Robert Belanger (28 July 2011)
"Re: Barry"

Dear Barry,

You are absolutely right! I did change my position after reading Eliane's message defending a two-part rapture. The study by Bruce Baber today also supports the two-part rapture. Not all saved Christians live faithful to God's commandments, I mean they are fully engaged in the world and do not five more than a passing thought to eternity and the commandments of Jesus to love God and our fellow man.

They are too immature spiritually to peas through the open door of Rev. 3:8 and need to be purified a little, after the pre-Tribulation rapture of the Bride, who are faithful and are watching and waiting for Jesus' return for them. It is like Enoch and Elijah in Bruce's study.

Sorry I confused you. I am now back to the two-part rapture that I had earlier based on Mize's book The Open Door. I do not subscribe to Arlen Chitwood's thoughts regarding the single rapture any longer.

Thanks for asking. I should have clarified my position earlier but forgot to I guess.