Clay Cantrell (7 June 2011)
"Dream of Another Celebrity"

Readers -

Due to this dream from the Lord and it's fulfillment:

I'm posting other dreams I have that I think are of note.

Should the dream become reality at some point, then it was from the
Lord. If it doesn't, then it wasn't.


During the morning of 6.03.11, I had the following dream about a fairly
young Hollywood film actress (celebrity) whom I will not name at this
point. She is well known, having made many films in the USA.

I had a long dream where I spent the entire dream with the actress whose
name is ____________. We sat and talked at length, as is we were old
friends. Later in the dream, a big burly guy in a particular colored
shirt, (who I could pick out of a photograph if I saw him, I saw him
clearly) came up and said inappropriate things to her. He went away,
then came back later in the dream and said more inappropriate things to
her and aggressively propositioned her. I told him to back off. He left
but came back later armed with futuristic weapons and armor of some
kind, and others were with him.

I thought it was unusual the amount of dream time I seemed to be
spending with her. She was the focus, like specific colors in other
dreams I've had.

Watch for an event that makes the news that involves ____________ that
fits a similar scenario.