Day (13 July 2011)
"Beware of Saying, "Elenin is ONLY a Comet""

Having studied Elenin for some time, I have been surprised by the recent posts that state, rather categorically, that because Elenin is "only a comet, it will be a non-event.--no threat, no danger, a blip in the history of astronomy.
In truth, and even in scientific "truth", such a statement simply cannot be made with validity.  Quoting any other source than God alone about the Elenin outcome is quoting a source lacking omniscience.
There are several points one could make about comets, historically:
It was "only" a comet fragment or meteorite, which caused the explosion in Tunguska, Russia, in 1908. Estimates as to the strength of the explosion vary, but a mid-average estimate gives this explosion the force equal to one- third the power of the largest nuclear weapon ever detonated on earth.  It knocked over an estimated 80 million trees in an area covering about 830 square miles.  An interesting read is the Wikipedia article which includes eyewitness comments:  Needless to say, such an event would not be a non-event.
History appears to be rife with evidences of the earth's bout with comets, and the outcomes, as believed by much of the scientific community, are considered catastrophic and thought to involve the demise of dinosaurs and civilizations,
There are all number of theories currently being discussed that could put the earth in jeopardy from this "comet."  NASA itself has already adjusted the comet's proposed trajectory, and there is talk that on the NASA site "buzzroom" a discussion closed down the site when it stated a recalculation had been made in the closest flyby distance  from .24 AU  down to .0004 AU
There is speculation that the earth will pass through the debris tail of the comet, and there are varying opinions as to the threat, if any, which will exist as it does.
Finally, current thinking says all comets are not alike.  While much, no, most of the information about comets is still theory, a net article called:The Electric Comet, the Elephant in NASAs Living Room, discusses the perceived differences in Comet Theory, including differences in comet behavior, as evidenced by the comet Hale-Bopp. This article includes a quote by Donald Brownlee, principle investigator of NASA's Stardust Mission, on the unpredictable behavior of comets.
Whether or not Elenin is actually Elenin; whether Elenin is a comet, planet or dwarf star, what any of their orbits and proximity to earth will be; what damage, or lack of damage will result, and when...all these remain to be seen...Only God KNOWS.  Therefore, studying the Bible for any application It may have to Elenin would be the wisest and most obvious course of action. 
In the meantime, beware of saying, "It's only a Comet!"