear weapons.  We must remember that the New World Order cannot come into existence with the United States as the sole superpower.  It is the belief of the NWO elite, that only the U.S. stands in their way.  They have planted Obama here to destroy the United States.  He is doing a good job of it from within, and by his foreign policies.  Our country MUST be taken down as a world power, or, at the very least, greatly diminished.  The motto of the NWO is that out of the chaos of World War 3 comes our NEW WORLD ORDER, and Obama is their Chosen One to lead them.
I am now on my third day of compiling this post.  It is now Thursday, March 5th.  A large jetliner has just skidded off the runway at Laguardia Airport in New York City.  This is the hub of all air travel in the U.S.  Hundreds of flights all over the U.S. have had to be changed or cancelled as a direct result of this accident.  Many thousands of lives are being disrupted.  God's Judgment on the U.S., for what is currently taking place with these nuclear weapons talks with Iran, continues.  It is not very likely a coincidence that it is New York City where this Judgment originates.  Many believe that New York City is Mystery Babylon, which will be destroyed in one hour. 
Revelation says that Mystery Babyon IS FALLEN, IS FALLEN.  Twice, not once.  Was the first IS FALLEN, the 9/11/01 catastrophe?  Is this latest incident, resulting in untold misery for tens of thousands of people, another Judgment upon New York City?  Is it also another WARNING to NYC, and to the U.S.?  Is the 2nd IS FALLEN going to take place soon?  Will it take place in the Fall of 2015?
Many mysterious things are taking place this week.  If you have spiritual discernment, you can see that much of what is taking place is taking place in the spiritual realm.  It is almost like a master chess game is taking place between God and Satan.  We all need to be praying for more spiritual discernment.  There is likely much more going on in the spiritual realm with the events of these past few days than what has been brought out in this post.  If you believe that the Lord is showing you something specific, regarding what is taking place beyond the human realm here, share it with me.  Maybe I can use it in my next post to share with many others.  Or, share it yourself, by sending your email to: 
Sign #6.  Feast of Tabernacles, in 2015, runs from Sept. 28th thru Oct. 4th.  It actually is scheduled to begin on the eve of Sept. 27th, Jerusalem time.  The 1st Day of Tabernacles, Sept. 28th, is the day of the very last lunar eclipse of the blood red moon tetrad.  This fact alone makes Feast of Tabernacles a very significant and important Feast in 2015.  Without going into all of the ramifications and prophetic significance of Tabernacles, let's just center in on the Day of Tabernacles that should represent Jesus.  The 7 Days of Tabernacles are represented by the Menorrah, with 7 Candlesticks.  The 4th, or center, Candlestick towers above the other 6 Candlesticks, because it is the center one, and has been elevated.  This center Candlestick should represent the Messiah, Jesus, who should be at the center of our lives, and elevated to be the Lord over our lives.
The 4th Day of the Week is the center day.  The 4th Day of the Feast of Tabernacles is the center day.  The 4th Day of Tabernacles should represent the Messiah, who is Jesus, who should be at the center of our lives.  It all CENTERS around Jesus.  I believe that 11/11/15 will not only be the 1st Day of the Tribulation, and the Day of Sudden Destruction (1st Thess. 5), but also most likely the Day of the Rapture.  I have taught for years that the Sudden Destruction and the Rapture would be the very same day. 
The Rapture is the 1st stage of the 2nd Coming of Christ, when Jesus comes in the clouds to receive His Bride.  I believe it is significant that the CENTER day of Tabernacles this year (Sept. 30--Oct 1), which represents Jesus, is EXACTLY 42 DAYS FROM 11/11/15, which should be the Day of the 1st stage of the 2nd Coming of Christ, and the start of the Day of the Lord.  The reason this is so important is that the BIBLICAL NUMBER FOR THE 2ND COMING OF CHRIST IS 42!!!
Quoting from Ed Vallowe's "Biblical Mathematics", "Our Lord's 2ND ADVENT to the earth will be associated with the number FORTY-TWO.  At the end of the FORTY-TWO months of Israel's oppression by the Beast, Christ will make His SECOND ADVENT to the earth."  Vallowe then quotes several of the Scriptural passages that refer to the FORTY-TWO-month Great Tribulation, which will culminate at the Battle of Armageddon, and the literal 2nd Coming of Christ. 
Vallowe then goes on the explain how the number FORTY -TWO is associated with the Rapture in 2nd Kings 2:23-25.  He concludes by saying this, " Here again, FORTY-TWO is associated with THE COMING OF CHRIST OR THE TRANSLATION OF THE SAINTS that shall take place AT THE RAPTURE OR THE 1ST PHASE OF THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST."
So, not only the literal 2nd Coming of Christ is associated with the number FORTY-TWO in the Word of God, but also THE RAPTURE!!!  I believe that the FORTY-TWO Days from the Center day, representing Christ, as the Middle Candelestick, of Feast of Tabernacles, to 11/11/15, is pointing us to the probable Day of the Rapture.  Keep in mind that the 1st Day of Tabernacles is the Final Day of the tetrad of Blood Red Moons.  A delay of 42 Days from the Day of Tabenacles which represents Christ seems perfectly appropriate when we consider that 42 is the number representing THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST!  This is just one moe sign pointing DIRECTLY TO 11/11/15. 
Sign #7.  Seeing how 7 is God's number of completion, I will now complete this post, which is Part 2, with Sign #7.  Using 11/11/15 as the 1st Day of the 2520--Day Tribulation, takes us to Day of Atonement, Oct. 5, 2022, for the last day of the Tribulation.  But what would be the mid-point Day, or Day 1260, or the actual start of the 1260--Day GREAT Tribulation?
But I want to center in on Firstfruits being a Harvest Day.  Of course, Jesus was resurrected on Feast of Firstfruits, so many have considered this Feast Day to be a potential Rapture Day, calling it the Firstfruits Rapture, when the dead in Christ would be Resurrected, like Jesus was on this day, and then those who are alive in Christ would also be Raptured on Firstfruits.  This is a prominent Rapture theory.  This day of Feast of Firstfruits, at the very center of the Tribulation in 2019, could also be the day for the Rapture of the 2 witnesses, and/or the 144,000, if you believe that either or both of these two groups minister for the 1st half of the Tribulation.  Those who consider themselves Mid-Trib believers, this discovery of Firstfruits being at the very middle of our 7-Year timeline, ought to be thrilled with this discovery, as it would pinpoint the day of your Rapture, on Feast of Firstfruits, Apr. 23-24, 2019.
My best educated guess, based on my understanding of the Scriptures, is that the Day of Feast of Firstfruits, Apr. 23-24, 2019, could be the 2nd Rapture, with the 1st Rapture being on the Day of the Sudden Destruction and 1st Day of the 2520--Day Tribulation, on the proposed date of 11/11/15.  These two Raptures then would conclude the Firstfruits Rapture (a twofold Rapture, if you will), with the perfect fulfillment on the very day of Feast of Firstfruits, right EXACTLY in the middle of the Tribulation. 
I realize that many of you are adament about there being only one Rapture, and you could be right.  But my Biblical studies teach me that not all born-again believers will be found worthy by the Lord, of the 1st Rapture.  The Christians who are left behind are those with the dirty robes mentioned in Revelation.  They are the backslidden, lukewarm, worldly, and unwatchful Christians, who were warned in the first few chapter in Revelation, and in Luke, who will have their robes made white during the 1st half of the Tribulation.  Please do not bombard me with emails telling me how wrong I am, as I already admitted that you could be right.  But I would much rather get as close to the Lord as I can, and be spiritually prepared for the 1st Rapture, then to be lulled to sleep, or misled by false teaching, and miss the Rapture, and find myself trapped in the Tribulation, because I had been taught that it did not really matter what spiritual state I was in, because I would still automatically go in the Rapture.  To me, that is dangerous theology. 
What have any of us got to lose by getting close to the Lord, and attempting to become part of the Bride, who is without spot or wrinkle for our Bridegroom?  Jesus told us to pray that we be found worthy in His sight TO ESCAPE ALL THESE THINGS (not half of the Tribulation, but ALL of it).  Our Blessed Escape, is our Blessed Hope.  It is the Rapture of the Bride.  BE READY!!!  I believe this is the primary reason that the Lord is giving us the time of the start of the Tribulation, so that we could PREPARE FOR OUR WEDDING DAY!  PREPARE TO MEET YOUR LORD!  PREPARE TO MEET YOUR BRIDEGROOM, OUR LORD JESUS!
Another possible key point about Feast of Firstfruits, 2019, being the Mid-point day of this proposed timeline is that Firstfruits is the 3rd Day of this Prophetic Holy Week.  It is also the 3rd Feast Day, coming after Feast of Passover, and Feast of Unleavened Bread.  There is much in the Word of God about Jesus coming on THE THIRD DAY.  Could the Lord possibly be referring to a Rapture on the Feast of Firstfruits in 2019??? 
So, my main point in Sign #7 is that Feast of Firstfruits in the Spring of 2019 being at the EXACT MID-POINT of the Tribulation of this proposed timeline, makes this a day literally filled with potential Prophetic fulfillments, no matter what they might turn out to be.  But more importantly, and to my point, is that this is just one more compelling reason, and probably even a confirmation, that 11/11/15 IS THE DAY OF DESTINY, THE DAY OF THE LORD, THE DAY OF JUDGMENT, AND THE 1ST DAY OF THE TRIBULATION.
In Revelation 3:3, JESUS admonishes His end-time church, with these words of WARNING, "Remember, therefore, how you have received and heard, and hold fast, and REPENT.  IF, THEREFORE, YOU SHALL NOT WATCH, I WILL COME ON YOU AS A THIEF, AND YOU WILL NOT KNOW WHAT HOUR I WILL COME UPON YOU.  The implication of our Lord is very obvious, that if we are WATCHING and if we are REPENTING, WE CAN KNOW THE TIME.  Are YOU watching?  Are YOU repenting?  As end-times Christians, these are two extremely important aspects of our daily walk with Jesus--WATCHING AND REPENTING.
Very simply, our Lord cannot use you as a watchman to WARN others, if there is habitual sin in your life.  You will not have spiritual discernment to be able to receive revelation knowledge from our Lord.  If you are too caught up in sin and other CARES OF THIS LIFE, God simply CANNOT use you.  You will not have the conviction and the spiritual power and the wisdom needed to be an effective watchman.  The Lord is desiring to reveal revelation knowledge and wisdom, and to find more true watchmen.  But the key word from Jesus is REPENT, as the Lord can only use holy, clean, and yielded vessels for this end-time work.  Your words of warning will not be heeded, if there is open sin in your life.  Our Lord is giving YOU these words of WARNING, so that you still have a little time to REPENT.
YOUR participation in this Pre-Trib Rapture may very well be at stake, unless you REPENT.  Members of YOUR family's participation in this Rapture may also very well be at stake.  Unless YOU REPENT, you will be unable to reach them.  Your words of warning will go unheeded.  For those of you who are ready for Jesus to come back, this is a NEW day.  This is a NEW time.  It is a time for NEW PRIORITIES.  This is a time for NEW URGENCY.   This is a time to accelerate our efforts to win as many into our Lord's Kingdom as we possibly can.  Eternal rewards are at stake, and more importantly, ETERNAL souls are at stake.  
Once again, in Part 3, I will attempt to finish "11 Signs Pointing Directly to 11/11/15 as the Start of the Tribulation".  Hopefully, this will conclude with Signs 8 thru 11.
Ron Reese
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