Barb Pennel (22 July 2011)
"To Robert re:Book on the Judgement seat of God and"

Hi Robert,I am reading the book you mentioned and thought you might enjoy "The Open Door" by Lyn Mize.  I believe you had told about "First in a past message on the Doves. His book was published in 1994 and that is where I found out about his websight.  It is the 1st time I really thought I was beginning to understand what the whole bible was talking about.  It is so true you can read the bible and pass over things,then at a later date read it again and things begin to pop out,the Holy Spirit works so well if we listen to him.  Anyway am enjoying this book and also re reading the open door.  Thanks again and Love to John and all the Doves,what a wonderful websight . You work SOOOO hard LOVE to you all and keep watching.  Barb Pennell
Thanks, Barb!