Clay Cantrell (7 June 2011)
"Dream of the Collapsing Overpasses"

Readers -

Due to this dream from the Lord and it's fulfillment:

I'm posting other dreams I have that I think are of note.

Should the dream become reality at some point, then it was from the
Lord. If it doesn't, then it wasn't.


The morning of March 25, 2011 I had this dream.

I'm sitting in the driver's seat of a smallish car with three other
people (two of whom I knew from my past) in the car with me, stuck at a
dead stop in a massive traffic jam located somewhere, I think, in the
Los Angeles area.

Over head are three (?) crisscross overpasses for highways running above
me. we are sitting under the areas where these highways go over or under
each other. they are very high up from my vantage point in the dream, so
that means I am on ground level. they are maybe too high up and
exaggerated in the dream to make a point about the location?

The underside of the areas that align over each other on the highways
above is painted a bright robin's egg blue. the paint is only in the
crisscross areas (the areas that align on top or under each other). very

I look out the window and up to the overpasses above and see that they
are cracking and buckling as if in an earthquake. breaking off in
massive chunks of concrete and steel. i was not afraid, but I notice in
the dream that the ground did not shake as in a quake. the overpasses
were just collapsing, so maybe it wasn't a quake but there was no
explosion or anything that looked like it was causing it to collapse. in
fact, there was no noise in the dream.

I said to myself, knowing that we were stuck in this traffic jam, and
there was nowhere to run, "This is it - today I'm going to die. There's
no way out."

The highway overpasses collapsed and feel to the ground in huge chunks,

we all got out of the car, in shock that we were not killed, and looked
at the rubble for a second - then we hugged each other, relieved and

end of dream.