Clay Cantrell (23 March 2011)
"Dream Prediction, Elizabeth Taylor dies"

Readers -

on 3.17.11 I had a vivid dream.

in it, I saw a woman who was not Elizabeth Taylor, but was dressed like Elizabeth Taylor, had hair styling like Elizabeth Taylor, and had eye makeup on like Elizabeth Taylor etc.

It confused me in the dream as it was not the person herself, but someone else I knew. this person looked sad and very tired.

when I awoke and thought about it for a bit, I said to myself, "Elizabeth Taylor is about to die."

I also thought I wouldn't be surprised if she passed away with a week.

on 3.23.11 Elizabeth Taylor died at age 79, per the Lord's word in the dream.

a year ago this morning (3.23.11) I had the astounding dream of the White Rooms, the Heavenly museum and being caught up to heaven.