Stacy Raborn (22 July 2011)
"I am..."

John, first of all, I must say it is so nice to have a site to go to every day for news, truth, love, and encouragement -- all based on the return of our Lord.  Thank you so much for this site.

Doves, I don't post much at all; I just like reading all the wisdom you all share, and there is so much!  I did want to post something today, however.  Something that I hope will encourage others who may struggle with the same thing I sometimes do, even after all these years...

I must confess, that even after 17 years of being born again, I still struggle at times with my full identity in Christ, although I am a watcher and consider myself completely and wholeheartedly in love with the Lord and surrendered to Him.  There are times when I have a hard time resting in Him, and I simply do not know why.  I ask myself why I still need milk sometimes when all I really crave is MEAT! I don't know if others struggle or not, but I am confessing this today (and I do not like it at all!).

One of the things I do often is read the scriptures that reaffirm everything I have in Him and who I am in Him.  I have attached several statements/affirmations along with the scripture references to back them up, and they are typed on 4 x 6 cards so they can be printed on index cards.  I print them out, bind them together, and read them sometimes every day. They are easy to carry around, since they're on cards.  I have other ones on healing and other topics that are personal to me as well, but I did not attach those.

I wanted to share this with the Doves just in case some of you or someone you know would benefit.  As we know, the Word washes us clean and changes us; it never comes back void.  There is absolutely no way that reading these and believing them will not result in a harvest in our hearts.

I hope this blesses someone!  Blessings to you all, and I hope to see you all in the air with our Lord and Savior very soon!!  That will truly be THE DAY!!!

I am Scriptures.doc