Susan Armstrong (3 Jan 2012)
"To Frank Molver re: occult rituals and O"

To Frank Molver re: occult rituals and O
Frank, I do not doubt what you posted at all.  I am in agreement with you as I knew about his grandmother's spells in Kenya daily before the election and his mother-in-law's involvement in the occult.  I was just surprised to see that someone finally had verified that he and she were actually at an event to summon up help from the pit.  I had suspected that was happening but no one so far had verfied it.  I had also seen Kevin M's posts and Mike Curtiss's.  The first tip-off that things were being orchestrated to put him in place for our destruction was the trip to Berlin and the lining up with the occutlic lines of the Pergummun museum (Seat of Satan on display) , Hitler's Tower of Victory and the Brandenberg Gate, and his verbal identification of himself as a "citizen of the WORLD".
  The expensive effort to hide any vestigates of this one's past is also extremely suspicious.  Makes you wonder about the true facts concerning his appearance on planet earth.  Who were his real parents and what circumstances surround his birth and upbringing?  We only know what we have been fed by the media and it is all suspect. 
A few years back I read several articles about Bill Clinton having voodoo and occultic ceremonies performed to ensure his election and re-election by the leader-in-exile from haiti.  The late David Meyers who published "The Last Trumpet" newsletter also testified that both Bill and Hill were witches and that she outranked him.  David would know as he was a high priest in a satanic group before becoming a Christian.  It was also well known that Hillary had shamans and other dark spiritual leaders performing rituals in the Map Room of the White House when they lived there.  Looks like the White House is throughly and completely contaminated and that the U.S. has had dark leaders in office often.  Sickening and it begs for the judgment of God to fall on this nation.