Clay Cantrell (7 June 2011)
"Dream of the Dust Storm, Eastern USA"

Readers -

Due to this dream from the Lord and it's fulfillment:

I'm posting other dreams I have that I think are of note.

Should the dream become reality at some point, then it was from the
Lord. If it doesn't, then it wasn't.


This morning 6.05.11 I had this dream

I was in some place in the eastern USA on some kind of vacation/trip.
This locale is known for it's American history tourism sites, so I felt
like it was Boston, Philadelphia or some place like Williamsburg, VA.

I was there a while in the dream. at the end of the dream, i was looking
to my right and over a large empty parking lot. There was a massive dust
storm approaching. It was light to dark brown in color and billowing
clouds - more turbulent toward the ground. it seemed to be coming in
from the west, and I stood there surprised and puzzled that a dust storm
would be coming in to where I was in the eastern USA.

When I awoke I reasoned that some catastrophe had to have happened in
the USA, and that was the only reason a dust storm could be out east
like that.

It looked like the photos on this site about the Dust Bowl: