Steven Prieur (19 Jan 2012)
"RE: Jays post"

Towards the end of Jays post he notes that Marshal Law will be implemented here if a war is started in the middle east.
I have said several time here the next attack on Israel would be from Syria.
I said the only way Obama could maintain power was thru the implementation of Marshal law.
The Lord has lead me for years now with these thoughts and dreams.
The only one yet in my vision is, we will be here to see the beginning of the events, then the Rapture will take place.
It is not going to be pretty.
I will post the addresses here from my previous posts. My mind has been in over load lately with all the events that are not even talked about by our so called media. CHINA is to be feared the most i believe, they are the Sleeping Giant and not to be taken lightly.
Be strong keep you and your family safe. I believe we will see the beginning of the wars, i really do then we will go. I am not savvy with the numbers like others here are but i have been dead on accurate on everything else.
your brother in our Lord and Saviour Jesus

Steven P