Bob Ware (15 July 2011)
"Different gematrias for 'JESUS CHRIST' and 'PLANET X' both equal 364"

When you apply the uppercase ASCII code values 65 to 90 to the 'qwerty' keyboard sequence then 'ELENIN' = 467. 467 is the sum of three different gematrias for 'God' and it is the center of the 'Prime Cross'. Lincoln served 467 more days than JFK.
In Day's post: the Tunguska Blast is mentioned. The sum of the twin-prime pairs at the north and south points of the 'Prime Cross' (431+433 and 521+523) is the year of the Tunguska Blast (1908).
        1908 + 467 = 2368 (JESUS CHRIST) + 7
If we pass through the tail of 'ELENIN' we could have another 'Tunguska Blast' experience.
The uppercase composite number gematria of 'PLANET X' is 153. 153 is the trinity reduction of the Greek gematria of 'JESUS' (888 yields 153). The trinity reduction of 'CHRIST' is 370 (1480 yields 370). 153 + 370 = 523.
The composite number gematrias derived from the Greek spelling of 'JESUS CHRIST': 157 + 207 = 364.
When you sequentially assign the Hebrew gematria values of the 26 letters in the six translatable words of GN 1:1 to the 26 English letters then the gematria of 'PLANET X' is also 364.
I hope this links the return of Jesus Christ to 'ELENIN' and this coming Rosh Hashanah (9.28-29.2011).