Frank R Molver (2 Jan 2012)
"Susuan re Obama's occult participation"
I didn't go looking for this info, it came to me.
I will ask for more details
This woman was involved in a witchcraft, or voodoo ceremony in Africa with Obama and Michelle.
She sought safety after she became frightened during this ceremony.
She contacted one of my friends over there.
She was brought to the states to a remote place for deliverance.
The deliverance lasted for several days, it was quite a battle.
The woman WAS a witch practicing voodoo, she is African, she is now a Christian.
Some of you who have experienced this type of thing know what I am talking about, this is not childs play or fantasy.
The documentation of Obama's occult leanings have been well documented here for several years.
If you look at some of Kevin's postings you will see he agrees as to who Obama really is.
Kevin is also from Africa